What are Cyprus short-term visa types and the ways to get them?

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What are Cyprus short-term visa types and the ways to get them?
Cyprus visa, then this article will help you. Here, you will find answers to questions that linger in your mind about travel, like do you need a visa for Cyprus, how to get a Cyprus visa, and other common questions. This article will give you information on all you need to know about a short term visa for Cyprus.

Do you need a visa for Cyprus?

panorama of the city of limassol You need to apply for a short term visa if you have plans of visiting the country for family visits, business, leisure, or any other short-term purpose. You have to submit a Cyprus short term visa application if your duration of stay does not exceed three months. This short term visa will permit you to enter several times within 3 months. Nonetheless, this multiple entry visa must be used in any half of the year but within three months from the date of issuing. Before you decide do you need a visa for Cyprus, you should also know that the visa has a validity of one year. However, in exceptional cases, the validity may be extended to five years. It depends on the category and nature of the visit. Now, according to the visa policy of Cyprus, there are certain cases where you are exempted from getting a short term visa to Cyprus. So, make sure to check out these criteria while deciding whether do you need a visa for Cyprus. • Nationals of all European Union (EU) countries are permitted to travel to Cyprus without a visa. • Citizens of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway (who form the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) can enter visa-free. • If you have multiple Schengen visas, there is no need to apply for a Cyprus short term visa application. It is because the Cyprus visa requirements are the same as those of Schengen countries. • If you are from the following countries and have an official, diplomatic, or service passport. transit ship crew visa application form • Colombia • Dominica • Grenada • Kiribati • Marshall Islands • Palau • Peru • Samoa • Lucia • Vincent and the Grenadines • Tonga • Tuvalu • United Arab Emirates • Vanuatu • Trinidad and Tobago All nationals other than the Cyprus visa free countries must submit their Cyprus short term visa application at the consulate in person. Here is a detailed instruction on how to get a Cyprus visa.

How to get a Cyprus visa for a short term stay?

negotiation two statesman clasped hands office To get a short-term visa, you have to fulfil all the Cyprus visa requirements. It includes submitting all the relevant Cyprus short term visa documents and paying the Cyprus visa fees. The Cyprus visa processing time is usually around 5 to 10 working days. So, it's best if the applications are submitted accordingly, but not earlier than three months. Those who are not on the list of Cyprus visa free countries must apply for a visa. So, if you are looking to apply for a Cyprus visa check the online application form. Cyprus visa application form must be downloaded and duly filled in. According to the visa policy of Cyprus, the Cyprus visa application form must be submitted to the consulate nearest to you. However, if you reside more than 300kms away from the consulate, you can submit your application via delivery. To do this, you should enclose a registered self-addressed envelope along with the Cyprus visa application form for the safe return of the passport and other documents. You must also submit two passport-sized photos along with the application. Any application without the applicant's signature (or the legal guardian in case of minors) will be rejected. The passport must be valid for at least three months longer than the date of departure from Cyprus. Proof of travel or itinerary of travel arrangements. It includes a round-trip ticket with fixed dates of travel. Proof of residence while in Cyprus must be submitted along with the other Cyprus short term visa documents. It can be a prior hotel reservation faxed by the hotel manager. apply for cyprus visa The Visa policy of Cyprus states that if you are visiting on a business or an official trip, you have to present a letter of invitation from a Cyprus company. This letter should include the address of the employer in Cyprus along with the salary of the employee. One of the Cyprus visa requirements includes a certified form required when travelling on a personal trip to meet friends or family. Proof of financial means is essential to show that the cost of stay during the intended period, return to the applicant's country, or transit to a third country is covered. It can either be a bank statement or a traveller's check. Make payment for the visa fees. The Cyprus visa fee for short term visa with a validity of 90 days is 20 Euros. 60 euros is for the Cyprus visa fee for a multiple entry visa with a validity of up to 5 years (issued in certain cases). The fees must be paid while applying at the consulate. Cyprus visa fees are not refundable even if your visa is rejected. As we mentioned before, the Cyprus visa processing time is 5-10 working days, so you need to wait this period. You must retrieve the documents from the consulate/embassy if you have applied for the visa in person. Once the visa is processed, it will be affixed to your passport after the Cyprus visa processing time.

Main types of short-term visa types

immigration stamp Regular short term stay visa It is the traditional short-term visa issued for a visitor to stay in Cyprus for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. It can be used for single or multiple entries during the 180 days duration. Multiple entry short term visa This multiple entry visa is valid for 1 to 5 years, depending upon the purpose of travel. Nonetheless, the holder of this visa is also allowed to stay in Cyprus for only 90 days within any 180 days. This type of visa is usually issued for diplomats or businessmen who travel to the country more often. Cyprus pro-Visa The Cyprus pro visa is issued only to Russian nationals. The traveller with this visa must be travelling via a direct flight from Russia to Cyprus. Russian citizens can apply for the pro visa easily online or via email. They will receive a printable travel authorization before travelling to Cyprus. The visa will be stamped after their arrival to the country. Airport transit visa page of passport with cyprus visa When transiting through the international transit area of the airports of Cyprus, you will have to get an airport transit visa for the stopover or transfer between flights. This visa requirement is valid irrespective of the country of arrival of the traveller. Transit visa If you have to pass through the territory of Cyprus while travelling from one country to another, you will need a transit visa. This visa is usually issued for one transit or many transits (exceptional cases). The visa is valid for five days. The visa is issued after the traveller provides proof that entry to the destination country is guaranteed. Group visa It is a visa that is issued to a group of 5 and 50 people. The group visa is limited to a duration of thirty days. This visa is provided on the condition that the group members enter, stay and leave the territory as a group.

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