What are the main tourist resorts in Dominica?

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What are the main tourist resorts in Dominica?
places to see in Dominica, nature is the most prominent feature. Naturally, being in the Caribbean, the visitors will have the first thing to do is to look for the turquoise white sand Dominica beaches. Nonetheless, there are many other reasons why one should consider a trip to Dominica. It is also rich in culture and unexpected contrasts. With British, West Indian, and French influences, it has acquired a unique blend of cultures. Seeing all and experiencing the promise of this wonderful destination on your skin is something that will need some preparations, though. Besides considering if you are required to obtain a Dominica visa, the task will be to find the place to lay your head and experience some very deserved downtime. It is how we get here - let me introduce some of the best resorts in Dominica! The best service, the most luxurious amenities, and the greatest promise of an unforgettable vacation. Besides that, you will hear a bit about the land itself - a few tips on the most convenient ways how to get to Dominica, or other details that will be useful when planning travel to Dominica. Let's start with some information that might make your preparations for the trip easier.

How to get to Dominica?

melville hall airport While planning to travel to Dominica, it is important to keep in mind a few facts. The trip will unlikely be too cheap because of the limited travel options for this destination. First, consider where is Dominica located - it's an island. It is why you can either arrive by sea ferry or plane. If you choose the latter one, then keep in mind that there are just two airports in Dominica. Namely, Melville Hall Airport in the North and Canefield airport in the South, but none of them are international. You will have to book a flight through one nearby island - Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, or another. So a tip - you can combine all the places to visit in Dominica, with a shorter or longer visit to one of the other Caribbean countries!

How to get a Dominica visa?

dominica passport on a map Undeniably, the second most important aspect of figuring out is the formalities that allow your entry into the country. The good news is that only nationals of Haiti and the Dominican Republic will need a visa to enter Dominica. And before you ask - yes, Dominican Republic is not the same as Dominica. Yes, if you are from any other country globally, you can stay in Dominica for 21 to 180 days without acquiring a visa. Doesn't that sound great?

Which are the best resorts in Dominica?

roseau Let's cut to the chase, finally. To start this paragraph properly, it would be smart to define what "main resort" means and how it refers to Dominica, right? According to Wikipedia, a resort is a self-contained commercial establishment that tries to provide most of a vacationer's wants, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping, on the premises. Meaning, the main resort would probably provide a great variety of activities for entertainment, amazing service, and amenities, as well as potentially - a spectacular view or location. Let's not forget to count the popularity among the vacationers in this process of selection. With that said, here are many spectacular resorts that are highly rated and will be the key reason to ensure the greatness of your holidays. And believe me when I say that some of the most beautiful places to see in Dominica will be the resorts themselves!

Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort

fort young hotel Just as many other resorts in Dominica, this one promises the experience of a lifetime. However, there is one thing that not all of the others have. As they describe themselves, they are located where the rainforest meets the reef and are a full-service, boutique-style sanctuary set along the serene coastline of the Caribbean Sea. If that is not enough to make you want to go there, open their website and immerse yourself in the dream, they are selling through the tempting images and videos.

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica

cabrits resort spa kempinski Copyright: @shelley.travels It will be the right resort if you like internationally acclaimed standards and breathtaking views over Dominica beaches. Did you know that this is the first five-star establishment in Dominica? Now you know. Several on-site restaurants, four pools, and an outdoor amphitheater are just a few of the amenities to be named among everything else there is for the comfort of an unforgettable vacation. Additionally, the level of service in one of the properties belonging to the oldest European luxury hotel chain is beyond amazing. The verdict? It has it all!

Rosalie Bay Eco Resort & Spa

rosalie bay eco resort Copyright: @rosaliebay Three words that give off the first impression about this place. Eco, bay, and Spa. Located on the pristine coast, this resort offers the possibility of watching endangered sea turtles nest on a black sand beach. Besides the calming and relieving atmosphere that allows connecting with nature, oneself and loved ones on a deeper level, the place also offers rich organic Dominica cuisine and nurturing spa treatments. And more importantly - their eco-label means that they operate in harmony with nature and operate with utmost responsibility towards their surroundings.

Jungle Bay Dominica

jungle bay Copyright: @junglebaydominica Similar to the previous one, Jungle Bay Resort is forward-thinking and represents the generation of modern hospitality trends. It is built and operated according to international Geotourism and Ecotourism guidelines which makes a difference in its footprint on the local environment and nature in general. Besides clear consciousness, every visitor will be able to experience plenty of activities that nurture the body as well as the soul. The best aspect that highlights their work is an award - Conde Nast Traveler magazine rates Jungle Bay as one of the World's Top 3 yoga retreats!

Secret Bay

secret bay Copyright: @secretbay Okay. I left the best one for the last. If you can afford a stay like this, then Secret Bay is the resort you should not miss at all costs. Besides being an award-winning destination for their offered services and location, the attention to detail and crafting unique experiences is something travelers are willing to shed a dime for. Secret beaches, private plunge pools, chefs, and many other extras to accompany the stay in breathtaking cliff-top residential villas. Could it be any better? Thanks to the Secret Bay professional staff, yoga, waterfall canyoning adventures, and various other ways to get to know Dominica from the most unique, one-of-a-kind perspective. Well. Let's wrap this up. As you can see, Dominica is not only a heavenly place by nature, but also a great destination for anyone who knows what a great resort is. Let's be honest, anyone who decides to travel to Dominica must feel lucky because of the array of entertainment and relaxing options available in the resorts in Dominica! With that said, I hope you will be one of the people going there in no time. Even more so - I hope the information I provided here will be useful and ensure a great stay in "The Nature Island of the Caribbean". Have a great trip! * Please keep in mind that the situation with Covid-19 is currently still very shaky in the world, and no one can predict the advancements of this Pandemic in the long run. If you happen to be in the planning process of a trip to any country, please keep in mind a few tips that will save you energy, nerves, and some precious buck, too. First, always book flights and accommodation with a free cancellation option. Or, in the worst-case scenario - an option that allows changes of travel dates for free. And second, always keep in mind that the restrictions on travel or free movement in different countries may change on a whim. Always check the actual situation a few days before departing to determine what restrictions will apply to you in the country of arrival. Why am I saying this? Some countries introduce harsh quarantining requirements (especially if you travel overseas) or limit your activities on the spot. It just means that your desired vacation might turn out way different than expected. Imagine going to this beautiful land to find out that places to visit in Dominica are not accessible because of nationwide restrictions. It is why flexibility on bookings might be the best way out. Additionally, if you experience unexpected setbacks due to your health, then the possibility of rescheduling such a pristine trip will be a good thing to keep your heart at peace.

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