What is the difference between Central African Republic short and long-term?

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What is the difference between Central African Republic short and long-term?
Bangui is the largest and capital city of the country. Some other cities of the country are Bimbo, Berberati, Carnot, Bouar, Bossangoa, etc. The country has two official languages: French and Sango. Although the country is poor, it attracts thousands of foreigners from various parts of the world. Some of them travel to Central African Republic for temporary reasons. Other group of people visit this country for the long term. In this blog, we will talk about the visa process of both types. What is the visa policy of Central African Republic? How long does the validity last? What are the Central African Republic visa requirements? How to apply for a visa? How much does a visa cost for Africa?

The Visa Policy of Central African Republic

international flag of central african republic Visa to Central African Republic is for foreigners not from one of the Central African Republic visa free countries. Depending on the purpose of their trip and intended stay duration, they can choose one of the visa categories. Generally, we can divide them into three groups: • Short-term Visas • Long-term Visas Also, each category has some subcategories that show the purpose of your travel. Required documents, fees, and some other details may vary depending on the type. In this blog, we will cover short and long-stay visas generally.

How to apply for a visa?

female office workers There are some minor differences in the application procedure of short-term and long-stay visas, but in general, you will follow the same path. In both visa types, you will need to finish the following steps: • Arranging an appointment in the embassy or visa application centre • Getting the demanded documents • Paying the visa fees and other embassy charges • Taking part in the interview • Waiting for the final result Where will I apply for a visa? It may change depending on the country in which you apply. You can apply in one of these places: visa application centres, embassies, or consulates. Firstly, you should find which of them is responsible for visa application in your country. Those who don’t have embassies in their home country must go to the nearest embassy or consulate to their location.

Short-term Visas

young man show valid id Tourism, visiting family or friends, business trips, short-term education, Central African Republic work visa, and many other non-permanent nuances are some of the reasons for short-term visas. The most popular subcategory among them is tourism. The flora and fauna of Africa were always attractive to foreigners. Also, the local culture, cuisine, traditions are exciting for guests. You will have 90 days to discover all of these. Most tourists spend less than 30 days in the country. Applicants will need to provide some documents during the application process. • The Central African Republic visa application form; Applicants will fill, sign and date the form. They can complete it in English or French. • Photos. Applicants will present photographs (recently taken) on white background, without a smile and clear facial features. Applicant’s face must cover 70-80% of the photo, and do not dress clothes matching the background • Passport and a copy; The provided passport must be valid for at least six months before leaving the territory, and it must have a minimum of two free visa pages. You will need a copy of the main page. • Copy of ID Card • Visa copy or residence permit. You will need to present it if your country of resistance and citizenship are different. • Yellow fever vaccination certificate. It is a common requirement for almost all African countries. Furthermore, handle other vaccinations to feel safer and have a wonderful vacation before your travel to Central African Republic. • Flight ticket reservation. All applicants will present round-trip ticket reservation • Invitation letter if you have a host in the Central African Republic. He (she) can be a friend or family member. You should mention his (her) contact and address details. • Proof of occupation. Applicants must present a letter from the local employer. Also, they should give details of the employer or a company (name, postal address, and telephone number). If that person is an owner of the corporation: a copy of a valid business license, business ownership documents, and sponsor’s valid passport and residence visa should be provided. Also, wages, working hours, job position and other details must be mentioned in the letter. Above mentioned papers are the same for all subcategories. You may need some additional ones related to visiting purposes: • Tourism: Proof of accommodation with full details (address, name, phone number, zip code, etc.) of hotel/hostel/rental apartment • Work: Invitation letter and letter from the owner of the company • Diplomatic or official visit: Verbal note • Visiting family or friends; You will need an invitation letter from your host and the document to prove your relationship with him (her). • Study: An acceptance letter from one of the colleges/universities in the Central African Republic

Long-term Visas

man typing Visa to Central African Republic for a long-stay is for all foreign people. Even if you are a visa-free citizen, you need to apply for a permit. It allows you to stay in the Central African Republic for a maximum of 12 months. People who want to stay more than a year can apply for an extension. Long term visa types: • Central African Republic work visa • Study Visa Such as in short-stay visas, with long term visas, you should fit Central African Republic visa requirements. You will need these documents in the application process: • The Central African Republic visa application form • Photo • Passport and a copy • Copy of Identity Card • Residence permit or Visa copy • Yellow fever certificate • Reservation of flight ticket • Letter from the employer in the Central African Country • Invitation letter • Documents for work: Invitation letter, proof of employment, registration certificate of the company • Documents for education: An acceptance letter from the Central African Country • You may need some extra papers The Central African country is one of the poorest countries in the world. The average annual income per capita is just 850 USD. So, working here is not attractive for most people. However, if you want to learn more about Africa, it can be beneficial for you. Also, if your work is related to African culture and traditions, you will get a chance to learn many valuable facts. Unfortunately, it is the same for education, too. Some of the best universities in the country are Euclid University, Kibogora Polytechnic, University of Bangui, Catholic University of Central Africa, Adventist University of Central Africa, etc.

Visa Cost

dollar After providing all demanded documents, you will pay the visa fee. It is for covering visa processing expenses. Also, you may need to pay some additional fees. How much does a visa cost for Africa? Cost of short and long-term visas are different. Short-stay visas are 90-165 USD, and the Central African Republic Long-term visa fee is 210-240 USD. Both prices may vary depending on the country of submission.

Processing Time

calendar The last step of the application procedure is waiting for a final result. How long will I wait? The average processing time for both visas is 2-5 working days. National holidays, workload, and more may cause an extension of the duration. If it lasts more than several weeks, call the embassy and ask for information. In some cases, applicants give incorrect contact details, and the embassy can’t reach people. So, pay attention to this while providing the details.

Central African Republic visa free countries

fisherman rowing boat In the previous sections, we have mentioned that visa-waiver countries can travel to Central African Republic freely. It is the same for all short-term visits. There are just 16 countries on the visa-free countries list. They are: • Benin • Burkina Faso • Burundi • Cameroon • Chad • Congo Republic • DR Congo • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) • Equatorial Guinea • Gabon • Israel • Liberia • Niger • Rwanda • Senegal • United States of America

Short or Long-term Visa

It completely depends on you. Firstly, you should decide why you want to travel to the CAR. If you can’t decide, you can check the features of each type. For example, if your aim is just tourism, the best choice is a short-stay CAR visa. Yes, the country has a rich biodiversity, colourful traditions, and culture, but several weeks will be enough for visitors. We can say that the principal differences between these two types are the planned stay duration and the visa fee. Nearly all other details, documents, and requirements are the same. Of course, your financial means are another crucial issue. During the vacation, you must have enough funds to cover your expenses. In conclusion, we present all features of short and long stay visas for you. The last decision is up to you. Yes, the Central African Republic doesn’t offer as high living standards as other countries. Still, it is worth visiting and offers an unforgettable experience to all tourists.

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