13 reasons why you should travel to Colombia right now

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13 reasons why you should travel to Colombia right now
travel to Colombia right now. Apart from that, we will discuss the questions which may arise during the discussion. For those of you who do not know, Colombia is situated in Latin America, between two oceans. The capital city of Colombia is Bogota. Most people think that it is not safe to travel to Colombia because of its past with "Narcos". However, in our blog post today, we will provide you with reasons why it is safe to visit Colombia. Starting from astonishing cities to its history, the Amazon to the islands, coffee to the food - Colombia is a paradise for tourists. Do you want to be sure about it? Just keep reading and plus learn "what is the best month to visit Colombia?" too.

1. Medellin

Medellin is among one of the top reasons why you should visit Colombia. This city is known for almost everyone from the Netflix TV series - Narcos. If you have already seen the show, you might have a little concern to plan your next visit to Colombia. First of all, you are going to doubt, "is it safe to travel to Colombia?" Indeed, it is. Although Medellin does not have a brilliant history, this city is renovating itself day by day to perfection. Medellin is being considered among the world's most innovative cities. Moreover, the people are welcoming and friendly against the visitors.

2. Bogota

bogota downtown Where to travel in Colombia? Of course, to Bogota. Bogota is the capital city of Colombia. This city is recently among one of the booming cities. If you want to travel to Colombia, you should come and visit Bogota. There are still a few dangerous sites in the city, especially at night; however, taking precautions and staying in reliable hotels will help you to have an adventurous trip. There are city tours for tourists, during which guides show travellers different places starting from historical sites to politics. You may decide to take a tour by bike or on foot.

3. Nature

There is no such thing as the best time to travel to Colombia. For this beautiful nature, one should visit Colombia almost every season. Colombia is located in Latin America, between the coasts of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The stunning landscapes and breathtaking rainforests are a great part of Colombia's nature. The country is located nearby Amazon; therefore, it has strong biodiversity. Additionally to the rich flora and fauna, Colombia is a host for 1958 different species of birds. From the mountains, one can see beautiful landscapes and exotic beaches.

4. Diversity

At the time, while you were asking yourself, "Where to travel in Colombia", some tourists may be enjoying their vacation in this stunning country. Diversity is the key element for Colombia. It is one of the strongest reasons to visit this amazing country. Colombia itself is considered a melting pot. It combines elements of different cultures. Colombia is home to many ethnicities and people around the world. These people are normally known for their hospitality and friendliness. They love tourists and foreign visitors.

5. Beaches

As a traveller, you always plan your trip carefully to many countries. Therefore, first of all, you are asking yourself, "What are the best places to visit in Colombia" "What is the best time to travel to Colombia?", "What is the best month to visit Colombia?" and "What is the best place to travel in Colombia?" when you decide to have a vacation in Colombia. Starting to answer your second question in this part, we are one hundred per cent sure that it should be Colombian beaches. Most of us know that the best time to go to the beaches is in the summertime. When you travel to Colombia, make sure you visit some of the beaches to have the full experience of exotic summer.

6. Adventure

house of pablo escobar As an adventure lover, you should not ask: is it safe to travel to Colombia? After Pablo Escobar's death, the houses and his ranches turned into something exciting and beautiful for everyone. His ranch is now a theme park. As an adventure and Narcos lover, you should visit this place. Apart from that, Colombia is a host for many festivals and carnivals. You can colour your vacation with little elements from these festivals and carnivals. All these are carrying Latin American vibes and energy. Lastly, as the country is located between two oceans, it has indeed a lot to offer for divers. Diving is one of the fun activities for adventure lovers in Colombia. On your visit to Colombia, make sure you go diving in the islands of Colombia - Providencia and Santa Catalina. These islands are offering the world's finest coral reef system for their visitors.

7. Food

colombia food Is Colombia safe to travel to? If you know where to stop eating, then it is safe. The food in Colombia is just delicious. All these Latin America's tastes are combined in a unique and individual taste in Colombian food. As we always say, if you visit a country, EAT LIKE THE LOCAL! It would be better if you do your research on where to eat and what to eat before you travel to Colombia. However, the most important thing seems to be the time of meals. Colombian people eat three main courses during the day. The first two meals, breakfast and lunch, are considered important - never skip them! The famous bread, which is called Arepa, is one of the best and fluffy bread you can eat in your entire life. Apart from that, the country is the home of meals which are a mixture of meat, potatoes, avocados, rice and eggs. While there are so many tasty foods, are you going to miss your chance?

8. Fruits

It should sound a lot funnier, but when you ask: what are the best places to visit in Colombia? We just want to scream - to the local market. Of course, for the exotic fruits. This country is amazing in the fruits business. There are a lot of exotic fruits; we are sure you have never even heard of their names. Some of them are quite difficult to pronounce, to be honest. Why do not you try to pronounce some of them just to see that we are not lying at all? For instance, guavas, zingy zapotes and lulos. We do not know about the pronunciation, but even the idea of tasting these exotic but estranged named fruits is indeed mouth-watering.

9. Coffee

colombian coffee Surprisingly for some, but not all. Colombia is one of the world's well-known coffee producers. Although the country is exporting most of the coffee beans to foreign countries, it is still hard to find the best coffee in those countries. We believe that Colombia's coffee tastes different in its home country. Our recommendation is one, in your travel to Colombia, you should taste this delicious coffee. It is one of the world's best as you are!

10. Culture

cartagena people Colombia has a unique and different culture. Starting with street art to people's hospitality and warmness, Colombia is the culture itself. For tourists, there are a lot of things to discover. Well-known history, ancient and vigorous tribes, beautiful nature and islands, food, fruits, coffee and many more items are the representatives of Colombia's exceptional culture. As a traveller, you will adore the culture in Colombia.

11. Lost City

terraces of the lost city The best place to travel in Colombia is Lost City. The mystery lovers will enjoy their trip to Colombia's Lost City. Mostly called Ciudad Perdida, the national park is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range. It has always been thought that this place does not exist until recently discovered. However, some of the ancient tribes claim that this place has always been known to them, which seems controversial to us. Why not travel to Colombia and discover the truth by yourself?

12. The Amazon

amazon jungle The Amazon is in Colombia, or Colombia is in the Amazon? This question is quite controversial to us. Most of the country seems to be covered by Amazonian jungles. Hey, look! This is a great opportunity for adventure, mystery and nature lovers. There are tours to the Amazon from Colombia that you can discover the jungles, lives of local tribes and wild nature.

13. Budget-friendly

If you have concerns over your travel budget and keep asking yourself, "What is the best time to travel to Colombia?" so that you can save money, do not! There is no special time, therefore not such a notion as the best time to visit this country. You can visit Colombia any time, any season, whenever you want to see an amazing country with a lush tropical landscape. Colombia is located in Latin America, which means it is highly cost-effective for its tourists, unfortunately not for the locals. Staying in hotels and having a good quality vacation is pretty affordable in Colombia. It is one of the best budget-friendly countries you may ever visit. In the end, we should also mention that it is simple to get a Colombia visa; for citizens of most countries, the visa is issued online. As for the Colombia visa fee, it is only changing between 40-52 euros.

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