10 reasons why you should travel to Hiroshima instead of Tokyo

Kanan Isazade23 October 20203093 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Hiroshima instead of Tokyo
Japan visas to travel to Japan per year. Of course, one of the most visited places is the capital of the country, but today we will give you ten reasons why you should travel to Hiroshima instead of Tokyo. In this blog, you will learn where is Hiroshima, what to do in Hiroshima, when was Hiroshima bombed, how long to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima, how to travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo, how was Hiroshima before and after the disaster (Hiroshima bombing), and more.

Basics of Hiroshima (When was Hiroshima bombed?)

museum of science and industry Hiroshima became one of the most well-known Instagrammable places in Japan after the Hiroshima bombing. When was Hiroshima bombed? The Hiroshima bombing happened on 6 August 1945, and the result was terrifying as nearly 220,000 people died. We can say that it was one of the saddest moments in Japan's history, but now everything has passed. Today, almost 1,3 million people live in Hiroshima, and the total area of the city is 906.68 square km. Where is Hiroshima? Hiroshima is in southwestern Honshu, and it is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture. How is the weather in Hiroshima? Summer is short, hot, wet, and mostly cloudy, and the winter is remarkably freezing and clear in Hiroshima. Temperature changes between 1-31°C (34-89 °F) year-round.

1. Hotels, the best places to stay in Hiroshima

seaside hotel It is not a secret that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in Japan (and in the world), and we can see high prices in hotels, too. Instead of Tokyo, Hiroshima offers much cheaper hotels and hostels. The average hotel price in Tokyo is 50-100 USD, but in Hiroshima, you can find many hotels that want less than 50 USD per night. Of course, there are several such kinds of hotels in Tokyo, too, but not as many as in Hiroshima. Some of the cheap and recommended hotels are Hotel Active Hiroshima, Dormy Inn Hiroshima, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hiroshima, Nest Hotel Hiroshima Ekimae. All of these hotels got 4 points out of 5 from visitors, and the price is quite reasonable, 18-50 USD per night. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Hiroshima, here are some examples: Miyajima Shiro, Kurayado Iroha, Miyajima Seaside Hotel. Almost all of them are 3-star and up, and the price is more than 250 USD per night.

2. Try delicious Japanese cuisine for an affordable price

Japan cuisine When we compare restaurant prices, we can see the same tendency. Having a meal in an inexpensive restaurant in Hirashima is 1-3 USD cheaper than in the capital. We can observe a much larger gap in mid-range restaurants. For example, let's say that you will have a meal together with your friend. In Hiroshima, you will pay 37-40 USD for a meal, but in Tokyo, it will be 10-15 USD more expensive. Also, we can see slight differences in drink prices, but it is not as much as food. What to eat in Japan? Japan has one of the most famous and delicious cuisines. There are plenty of tasteful Japanese dishes, such as Udon, Tofu, Tempura, Yakitori, Sashimi, Ramen, and more. What is the most well-known one? As you guess, it is sushi. Sushi has more than 20 types, and the most popular ones are Chutoro, Mushi Ebi, Salmon, Uni, Aji, Shime Saba, etc. What are the best restaurants in Hiroshima? The most advised restaurants are Yakigaki No Hayashi, Nagata-ya, Ekohiiki, etc.

3. Reasonable prices for long accommodation

inside the hotel room If you plan to stay in Japan for more than a couple of weeks, I recommend you to rent a house in Hiroshima because of the prices. Of course, the main reason is the prices. I will give some examples, and you will see the difference. The average cost for one bedroomed apartment in the city centre and outskirts of the city is 700 and 500 USD, accordingly. On the other hand, in Tokyo, it is 1200 and 700 USD, respectively. If you are searching for an apartment (3 bedrooms) for a large group or family, then you will pay something between 600-1200 USD depending on the place in Hiroshima. What about Tokyo? We can see much more of a gap in this part. On the outskirts of Tokyo, you can find an apartment with three bedrooms for 1500 USD, but in the centre, the average price is roughly 3000 USD. If we talk about renting a house, we should mention monthly utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage), and it is roughly two times cheaper in Hiroshima than in the capital.

