What are Colombia long term visa types and the ways to get them?

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What are Colombia long term visa types and the ways to get them?

Famous as one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Colombia is a heaven for nature lovers. Your travel to Colombia can be a great experience as it has beautiful beaches, mesmerizing architecture and culture, good hosts as well as delicious food. But there are certain things that you need to know while applying for a visa to visit Colombia. Who needs a visa for Colombia, how to apply for a visa in Colombia, what are the visa requirements for Colombia are some of the most commonly asked questions among travellers.

The visa policy of Colombia comprehends a list of regulations that determines who needs a visa for Colombia and who doesn't. Foreign nationals of certain nationalities are eligible to enter Colombia freely. In that case, you would need only a valid passport and a national ID. Let's look at this in detail.

Who needs a visa for Colombia?

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More than 90 nationalities are visa exempted from travel to Colombia. According to the visa policy of Colombia, citizens of some countries don't need to visit the embassy or consulate to process a visa application.

If you are a national of any of these Colombia visa free countries, then you can apply for a request to stay in the country for an additional 90 days. This would add up to a total of 90 days of stay that is allowed for you in Colombia. However, you cannot ask for a second extension.

Also, you are exempted from a Colombia visa application if you have a short-term stay or residence visa from a Schengen country or the USA. However, you need to be from any of the below of the mentioned countries to avail of this benefit.

• Cambodia

• China

• India

• Macau (up to 180 days)

• Myanmar

• Thailand

• Vietnam

What are the types of visas for Colombia?

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According to the visa policy of Colombia, there are three main types of visas for Colombia. They are:

Colombia Visitor Visa (V)

Colombia Migrant Visa (M)

Colombia Resident Visa (R)

Colombia Visitor Visa (V)

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This visitor visa is applicable for any foreigner who wishes to travel to Colombia once or numerous times or wishes to stay temporally in the country for a short period. The person who needs a visa for Columbia (visitor visa) is eligible to use it for the following purposes:

• Airport transit

• Tourism and leisure activities

• To conduct business activities

• To take a part in a short-term academic exchange program, training, or other educational courses such as an internship.

• To undertake administrative and/ or judicial measures

• To avail medical treatment

• To participate in

• cultural events

• For volunteering

• Journalism

• To work as an inter-corporate transferee

• To work under the working holiday program

The visitor visa to visit Colombia is generally issued for a maximum of 90 days. Nonetheless, it can also be issued for two years in some cases. This decision is dependent on the consular authorities to whom this Colombia visa application is submitted.

Colombia Resident Visa (R)

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For all foreign nationals aspiring to establish themselves in the country of Colombia or to begin permanent residency there, then they have to submit the resident Colombia visa application. Also, they must fulfil any one of the below mentioned Colombia visa requirements:

• Renounced his/her Colombian nationality

• He/ she is parent to a Colombian national by birth

• Have accumulated time of permanence (Of at least four years)

• Has enough substantial funds

The residence visa is usually issued for five years and can be renewed from time to time.

Colombia Migrant Visa (M)

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This migrant visa is issued to foreign nationals who intend to live in the territory of Colombia for a longer period but do not qualify for any of the residence Colombia visa requirements mentioned above. In this case, the migrant visa is issued for a maximum of three years and can be renewed.

You can get a migrant visa to visit Colombia if you are:

• Spouse of a Colombian national

• Invited to work in Colombia by the local organization

• Student accepted into a Colombian educational institution

• Professional/ entrepreneur

• Migrant as per Mercosur Agreement or a refugee

• Elderly foreigner who want to retire in Colombia

How to apply for a visa in Colombia?

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The Colombian ministry of foreign affairs accepts applications for the visa through an online application form.

You have to enter your name, passport number, and nationality to start with the application process. It is important to note that the session will end in 30 minutes. Hence, you have to complete the application within the allotted time. So, you must keep all the documents ready in PDF format and the photo in jpg depending on what are the visa requirements for Colombia for your nationality.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to how to apply for a visa in Colombia.

1. Fill in all the details in the online application form. You will be asked to furnish true details on your purpose of visit, nationality, address in your home country, and the address that you will be staying in the country of Columbia. You will also have to notify whether you have had any Colombia visa issued or rejected before.

2. Next, you have to select the type of visit that you are applying for. These include the three types, Colombia Visitor Visa (V), Resident visa (R), and Migrant visa (M).

3. Then you have to upload an electronic copy of your photo for the visa. This should be in passport size and must be in the jpg format. The photo must be with a white background.

4. You have to then attach PDF files of all the documents required for the process. These include:

• Valid passport or travel document (with a validity of at least six months)

• Electronic visa application form

• Bank statements (in some cases)

Please note that all the documents from abroad must have legalization or apostille and an official translation to the Spanish language. Also, all the documents must collectively constitute a size of 5MB or lower. The documents must be uploaded in the correct order, as mentioned in the form. Otherwise, it may result in the cancellation of your application.

5. Select the consulate of Colombia that you would like to submit your application

6. Next, you have to select the method of payment for the visa fees. The fee for a Colombia visa is approximately 52USD. But it mostly depends on your nationality.

7. You will receive an application number upon successful submission of your online visa application. You can use this number to track the status of the application or to update the application later.

8. If your application is approved, then you will receive a call from the visa office within 5 business days. However, if you are required to attend an interview or submit additional documentation, then the visa processing term may extend up to 30 calendar days from the online visa application registration date.

9. The status of your visa application will be notified via the registered email. The visa stamping can also be done at the consulate where you filed the application or at the office in Bogota if you have applied for a visa from within the country of Colombia.

Things to note when considering submitting a visa application for Colombia

• A foreign national can hold only one type of Colombian visa. Hence, you can conduct only a single visa application process at a time.

• All the documents must comply with the Colombia visa requirements, as otherwise, the application will be rejected.

• Not all Colombian consulates offer an online visa application process. In that case, you might have to submit the documents in person to the consulate.

Final words

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Colombia is best to be explored in the equatorial climatic months between December and March or in between June and September. So, get the travelling vibes and get to submit a visa application. It's easy to plan your travel, especially if you are from one of the Colombia visa free countries!

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