What to pack for a trip to Japan?

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What to pack for a trip to Japan?

Short-term visas, sometimes called tourist visas, are for those who want to enter the country for short-term purposes such as sightseeing, visiting relatives, sports, and business meetings. Please note that if you come to Japan on this short-stay visa, you will not be able to engage in any activity to generate income in Japan. In principle, visa extensions for short stays are not allowed. (However, an extension may be allowed in Japan if there are exceptional circumstances such as marriage procedures, long-term postpartum care, or humanitarian issues.)

Russia, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, etc., have not signed a visa exemption agreement with Japan. People from other countries will receive short-term payments when they enter Japan, even for travel purposes.

Short-stay visas are usually issued easily if you have the necessary travel expenses and a round-trip ticket, but for some countries such as China, the Philippines, Russia, various documents such as identity guarantees are available. This is necessary. Because if you allow foreigners to enter the country easily with a short-stay visa, this is likely to result in overstay and illegal employment problems. For this reason, the examination of the issuance of short-stay visas for some countries is very strict.

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In addition, short-term visa application is different from the standard visa application procedure carried out by the Immigration Office. It is applied at a diplomatic mission abroad (Japanese embassy/consulate-general). Therefore, the jurisdiction is the State Department, and the exam criteria are not disclosed, so even if it is not approved, the reason is unknown. Moreover, if your visa is refused, you cannot apply for the same visa for six months in principle.

If they ask you, "how much is a trip to Japan, " you can first tell the tourist visa fee. The cost of a Japanese tourist visa varies between 0-50 dollars on average. This fee may vary by country.

It is possible to get a tourist visa to Japan within 2-15 working days. However, this may differ from country to country.

To travel to Japan as a tourist, you must have the following documents:

  • Visa Application Form
  • Two New Photos (4,5x4,5)
  • Documents to Prove Payment Ability of Travel Expense
  • Itinerary Japan
  • Confirmation Slip for Airline Reservations
  • Hotel Reservation
  • ID Card Issued by your Government
  • Passport

You can get more information on our website for obtaining a Japan visa.

Trip to Japan / Things to pack for a trip to Japan

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A trip to Japan can be something that will leave great memories in your life. We show you a list of the most exciting and highly rated guided tours of Japan by those who have visited the country before.

Learn much better about the culture, history, and curiosities of the cities, neighborhoods, or monuments you visit. Lack of knowledge of both language and culture are two of the main obstacles you will encounter during your visit.

We should not get information about the cost of a trip to Japan before travel because Japan is not cheap. Also, here are things to pack for a trip to Japan. Let's explore together.



For those who visit Japan for the first time, Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the must-see places.

Taking a guided tour of Tokyo will help you see the city's highlights and understand this impressive capital city's true significance. Neighborhoods such as Shinjuku, Asakusa, Ginza, or Roppongi have a unique history. With the help of a private guide, no secrets will remain for you.

Visit highlights such as Meiji Shrine, Shinjuku neighborhood, traditional Asakusa neighborhood, the famous Sensoji temple, the Ueno area, and Ginza, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods globally. A complete visit that touches the city's most important landmarks is without a doubt.


kyoto golden

Kyoto is the essential traditional city in Japan. It's a gem you can't miss no matter what. And that many of its temples and shrines are part of Japan's iconography abroad.

With this visit, you will get closer to the traditional neighborhoods of Higashiyama and Gion, known as the Geisha Quarter. There are also visits to Nijō Castle, Kinkaku-Ji Temple (Golden Pavilion), Ginkaku-Ji, and Yasaka Shrine. The route also includes a pleasant walk along the Philosopher's Path and the streets of Ninenzaka and Nene no Michi. A route always accompanied by a guide specializing in Japanese history and culture.


osaka port

Did you know that Osaka is the third-largest city in Japan? It can't be off the list of guided tours of Japan because it also has some great attractions worth seeing. One of the stellar visits is Hideyoshi Castle, one of the most picturesque in Japan.

The neighborhoods of Shinsekai, Nipponbashi, and Namba are visited; the latter is considered the city's center. We will also approach Dotonbori, the electric district famous for its numerous shops of all kinds. And, of course, you'll learn about the history of Tsutenkaku tower, one of Osaka's most essential towers.



Nara is one of the most visited cities in Japan, especially by those who plan to escape from Kyoto. Its main attractions are three: Todaiji temple is one of the most famous in all of Japan, seeing deer walking its streets (the world's largest Buddhist temple built from wood), and its magnificent park.

You have two options for taking a guided tour of Nara. One starts from Nara itself. The other has a route from Kyoto, where you can also visit the historic city of Inari. Inside is the famous Fushimi Inari Taisha temple.



Hiroshima is mainly known as the site of the famous nuclear explosion in WWII. A visit that can be a little upsetting at first, but it is undoubtedly a thinking exercise worth experiencing.

You will visit symbolic sites such as the Peace Museum or Orizuru tower during the visit. At this observatory, you can see the famous island of Miyajima, among other parts of the city. The guided tour explores the iconic Genbaku dome listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.



Miyajima is a small island located off the coast of Hiroshima, thanks to the famous Daishonin Buddhist temple, the impressive Itsukushima shrine, and the famous torii sea, observed in large proportions in one of Japan's classical images.



Takayama is nicknamed Little Kyoto because of its well-preserved and beautiful historic center, Japan's most visited traditional neighborhoods. It is also located in the Japanese Alps so that you will have history, traditional buildings, and nature in one visit.

Take a guided tour of Takayama (in a group) to see its base quarter and some of its most important temples and shrines, such as Hida Kokubun-Ji Temple and Yamazakura Shrine.


akihabara at night

Akihabara is a neighborhood in Tokyo that is considered one of the nerdiest in the world. Thousands of otakus from all over the world congregate in this place filled with small shops for law enforcement, electronics, video games, and anything else you can think of.

Considering visiting this neighborhood with the help of a guide who is familiar with the different cultural expressions that occur in this neighborhood is a very wise option.

Takayama and Shirakawago

gassho-zukuri houses

A visit to the small town of Takayama and the traditional village of Shirakawago is to take in a rural landscape like no other in all of Japan. Did you know that 250-year-old houses with characteristic gable roofs are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Approaching this beautiful town will fill you with wonder and magnificent views.

What to pack for a trip to Japan / Essentials to pack for a trip to Japan

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It is essential to choose the right season before traveling to Japan. Because according to the changes of the seasons, we should research essentials to pack for a trip to Japan. After we have information about the pack for a trip to Japan, we can pack our luggage and set off. Before setting off, it is helpful to research the answer to "how much is a trip to Japan." Because if we do not have information about the cost of a trip to Japan before coming here, we may encounter many problems.

While considering what to pack for a trip to Japan, it is advisable to research the best time to visit the country in advance. We can divide the issue of the pack for a trip to Japan into two seasons: summer and winter because these seasons are the most preferred by tourists. It is very enjoyable to go to Japan, especially in winter. You can give different answers if someone asks how to pack for a winter Japan trip. During the winter months, Japan experiences a snowy period. Especially after the New Year, the cold weather causes you to wear thicker clothes. Moreover, it is recommended to use leather hand grips; otherwise, your hand may become ice-cold. For this reason, before going to Japan, be sure to ask yourself how to pack for a winter Japan trip.

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