What is the difference between Bosnia and Herzegovina short and Long-term Visa?

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What is the difference between Bosnia and Herzegovina short and Long-term Visa?

The stereotypes about this small country are usually unassuming. And mostly because people know very little about the land of three languages and presidents, the last rainforest in Europe, and the most stunning Medieval architecture. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place of many surprises. So one will have to visit it and mingle with the locals to fully understand the complicated historical and cultural background that has formed the land nowadays. However, let me tell you one thing before we delve into more details about serious stuff like visas. It's easy to fall in love with the welcoming atmosphere and breathtaking views you'll encounter while travelling there.

If you are not sure how much you will like the country, it is still helpful to understand the differences between Bosnia and Herzegovina visa requirements for short and long-term stays. This article will tell you the most crucial aspects of the Bosnia and Herzegovina visa policy, but not only that. You will get a glimpse of the most important technical aspects that will make your preparations for a potential trip much easier. I will elaborate a little on who needs a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina, is there such a thing as a Bosnia and Herzegovina Schengen visa (and stuff related to these keywords), as well as some tips on how to get Bosnia visa. Hopefully, soon, you will be able to pack your bags and jump on a memorable journey to this country, but first things first…

Who needs a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

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Many ask quite a common question - do you need a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina? More than half of the world's countries are Bosnia and Herzegovina visa free countries. If you are from Africa, Asia, or South America, most probably, you will need a visa. However, the safest way to check do you need a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina, is to contact the Pickvisa team or go to the "Services" section of this website to understand if you are a citizen of one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina visa free countries.

What should I know about Bosnia and Herzegovina visa policy?

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To be honest, after researching dozens of visa policies in the whole world, I can say that Bosnia and Herzegovina have quite a simple one. It is possible to say that this article is about the policy itself because there are just two main types of visas in the classification: the short-term and the long-term.

It is the part of the article where you will find the main answers to the question asked in the title. What are the differences between the two types mentioned above? Okay, let's start with the most obvious difference. Short-term visas will be issued for a trip that lasts no longer than 90 days, but the long-term visa can entitle you with whole 180 days of stay during one calendar year.

The second difference would, of course, be the purpose of your Bosnia and Herzegovina travel. In the category of short-term visas, you would find any non-permanent travel purposes. For example, Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist visa, short-term work or education are options for short stay visits. The main reason for applying for a long-term visa would be to become a permanent resident, and this document will allow you to stay in the country while your residency documents get sorted. Other differences lie in the formalities (and requirements) that you will read more about in the following paragraphs.

How to get Bosnia visa?

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The procedure is pretty straightforward. First, find out if you are required to obtain a visa to enter this country. If yes, you will need to contact the closest Bosnia and Herzegovina embassy or diplomatic mission to make an appointment. Contacting them directly will allow you to find out the exact procedure and necessary documents relevant to your particular case. Then, you submit the Bosnia and Herzegovina visa application form alongside the rest of the papers and wait for the answer. There is nothing exceptional here, if you have ever applied for a visa in your life, then it will not be much different.

How about the Bosnia and Herzegovina Schengen visa?

It is one of the questions to sort out and answer if you are looking for information on how to get Bosnia visa. Remember that Bosnia and Herzegovina do not belong to the Schengen area, but they have signed an agreement that enables visa-free travel for all EU nationals to this country. What is even greater, if you are from somewhere else and have a Schengen visa used in another EU country already, you are allowed to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 15 days every 180 days of a year without an additional need to obtain a visa!

What are Bosnia and Herzegovina visa requirements?


I think it is pretty obvious for you that the required documents for either type of visas we have been discussing in this article might be different.

First, get your Bosnia and Herzegovina visa application form duly filled and signed. Then make sure that you have a valid passport at least three months after departing from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then prepare photocopies of the main page and previous visas in your passport and a recent passport-style photo. Then you will provide a bunch of documents regarding your travel - flight ticket reservations and accommodation bookings, medical insurance. Then some documents will prove that you don't intend to stay in the country beyond the allowed visa duration. That means proof of occupation and financial means.

So what are the differences between the short- and long-term visas of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the required documents, you will ask? It all lies in the section about documents that support the claims of your travel intentions. Even though the papers you will need to provide will be relatively similar, keep in mind that you will need to make sure that they prove the exact necessity for travel for either type of visa. For example, for a study visa, you will need an acceptance letter from the university, but an invitation letter from the person you are visiting for a private visit. Depending on your e.g. study program or travel plans, you will be able to apply for a short or long-term visa.

What is the processing time for Bosnia and Herzegovina visa application?

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It is no surprise that there is a difference in processing times depending on the visa type you decide to go for. It will take from 3-15 days for short-term visas, but for the long-term ones, it will be from 10 to 30 days. Keep in mind that if all of the submitted documents are just as required, you are more likely to receive your answer soon. It means that doing your research now is a perfect thing because it might save you time!

Let's wrap this up. Hopefully, now you have enough information to consider the necessary preparations for your Bosnia and Herzegovina visa application. Short or long-term visa? That is definitely up to you, my dear friend. The world is your oyster, and getting a visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina should not be the hurdle for you to go out and explore it! Maybe you will choose a Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist visa, and visit to see if you even like it during the first trip. After you've caught a glimpse of all there is on the table, you will know what to do and where to turn for the long-term visa. I wish you the best of luck and wonderful travels!

* I feel obligated to mention a few aspects that might affect your travel plans. When writing the article, many countries in the world are reintroducing various restrictions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. If it is still a part of the reality, please prepare for your travels accordingly. The first piece of advice is - make sure to book flights with an option to cancel or change them at no cost. That means if your travel plans are interrupted by your health issues or other changes taking place in the travel industry (closed borders, quarantine requirements, or other) you won't have to worry about losing your money. Or nerves for what it matters.

The second piece of advice I usually give to people travelling during these times is to do your research before departing! Check the government-issued regulations regarding international travel, as well as locally in the country itself. Why is it important? Because you might need to quarantine yourself after landing or end up in a nationwide lockdown. And that is not what one would have in mind when thinking about a wonderful trip abroad, am I right? If you combine these both pieces of advice, stay a little flexible, and keep yourself safe, you have nothing to worry about.

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