What are the best tourist attractions in Estonia

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First of all, you should know a little about the culture, life, and history of the country you are going to. What should we know about the Estonia visa? Why travel to Estonia? Estonian tourist visa is the type of visa that should be applied by citizens who want to travel for tourism and cultural purposes. The Estonian tourist visa is a short-term Schengen visa type that allows a stay of fewer than 90 days. As of December 21, 2007, as it is within the scope of the Schengen visa, fingerprinting is required for Estonian visa applications. With the Estonian visa to be held, you can travel to other Schengen countries. It takes approximately 7 to 15 working days for Estonian tourist visa applications to be decided. However, although this period is not always certain, it may change due to reasons such as Estonian public holidays, additional documents requested by the consular authorities from the applicant, and seasonal consular densities. For this reason, you should know the Estonian public holidays before your application and determine your application date according to this information.

What should be considered about Estonian tourist visa?

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Before traveling to Estonia, you need to obtain the necessary documents. These documents are listed below:

  • The passport to be used in the Estonian visa application must be obtained within ten years and must not be torn or worn. In addition, the passport must be valid for at least six more months, and two pages must be blank in two passports.
  • Even if the Estonian visa expires early, it will be delivered 30 days before the applicant's trip. Therefore, you must apply at least 45 days before your trip.
  • Applicants who will provide fingerprints for Estonia tourist visa applications must be present at the consulate in person.
  • You can also travel to other Schengen visa member countries with an Estonian visa. However, the country you will enter first and travel to the most should be Estonia.
  • You must leave the country after the deadline of your Estonia visa. Otherwise, if you apply for a Schengen visa again, your visa application may be rejected.
  • Visa applications are to be made directly to the consulate, and the visa finalization date for foreign nationals takes longer.
  • Citizens with a valid Schengen visa cannot apply for an Estonian visa.

What are the Documents Required for Estonian Tourist Visa Application?

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  • Document showing proof of air ticket, travel reservation, or other transport to be travelled
  • Travelcard or hotel reservation
  • Account statement for at least the last three months
  • Document or salary slip showing at least the last three months of regular income
  • Estonian visa application form, filled in completely in English
  • Two biometric photographs of 35 x 45 mm. The photo should new, and the face should not be covered by any accessories.
  • Travel health insurance
  • Full certificate of birth registration sample
  • Photocopy of identity card with front and back sides
  • If the Applicant is Working: Letter or permit from the employer / Current company documents
  • If the applicant is a Farmer: Farmer certificate to be obtained from the agriculture chamber
  • If the applicant is Retired: Retirement payslip
  • If the applicant is a Student: Student certificate
  • If the applicant is Under 18: If you are traveling alone or with one of your parents, the consent of the notary public

What are some famous places in Estonia?

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It is one of the best tourist attractions in Estonia in Europe. You can travel to this country and add unforgettable moments to your life by having a good time. However, first of all, you need to get to know this Baltic country closely. These are top 10 tourist attractions in Estonia:

1. Lahemaa National Park

lahemaa national park

Lahemaa National Park, where you can find everything you are looking for in a nature park, is among the must-see places in Estonia. It is one of the centers where you can rest your mind and body away from the noise of the city with its activity areas, cleanliness, and calmness. You can visit Lahemaa Park, which is perfect for getting some fresh air while visiting the city, free of charge, every day and every hour. This place can be considered as one of the beautiful places in Estonia.

2. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

alexander nevsky cathedral

If we are looking for an answer to the question what are some famous places in Estonia, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral may be the best answer. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, whose construction was completed in 1900, is located on Toompea Hill. Orthodox architectural features stand out in the cathedral, which draws attention with its rich and magnificent engravings. The church hosts very crowded masses with the ceremonies it hosts. You can visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is one of the frequent destinations for tourists, free of charge.

3. Kadriorg Palace

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The most famous among these is Kadriorg Palace, which was used as an imperial summer house. While visiting Kadriorg Palace, which was built in the 18th century, you can see the Instagrammable Estonian architecture as well as visit the Estonian Art Museum inside. You can visit Kadriorg Palace between 10:00 and 18:00 except Mondays and Tuesdays. This place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Estonia.

4. Kumu Art Museum

kumu art museum

The Kumu Museum is one of the places to visit in Estonia. This museum, located in Estonia, is one of the frequent destinations for those who want to take an artistic tour in the city. The museum, which has sections such as a modern art gallery, performance hall, and training hall, hosts different collections. It is possible to visit the art museum, which hosts permanent and new exhibitions, between 10:00 and 20:00 except Mondays and Tuesdays.

5. Toompea Castle

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The castle, which was built on Toompea Hill between 1767 and 1773, draws attention with its architecture. You can watch the magnificent Estonian view from the castle, where the traces of young Baroque architecture can be seen, or you can visit the guides for free by making a reservation in advance. Toompea Castle is one of the best tourist attractions in Estonia.

6. Saint Nicholas Church

saint nicholas church

Saint Nicholas Church, built by Luigi Rusca between 1820-1827, is recorded as the first classical church building in Tallinn. If you want to visit the unique decorations of the Saint Nicholas Church, which is connected to the Orthodox Church, you can visit it free of charge throughout the year. This place helps us answer the question "what to do in Estonia Tallinn".

7. Estonian Maritime Museum

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If we are looking for an answer to the question of what to do in Estonia Tallinn, it would be useful to travel here. The Estonian Maritime Museum was established with the joint initiative of former captains in 1935. Inside the museum, which is a reflection of the love shown to the sea and sailors. There are sea mines, sailing ships, ship ropes, and boats. İn this museum, where you can see all kinds of maritime items, there is a special playground for children. It is possible to visit the maritime museum, which is among the most popular spots in the city, between 10:00 and 18:00, except on Mondays.

8. Tallinn Legends Museum

tallinn legends museum

Would you like to take a short trip to the past in Estonia? You can take a trip to this museum. In the stories you can see in 9 different rooms, you can sometimes be afraid and sometimes watch in amazement. In these different rooms, the legends of the city are told. This museum, which you can both moan and watch, is one of the most touristic spots of the city. You can visit the museum every day of the week between 11:00 and 21:00.

9. Narva Castle

narva castle

Narva Castle, one of the best-preserved structures in Estonia, is a defensive castle built on an area of 3.2 hectares. The castle, which has lost its feature as a defensive castle and hosts touristic tours, is one of the most interesting points of the city. You can visit this castle, which makes you feel the history, between 10:00 and 18:00 every day.

10. Estonian Open Air Museum

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Of course, the city of Tallinn is one of the most beautiful places in Estonia. You can see Estonia in its modern form today, but do you know the old countryside? Here is the Estonian Open Air Museum, the only place where you can see the rural lifestyle of the city. There are traditional village houses, fire stations, schools, malls, and an old church. We recommend you to visit this museum where you can see the small details. You can visit the museum, which is open throughout the year, between 10:00 and 18:00.

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