What are the conditions of Uganda E-visa?

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What are the conditions of Uganda E-visa?
countries in Africa, but today we will talk only about Uganda. More specifically, about e visa to Uganda. In this blog, we will cover some of the most asked questions about Uganda e-visa. • How long is the Uganda e visa processing time? • How to apply for Uganda visa online? • How much is Uganda visa fee? • What are the Uganda e visa requirements? • How long is Uganda e visa validity?

Uganda E-visa

online visa application form filling Every year millions of people travel to Uganda for various purposes. Most of those tourists must apply for Uganda e visa to realize their visit. Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are the categories below: • Uganda E-visa for tourists • Uganda East Africa Tourist Visa (E-visa) • Uganda Business Visa (E-visa) • Uganda Diplomatic and Official Visa (E-visa) • Uganda Transit Visa (E-visa) • Uganda Student Pass • Uganda Entry Permit • Uganda Dependent Pass • Uganda Special Pass In the following sections, we will give details about each of these types and mention conditions that you must fit.

E-visa for Tourism

uganda view As you can guess, the most sought-after is e-visa for tourism. People who want to visit sightseeing places, enjoy local cuisine, and discover the hidden beauties of the country, must apply for Uganda e visa. What to do during the Uganda vacation? Uganda is very rich with active tourism. You can enjoy parks, flora, and fauna, historical locations here. Some most-visited places are Kibale National Park, Ssese Islands, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Entebbe, and Mbale, which must-visit places for tourists. What about the cuisine? It is undeniable that local cuisine is one of the most exciting parts of visiting a new country. Most favourite dishes are Luwombo, Katogo, Muchomo, Matoke, Kikalayi, etc.

Uganda East Africa E Visa

boarding pass and passport on map Another type of visa for tourists is the East Africa visa. What is the difference between this and another tourist visa? It allows you to travel not only to Uganda but also to Rwanda and Kenya. The main goal of this common visa is to improve tourism and the economy of East African countries. Such kinds of visas can be a way to attract international tourists. You will be able to visit three countries just by obtaining a single visa. As a result, it will make your visit more enjoyable, and you will get a chance to compare traditions, living standards of people, and so on.

Uganda Business E Visa

uganda business visa People who want to engage in business activities must obtain a business visa. It allows you to engage in business activities such as attending meetings/conferences, conducting/attending the training, attending internal audits, installing equipment, doing other temporary duties for a client.

Uganda Diplomatic and Official E Visa

passenger giving his documents for checkking Representatives of various countries may need to make an official visit to Uganda. In that case, they should have a proper visa. Who needs it? It is for diplomats, government officials, etc. Also, their families can accompany them during these official visits.

Transit Visa

airport terminal If you don't travel to Uganda, but you will pass through the country: in that case, do you need a visa? Yes, still, you must have a visa. Foreign citizens who want to enter Uganda for an onward destination outside the country must apply for a transit visa. The validation of it lasts for two days.

Uganda Student Pass

student Visa application form approved Another reason to apply for a visa is education. Student Pass gives you a chance to live and study in Uganda. We can't say that Uganda is such a well-known country for international students, but today more than 16000 students continue their education in Uganda. Studying in Uganda will be an excellent chance for young people who are in search of adventure. Some universities in Uganda are Makerere University, Kampala International University, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, International University of East Africa, etc.

Uganda Entry Permit, Uganda Dependent Pass, Uganda Special Pass

permanent residency The last three types of Uganda visas that you can apply for online are: • Uganda Entry Permit. It is for people who want to live and work in Uganda. • Uganda Dependent Pass. Dependents of diplomats, officials, and other holders of Uganda residence permits can apply for the Uganda Dependent Pass. Dependents usually are children, people with disabilities, family members, etc. • Uganda Special Pass. It is for people who travel for reasons, such as medical treatment, short-term contracts, and arranging immigration formalities.

Uganda E Visa Requirement

reading documents closeup All applicants must meet some requirements for a successful visa application. You will need to provide some documents and details to get a visa. The demanded documents for all e-visa types are almost the same, and that is why I wanted to mention all under a single heading. • Application form. All applicants must fill out the application form, sign it, and put the date. • Photo. You will give one passport-sized photograph. The background should be white, and a person should avoid wearing a white dress, as it may match the background. • Passport and copy. Your document must have at least six months of validation from departure time from Uganda. Also, you will need to give a copy of the main page of your passport. • National Identity Card, resident permit/visa copy. You must present it if your residence country and citizenship are not the same. • Financial means evidence. You should prove you have enough money to cover your expenses. There are many ways to do it: bank card, bank statement, cash, traveller's cheque, etc. • Travel itinerary. The travel itinerary is your round-trip flight ticket and hotel/hostel reservation. While mentioning the hotel/hostel, give the contact and address details for the application form. • Some supportive documents for multiple entry visas; There are several extra documents that you will need: recommendation letter from the referee in Uganda, cover letter in which you explain the purpose of getting a visa, proof of entering and exiting Uganda within the last year, police clearance certificate from Interpol of your home country. There are two types of multiple entry visas. If you applied for 12-24 months multiple entry visas, you would need two recommendation letters. • Criminal record if applicable • Evidence of your professional status. You can show various documents as proof: certification of employment, extract from the sales and register of the company, school participation license, evidence of pension, employment record, etc. • Yellow fever vaccination certificate. Vaccination is one of the undividable parts of the Africa vacation. Do it not only for visa acceptance but also for your health. • If you apply for a Uganda entry permit, you will need to provide some extra documents depending on the type of your entry permit.

Uganda E Visa Fees

lots of money dollars How much is Uganda visa fee? Depending on the purpose of the visit and type of visa, Uganda e visa fees change. As we mentioned above, there are single and multiple entry visas. The charge for a single entry visa is 50 USD. Applicants will pay 100 USD for 6-12 months multiple entry visas and 200 USD for 24 months multiple entry visas. A transit visa has a fixed price of 50 USD. Diplomatic and official visas are free of charge. Other visa fees are: • Student Pass: Changes between 25-100 depending on the duration • Entry Permit - Vary depending on type 125-6000 USD • Dependent Visa: depending on the dependent 100-500 USD • Special Pass is 100 USD

Uganda E Visa Processing Time

counting days calendar Some people think that the processing time is the most annoying part of the visa application process. Because in this step, you will not do anything, just waiting. Thankfully processing time for e visa to Uganda is not so long. You will wait just 3-5 days in most e-visa types. Processing time of other types of visas may be 15-20 working days for a multiple entry visa. Of course, there can be some differences according to the country of submission. What about Uganda e visa validity? Depending on your visa type, it changes between 90 days - two years.

How to apply for Uganda Visa Online?

filling online visa application form We have learned which documents and details we will need, how much we will pay, etc. Now, it is time to answer another main question: How to apply? You will realize the application online through the "Services" section of our website.

Uganda Free Visa Countries

visa free arrival stamp on passport If you are a citizen of one of the visa-waiver countries, you will not need any of these steps. You can freely visit Uganda. Which countries are visa-free countries? Today, 33 countries are on the list of countries with a visa-free regime in Uganda. You can check the full list in the visa policy section of our website. Some of the countries are: • Angola • Antigua and Barbuda • Bahamas • Cyprus • Eritrea • Fiji • The Gambia • Hong Kong • Sierra Leone • Singapore • Solomon Islands • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines I hope the information that you read here will help you during the visa application process.

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