What are Bhutan visa types?

What are Bhutan visa types?

Sona Abdullayeva21 August 20211399 views5 min. read
What are Bhutan visa types?
Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom, surrounded by spectacular snow-capped mountains and dense forests that form a beautiful environment, but that's not all. Bhutan is the only country globally with a forest cover of 72 percent, making it carbon-neutral and carbon-negative. This one-of-a-kind country, rumoured to be the final Shangri-La, is undoubtedly the finest spot to come for family vacations, honeymoon tours, and even active vacations. So you may have your own Bhutan experience by being a part of this fascinating country. You need to find the answers to some questions: How to get Bhutan visa? How to apply for Bhutan visa? What are the details of the Bhutan visa application process? How to fill Bhutan visa application form? What are the Bhutan visa requirements? Which countries are the Bhutan visa free countries? How much is the cost of Bhutan visa? (How much is the Bhutan visa fee?) How to get a Bhutan tourist visa? How much does the Bhutan tourist visa cost? Which steps should be followed for a Bhutan visa on arrival? In this blog, I will answer all these questions one by one. Let's start withthe first one:

How to get Bhutan visa?

village of bhutan If you want to get a Bhutan tourist visa, the first important information that you need to know is Bhutan's government maintains a "High Value, Low Impact Tourism" strategy to protect the country's cultural legacy. So, except for a few neighbouring countries, most visitors to Bhutan will require a visa. Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian citizens can acquire a permit at the port of entry by presenting a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months. Except for these Bhutan visa free countries, all other travellers must apply for a visa before visiting Bhutan. Your certified Bhutanese tour operator or a foreign travel agent will process your visas through an online system. On the other hand, Bhutanese nationals are permitted to travel to 13 countries without obtaining a visa. Passport holders from Bhutan can apply for 32 e-visas or 21 visas on arrival. Official visa approval is available if you visit Bhutan based on an invitation from a government entity or organization. You must submit an application form and an invitation letter from the organization/agency to the Bhutan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa clearance.

What are the Bhutan visa requirements?

woman explaining The following are the Bhutan visa requirements: • You must book a tour through a licensed tour operator. • You must be prepared to pay the Tourism Council's minimum nightly tariff ($200 – $ 250). • From the day you enter Bhutan, your passport must be valid for at least another six months. • You must provide proof of your employment. • You must include your contact information as well as your address.

How to apply for Bhutan visa?

computer screen You must apply for Bhutan visa through a licensed travel operator, who will submit your application to the Tourism Council of Bhutan on your behalf. Although Bhutan visas are only given on arrival, you must apply in advance through a tour operator and get visa clearance before leaving. You need to follow these steps to apply for a Bhutan visa: 1. To schedule your vacation, contact a licensed travel operator. On its website, the Bhutan Tourism Council maintains a list of registered tour providers (here). There are a lot of them, so do your research and choose one that meets your needs. A tour agency in your country that is affiliated with a Bhutanese firm may be able to assist you with the Bhutan visa application procedure. 2. Pay for the tour and provide the needed paperwork and information to the tour organizers. 3. Scan your passport in colour. As soon as you reach Bhutan, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months. 4. Documentation proving your profession. If you are a student, you should also submit your student ID to qualify for a discount. Discounts are also available for children. 5. Your name, phone number, and address. 6. The tour operators will submit your Bhutan visa application to the Bhutan Tourism Council on your behalf. 7. Your Bhutan visa application form is reviewed by the Bhutan Tourism Council, which then issues a Visa Clearance Letter. You must print this letter and bring it to the airport with you. 8. Obtain travel medical insurance. The tour operator packages do not include this. 9. Travel to Bhutan and present the visa clearance letter to the airport immigration officers. They will stamp the real visa in your passport when they have reviewed it. Bhutan visas are valid for six months from the time of arrival. It's a one-time use visa. Your tour operator will submit a request to the Tourism Council on your behalf if you want to extend your Bhutan visa. The length of time it takes to obtain a Bhutan tourist visa is determined by when you apply. The Tourism Council of Bhutan will usually grant your visa clearance 1-2 weeks before your departure date. However, they may take longer and issue it at the last minute. As a result, it is advised that you apply for a Bhutan visa at least one week ahead of time, but it is generally a better idea to apply a few months ahead of time.

Cost of Bhutan visa

dollar The Bhutan tourist visa cost is $40 per person. It is a one-time charge that cannot be refunded. You must, however, pay for the tour in addition to the visa cost. For all visits to Bhutan, the Bhutan Tourism Council has set a minimum daily package: During peak season, each individual pays US$ 250 per day (March to May; September to November) At other times of the year, the cost per person is US$ 200 per day. The following items are included in this price: 1. A three-star hotel is indicated. 2. Three meals each day are indicated (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) 3. Bhutanese internal transportation 4. A tour guide who is fluent in English 5. Fees for visiting tourist attractions 6. For trekking excursions, camping equipment and transportation are provided. 7. Government fees, often known as the "sustainable development charge," are around US$65. Because this is a set Bhutan visa fee, tour operators can tack on other services to make themselves more appealing to customers. Furthermore, if you come across a trip that provides cheaper pricing than the one listed above, it is most certainly a fraud, so be cautious.

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