What is Somalia visa process?

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What is Somalia visa process?

It does not matter how far or close a country can be; an individual or group of people can decide to travel to that country for one reason or the other. Somalia is one of the African countries that many people have visited and are still visiting for different reasons. Some of the reasons are not far-fetched from tourism, business or visitation. Depending on the reason why you want to come to travel, you need a visa if your country is one of the Somalia visa free countries. This is very important as in this case, and you only need to have a valid passport to travel to the country. Also, you need to have prior knowledge of Somalia visa policy, Somalia visa cost and Somalia visa requirements.

This piece of information will help you prepare well and to have a smooth and memorable travel experience.

The Country Called Somalia

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As earlier stated, it is an African country many tourists have visited in the past. It is situated in the Horn of Africa. There are many stunning characteristics or attractions that have made many visit the country despite how the economy and security are. The major two fascinating attractions about Somalia that have many tourism lovers applying for Somalia visa application form on travelling websites like pickvisa.com are the historical caves and a multitude of stunning beaches. While you can apply for your Somalia work visa or tourist visa, you can also find out all Somalia visa requirements you need on the website. The many beaches are perfect and superb for swimming and taking eye-catching Instagrammable pictures. You will also love to explore the caves in the country. So, make an enquiry now about Somalia visa cost if your country is not among the Somalia visa-free countries to get started.

Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Somalia?

Although there are countries that you can travel to Somalia from without needing a visa, having a visa is very important. You need a visa to travel to Somalia and Puntland. Some countries, such as the United States of America, don't issue a visa for Somalia at the moment. However, you can get it at the port of entry. As a result of this, the question of how long does it take to get a work visa for Somalia is commonly asked by travellers. Thus, it is advisable to have your visa application form done on pickvisa.com on time to travel when you want without any postponement.

Do I Need A Passport To Travel To Somalia?

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You need a passport to travel not only to Somalia but to every other country. What blood is to the body is what a passport is in travelling to different countries. Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months after the date you planned to depart from Somalia. Also, your passport must have at least one passport page that is blank for the entry stamp. This requirement should not be satisfied with amendments pages and endorsement pages. If the passport you want to use for a Somalia work visa is altered, torn, separated or frayed, consult pickvisa.com to guide you on the next step so that all your passport requirements must be met.

Do I Need A Photograph For Somalia Visa?

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You need photos that are in white background and not older than six (6) months. That is, it should be taken before 6 months or submitting it for your Somalia visa. Not every kind of photo is required. The Somalia photo to obtain a Somalia visa must be of size two by two (2x2) inches and a quality picture photo should be used to print it. You don't need to smile while taking the picture. Your face should be in the middle. Don't wear eyeglasses or headwear while taking the picture. You should not have your photos affixed to your Somalia visa application. Also, it must not have adhesive tape or signs of staples. You can always visit pickvisa.com to find the traveling photo on Somalia visa policy articles.

Can I Get My Somalia Visa On Arrival?

It is possible to get a Somalia visa on arrival. As earlier mentioned in the article, there are countries like the United States of America that don't issue a visa for Somalia to their citizens in the United States currently. However, you can obtain this Somalia visa on your arrival in or in other Somalia embassies in different African countries. Nevertheless, the different embassies and central government that represent it don't have full control or authority over every territory in Somalia.

What Other Materials Do I Need For Somalia Visa Application?

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You need to have not just a valid passport or photos that are less than 6 months but other documents such as:

  • Certificate of Vaccination

The world at large is facing different health, disease or ailment challenges or concerns such as the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused the death of many people. To reduce the spread of such health concerns, you must carry out a test to show you are free from it. Apart from this, you need a yellow fever vaccination certificate to indicate you are not a carrier. Without this, getting a Somalia visa might not be possible.

  • Visa application form

With the internet, applying for a Somalia visa has become easier than before. All you need to do is log in on pickvisa.com and complete your visa registration or application after selecting Somalia as the country of visit. The name you are using to register should be the same and in the right order as your international passport name. Then upload every document requested after you might have scanned them and submit. You will be notified in your email when the visa processing is done.

  • Invitation letter

This is needed when you are invited by a company in Somalia or by an individual. An invitation letter often goes together with a Somalia work visa. The company or individual that is inviting you to Somalia will provide it. The letter must come with the company's letterhead and must be printed with the letterhead. It should contain the company's details such as address and phone number.

  • Proof of funds

Although every traveler is meant to be financially ready before traveling to any country, the country you are visiting would want to know how financially ready you are to be in their country. It doesn't matter if you are staying for a month or more, you need to show the immigration office in Somalia that you have adequate funds. You need to have your company's or employer's financial guarantee document that is printed in the company's letterhead attached to it.

  • Travelling arrangements proof

Another document that you need to provide to obtain a Somalia visa, be it for tourist or business purposes is proof of travel arrangements. It should contain information like the person's full name, just the way the names appeared on his or her international passport—itinerary or e-ticket copy to indicate the entering and existing date of your trip in Somalia.

Somalia Visa Free Countries

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As earlier stated in the article, there are different countries that you don't need a Somalia visa before traveling to Somalia. If you are in these countries, all you need is your passport and the other aforementioned documents. Some of the top countries are Benin Republic, Malaysia, Palestine and Svalbard. You can check out other countries that support a visit to Somalia without a visa on pickvisa.com. It is a very easy website with a user-friendly interface.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Work Visa For Somalia?

There is no specific date for your Somalia work visa to be processed. The first thing you need to do is to have your passport and other traveling documents ready. You can always take advantage of the excellent services of pickvisa.com to get a new passport, or your old passport renewed. Expect your passport in less than three business days, while your Somalia visa can take 3 to 30 days to be processed. So, start now to apply for it if you want to arrive exactly when you want.

Where Do I Obtain My Somalia Visa?

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You can get your Somalia visa on arrival at the country. In some cases, you need to get it from a Somalia embassy at your local country, consulates or other Somalia visa application centres. Just be prepared as you might be asked to provide other documents.

Final Thought

Different people in different countries travel to Somalia for one reason or the other. While some travel for tourism, others travel for business. Depending on the reasons for travelling, you need a visa. There are different Somalia visa requirements you need to know ahead of time to make your visa obtaining easier. When you have obtained your Somalia visa and you are ready to travel, you need to be concerned about your health as there are lots of health risks in the country. Visit a good health clinic in your country and have all the necessary medications, travel and vaccines supplies you need.

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