What is the difference between Tunisia short and long term visa?

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What is the difference between Tunisia short and long term visa?
Africa, the country shows the harmony of integrated differences. After all, it was invaded by different powers at various times. You can see the influence of French is still evident. You will find beautiful eastern buildings alongside gothic structures. Tunisians are proud of their food. Cuisine of Tunusia serves different tastes. Dishes here were heavily affected by Arabic, the Mediterranean, and French trends. They like putting different spices like coriander, cumin, saffron, and harissa on their food. Tunisia is a Mediterranean country so it has long shores. Most of the area has gorgeous, pristine beaches. Famous resorts like Hammamet, Sousse, or Monastir are just next to the sea so that people can enjoy nice water and sand. Most of them meet high standards, therefore you will not face any accommodation-related problems. The country is rich in history. Ancient civilizations like Carthage and Romans left many old ruins. You can take a tour to see such historical sites. Once there was the largest Roman amphitheater in Tunisia. But now only small parts of it remain. Excursion to Sahara, the biggest desert in the world, is one of the all-time favorites of tourists. You will be amazed by the oasis in Sahara. It feels so alive in such a dead silent environment. You might be heard of movie series called “Star wars”. Apparently, many people traveled to Tunisia to see George Lucas Village (George Lucas is the creator of Star wars movies). Although it is not as often as visited like years ago, it is worth taking pictures in such a fancy village. You can find many reasons to visit Tunisia. Desired accommodation can be short and long depending on the purpose. However, in most cases, you will need to apply for Tunisia visa. In this article, we will both look at short and long-term visas and their differences. To identify who needs a visa, we will first look at Tunisia visa policy.

Visa Policy of Tunisia

komachi seaside Tunisia visa policy is defined on the basis of its relations with other countries. Depending on that, countries’ visa statuses towards Tunisia can change. They can either be among Tunisia visa free countries or visa-required countries. You can identify your country’s visa status towards Tunisa, by checking our website. Go to the “Visa policy” section, and click on Tunisia, there you will find lists of countries and much more. If your country is one of the Tunisia visa free countries, then you will not need a visa to go to Tunisia. Otherwise, you will go through visa procedures to get a visa. Two compare these two categories, we will look at some of the indicators for visas such as applications, Tunisia visa requirements, etc. But first, let's learn what exactly are they.

What are short and long term visas?

stamping Short-term visas are given under the condition that travel does not exceed 90 days. Long-term visas are on the other hand given for travels exceeding 90 days. One of the major differences between them is that with a short-term visa you only visit the country for temporary purposes such as travel, business activity. However, with a long-term visa, you can work, and eventually permanently reside in the country. After arriving in the country as an employee, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit as a long-term visa will not be enough to stay in Tunisia for a long period. Other reasons to get a temporary residence permit can be education, investing, joining a Tunisian family, etc. These residence permits will be issued at a local police department. You will need to renew it though as they are granted for or 2 years. After living in Tunisia for more than 5 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. There are other ways to get a permanent residence permit like being married to a Tunisian citizen.

Tunisia Visa Requirements

filling document To get a visa you need to meet some requirements and present some essential documents. The nature of these documents varies depending on their types. Required documents for short-term visa are given below: • Tunisia visa application form signed and dated. • Passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months. It should be acquired in the last 10 years. • Photo with a size of 35mm x 45mm. The background should preferably be light grey colored. A frontal view of your face should take up 65-75% of the whole photo. You should take off your headgear if it is not worn for religious reasons. • You should have proof of accommodation which can be a hotel reservation. Additional documents can be asked. Required documents are similar for long-term visas. Just it is given for a long time, more detailed information, and documents can be asked to present. For example, if you start Tunisia long term visa application for work purposes, you will need to present an invitation letter provided by the employer in Tunisia. Furthermore, detailed information on your work position can be asked.

Tunisia Visa Fee for Short and Long Term Visa

coins and dollar To apply for Tunisia visa, you will need to pay some fees. And these visa fees are another thing we should look at when we compare these two categories. Tunisia visa fee for a short-term visa mainly varies between 30 and 160 USD. However, it is not concise. It can change depending on your nationality. The most exact number can be acquired from an embassy of Tunisia in your country. Although it is difficult to get information on the exact amount of fees for long term visas, it is presumable that such visas will cost more. The main logic behind this conclusion is that to start Tunisia long term visa application, you will need to go through more procedures as it is not as straight as a short-term visa. Therefore, chances are you might need to pay more for the fees.

Can you apply for Tunisia visa online for short and long-term purposes?

online visa application Later this year, Tunisia e visa platform will be available for foreigners. With this service, the need to go to the embassy will be eliminated. Which types of visas will be granted using Tunisia e visa service? Unfortunately, this service will support only short-term visas. Therefore, it will not be possible to get a long-term visa with Tunisia visa online. With the help of this service, you will get a visa much faster. You will need to send the required documents online and pay the fee via online systems or credit debit card.

How to get Tunisia Visa?

tunisia embassy There can be three ways to apply to acquire a visa depending on the visa type, and nationality of the person. They are visas through a Tunisian embassy, Tunisia visa on arrival, and an online visa. Starting a visa through a Tunisian embassy is more of a conventional way to get a visa. Usually, you start by contacting the local Tunisian embassy and making an appointment. Once you schedule a meeting, you go there and present your documents, fill out Tunisia visa application form, and pay the fee. You will wait for your application to be processed. Normally it takes around 5 to 15 days to get your application processed. Once, it is over you will be notified about your application. You can get both short and long-term visas through an embassy. Tunisia visa on arrival is only available for people who have a valid residence permit which can be reffered to as a long-term visa issued by a member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The third way, online visa which is not yet available to use, will be used to get short-term visas. How to get Tunisia visa online? The procedure is pretty straightforward. You upload your documents pay the fee and that is it. After evaluation, you will get your visa via email if your application is successful. To wrap up things, there are many differences between these two types of visas. They both have advantages and disadvantages. But what is most important is the reason for your travel. Short-term visas are good for travel purposes. It is relatively easier to get. While long term visas give you more possibilities such as employment right.

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