12 Instagrammable places in Bangui

Gunel Eyvazli02 November 20201459 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Bangui
Instagrammable sceneries to take photos in front of choosing Africa as the travel destination because it has everything listed above. Africa has many beautiful countries rich with culture, sceneries, tourist attractions, and many more to see and explore. One of these places is Bangui. Where is Bangui? Bangui is the capital city of the Central African Republic. It is also the Central African Republic's largest city and most populated area. The Central African Republic, as it is obvious from its name, is located right in the middle of the African continent. It is a landlocked country surrounded by Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Republic of Congo. The name Bangui comes from the name Ubangi river, and the city is located on the banks of this river. The official language of the Central African Republic is French and Sangho, but there are 72 languages spoken in the country. If you know a little French and decide to travel to Bangui Central African Republic one day, it could come in handy. If you want to see Africa and think about spending a vacation in Africa one day, travel to Bangui Central African Republic. We have listed 12 Instagrammable Places in Bangui below. We believe that this post will inspire you to travel to Bangui Central African Republic.

1. Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral

cathedral When you first tell people about this cathedral, the first reaction will probably be, "Where is Bangui?". The Central African Republic was a colony of France. Therefore it has lots of French elements in its architecture. This cathedral looks like the original Notre-Dame in Paris, but it was built with red bricks, which makes it more special. You should pay a visit to this place if you ever go to Bangui. Your Instagram feed will become more colorful, and who knows, maybe one of your most liked Instagram posts will consist of this cathedral.

2. Ubangi River

river in bangui Ubangi River or Oubangui River is one of the most Instagrammable places in Bangui. The city also took its name from this river. The surrounding places around Ubangi look very heavenly, and it is perfect for tourists. It is the biggest and longest river in the Central African Republic. You can see boat races that frequently take place on the river.

3. K-Cinq

market in bangui This is the place where you can find local markets to buy food, clothes, etc. Its name comes from French, as Cinq means Five in the French language. You might want to be vigilant in this place and keep an eye on your valuable items, as it can be dangerous.

4. Place de la Republique

palace in bangui The city's main attraction is located in the place de la Republique, which is the arch of victory. There are shops, restaurants that serve local cuisine, and fountains where you can sit and relax. Place de Republique is one of Bangui's Instagrammable attractions, but you might want to check in with officials before taking an Instagram photo.

5. The Big Mosque

mosque in bangui The Central African Republic is quite diverse regarding its religion. There are Muslims, Christians, and a small percent of other religious people. The majority of people believe in Christianity. About 10 percent of the Bangui population are Sunni Muslims. The Big Mosque is one of the prominent mosques in the city, though it is very modest. But if you are in Bangui, you should see this mosque to get familiar with its religious culture and chat with local people inside the mosque.

6. Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic

church in bangui If you are keen on continuing with the religious places, this church could be your next Bangui destination. The majority of the Bangui population are Christians, and there are many more churches to visit. You can definitely find Instagrammable and beautiful churches to see in Bangui.

7. Musee de Boganda

desert Boganda Museum, or Barthelemy Boganda National Ethnographic Museum, is one of the main tourist attractions to see in Bangui, Central African Republic. It opened in 1960 and is not only Bangui's but overall the country's biggest attraction. If you are in Bangui and don't really know what to do or how to spend your time, you should visit the museum and learn better about the country's history. It is a national museum of the Central African Republic, and it is located in the Rue du Languedoc region of the capital city Bangui. This place's pictures have the potential to become your most liked Instagram posts from your Central African Republic trip.

8. Melanie's Beauty

beauty center in bangui If you are tired from your vacation and would like to have a relaxed, self-care day to yourself, this place is perfect for that. You can have a massage, relax in front of the beautiful view, and use Melanie's Beauty's other beauty services. The prices are very affordable and perfect for your budget. You can get a quick getaway from all the stress and treat yourself in this Instagrammable place.

9. Marche Central

market in bangui People enjoy different things on vacation or trips. One of the best things to do while you are in a different country is to go to the Bangui marketplaces. You can find local food, spices, souvenirs to buy for your friends and family, and many more brilliant things. Central Market in Bangui is one of these places. If you want things to remind you about the trip you made to the Central African Republic, you have to visit this place and maybe buy some souvenirs.

10. Chutes de Boali

sunset These heaven-like falls of the Central African Republic outside of Bangui could be in the list of "Places to Visit Before You Die." If you research a little, you definitely would see this falls in the most liked Instagram posts of tourists that went there. It is a real attraction to see in the Central African Republic.

11. Dzanga-Ndoki National Park

giraffe This national park of the Central African Republic is located outside of Bangui. It is 1,143.26 square kilometers, and it opened in 1990. As you know, Africa is known for its beautiful and exotic flora, and fauna is one of the main reasons that tourists choose to travel for. The Central African Republic also has very rich flora and fauna and natural reserves. By visiting this Instagrammable place, you will have a chance to see those places. There are other national parks in the Central African Republic that are also worth visiting. Manovo-Gounda-St Floris National Park is one of the examples.

12. Zinga town

sun Last but not least, Zinga is one of the places you should definitely visit in the Central African Republic. It is a very small town outside of Bangui but attracts many tourists with its authenticity every year. The houses in this town are very traditional Congo houses, and they are wooden. You can also chat with local people there since the people of the town are very friendly and love to chat with tourists. You can go there by motorboats or canoes through the Oubangui River. These are the 12 Instagrammable places you should definitely visit in the Central African Republic and in Bangui. The Central African Republic might be poor in financial terms but is very rich regarding its nature, culture, food, and lovely people. There are many beautiful examples of nature, rivers, forests, and national parks worth seeing. The cuisine of the Central African Republic is also one of the most authentic and interesting cuisines in the world. There are a lot of delicacies to taste, such as bush-meat, cassava, and cassava greens, Egusi sauce, yam, etc. Central African Republic's cuisine is very balanced with meat and vegetables, and they have very interesting soup options like peanut soup. The local restaurants serve local food in Bangui. bangui people Traditional beverages include palm and banana wine, alcohol made from cassava or sorghum, traditionally made beer, and other alcoholic beverages. There are also non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea, ginger beer, and Karkanji, which is a drink made from hibiscus. There are many beautiful Instagrammable places in the world worth visiting. The central African Republic and Bangui might not be the first choice of tourists, but if you are a fan of exploring new places and new cultures, you should consider visiting this beautiful country. The central African Republic has a complex history and is not that wealthy country, but its beautiful landscape, nature, culture, and friendly people make up for it. It is also a landlocked country, which makes this country geographically different and, at times, difficult for its development. But it is a very interesting place, and if you are tired of seeing the same places over and over again and looking for a new destination, it is perfect for you. We hope that with this post, you have learned enough about Bangui and the Central African Republic that you are thinking about visiting this country, maybe for your next trip. The next time somebody asks you where is Bangui, you can talk about its beautiful places and convince them to travel there alongside you!

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