4. Hiroshima population density

hiroshima people Although the area of Hiroshima is roughly 300 square km more than Tokyo, Tokyo's population is almost eight times more than Hiroshima's. So by choosing Hiroshima instead of the capital, you will get rid of crowded places and dense traffic. Of course, you will see packed places in Hiroshima, but it is nothing in comparison with Tokyo. It will give you a chance to spend less time reaching some destination, and tourist places will be less dense. Also, when we consider COVID-19, Hiroshima is much safer. COVID-19 spreads quickly because of close contact, and it will be hard to keep a distance from people in the capital. Mainly while using public transport. This density is one of the reasons for the high prices in Tokyo.

5. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

hiroshima peace memorial park What to do in Hiroshima? One of the first things to do in Hiroshima is to visit the peace memorial. Hiroshima Peace Memorial (also known as Genbaku Dome or Atomic Bomb Dome) is the most crucial ruin and the fact of the disaster that took place on 6 August 1945. This area became the UNESCO Heritage Site in 1996, and more than 140,000 people rest in Hiroshima Peace Memorial. Where is the Hiroshima Memorial? It is in 1-10 Otemachi, Naka Ward. Besides the ruins of the hall, there is a museum and park. At Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, you can get detailed information about the catastrophe and learn how was life in Hiroshima before and after the bomb.

6. The perfect destination for museum lovers

hiroshima peace memorial museum Another reason for visiting Hiroshima can be museums. There are many exciting museums in Hiroshima to learn about life in Hiroshima before and after the bomb, culture, tradition, history, and more. One of the most exciting museums is the Mazda Museum. Mazda is an automobile producer based in Hiroshima, and it's a museum where you can see the past, today, and future of Mazda cars. Other museums are Maneki-Neko Museum, Miyajima Municipal History and Folklore Museum, Treasure Hall, Honkawa Elementary School Peace Museum, and Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.

7. Historical architectural wonders

sakura and hiroshima castle Charms of Japanese architecture are well-known, and you can see some of the best examples of that architecture in Hiroshima. Here you will see some renowned castles such as Fukuyama Castle and Hiroshima Castle, but it is just the beginning. There are plenty of shrines and temples in Hiroshima, such as Koriyakushi temple, Jinguji-temple, Tenneiji Temple, Abuto-Kannon Temple, and more. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of those temples. Of course, when we talk about Japanese architecture, we should mention pagodas. Pagoda is the pearl of Japanese architecture. Probably, you have already seen them in movies, but they look much more impressive in real life.

8. Take excellent pictures in the parks

momijidani park If you watched a movie, documentary, or cartoon about Japan at least once in your life, you saw the colourful parks and trees. When I first saw it in my childhood, I thought that it was not real because the view was mesmerizing. Undoubtedly, you will experience much stronger emotions when you see that spectacular nature. Some of those parks are Hill Overlooking History Park, Hiroshima Prefectural Mominoki Forest Park, Flower Village Kamu no Sato, Momijidani Park. Among all of them, my favourite is Flower Village Kamu No Sato.

9. Best festivals in all seasons

manto mitama matsuri festival I am sure that everyone likes to take part in festivals. I have great news for you: Hiroshima has a wide range of festivals throughout the year. If you visit in spring, you will see flower festivals, such as Hiroshima Flower Festival. In summer, they have the Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival, Mihara Yassa Festival. Also, on 6 August, you can participate in the Peace Message Lantern Floating Ceremony. The most exciting event in autumn is Onomichi Betcha Festival. The Onomichi Betcha Festival, which takes place in November, is unusual and exciting. Three demons Soba, Beta, and Shouki, are the stars of celebrations. If you can visit only in winter, don't worry, you can enjoy the Miyajima Oyster Festival or Hiroshima Dreamination.

10. The best Hiroshima hot springs

jacuzzi bath What to do in Hiroshima? We have already mentioned plenty of activities to do in Hiroshima, and the last one I want to suggest is hot springs. After exploring Hiroshima, you can relax in one of these places: Hot springs of Miyajima Island, Oasa Kanbiki Hot Spring, Nukui Springs, Takamiya Yunomori Hot Spring, and more. How long to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima, and how to travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo? Considering that some people can read this blog before visiting Tokyo, I would like to answer some questions about travelling between Tokyo and Hiroshima. How to travel to Hiroshima from Tokyo? There are four ways: airplane, train, bus, and car. Of course, the easiest and fastest one is travelling by plane. You can fly via ANA, Japan Airlines, Jetstar, and SAM Columbia (the price range is 103-231 USD). How long to travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima? It depends on the transport that you use. It can take several hours or even days.

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