What to pack for a trip to New Zealand?

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Hiker on the mountain top
Hiker on the mountain top

Located in the southern hemisphere, just next to Australia, New Zealand is known for breathtaking landscapes, from lofty mountain peaks and glaciers to mesmerizing blue lakes. Wellington is its capital city, and the country covers a total area of 268 021 square kilometers with approximately 700 islands. For many, New Zealand is a far-off destination. It takes so much time to travel to New Zealand. Nonetheless, with its natural wonders, unique culture, it leaves the best impressions on its visitors. Many consider New Zealand as the best-hiking country in the world. Some associate that with its breathtaking sceneries, natural beauties, and others with the famous movie “Lord of the rings.” Traces of the trilogy is open to visitors, and many fans of Tolkien visit to see Hobbiton or hike mount doom. If you want to try something different, then a trip to New Zealand will fit this purpose best.

Regardless of your reasons to travel to New Zealand, there are certain things that you should be aware of to enter the country. What are they? Well, one of them can be a New Zealand visa. According to immigration regulations, countries are divided into two categories in relation to their visa status towards New Zealand, and they are visa required and visa-exempt countries. If you happen to be a citizen of the visa required country, you will need a New Zealand visa to visit the country. How can I get one? Well, you can apply to the nearest foreign representatives of that country. But you should be aware that the process can lengthen, and some problems can emerge if you are not experienced in these things. This is why Pickvisa’s visa services are so useful. Using our services, you can get your visa at the right time and travel to New Zealand. Check out services at the top of our website to learn further information on that service.

How to travel to New Zealand?


As we know, traveling has gotten more difficult due to the covid pandemic. Every day we hear countries setting new restrictions on entries. Although the country is handling the situation relatively better, only the harsh restrictions make it more difficult to enter the country. Currently, it is almost impossible to cross borders for travel reasons. Starting from 16 January, fully vaccinated travelers from Australia will be able to travel to New Zealand without going through quarantine. From 13 February, fully vaccinated travelers from anywhere except high-risk countries will visit New Zealand without going through quarantine. As you can see, the main requirement will be the vaccination if things go well until the planned time. Since we know how to travel to New Zealand, now we can move on to the main part of this blog, which is what to pack for a trip to New Zealand.

What to pack for a trip to New Zealand?

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This is an open-ended question. Many factors affect your choices of things to pack. The main factor is the season and climate. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you need to bring with you regardless of the seasons. The most important things to pack for a trip to New Zealand are your travel documents, including a passport, visa, travel insurance, etc. Next up, you need to bring your credit card or cash. Without money, you will not have a nice traveling experience. This reminds us of another important item which is a phone. Phones are so much to do these days. They are mini-computers with many functions other than serving as mobile phones, such as taking photos, videos, browsing the internet, etc. You may want to bring your laptop as well. These were some basic items that you may want to bring with you to travel to New Zealand freely. But these are not enough to spend days in New Zealand. You will need proper clothes. Choosing the right clothes depends on the seasons, and we will have a look at them separately. First, let’s look at things to pack for New Zealand in winter.

Things to pack for New Zealand in winter

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As you move into the southern hemisphere, the timeline we are used to is reversed. That is why the winter months in New Zealand are June, July, and August. New Zealand has a temperate climate, and it varies due to its diverse landscape. Its winter is relatively mild, with an average temperature of around 3-5 degrees Celcius, with June being the coldest month. The all-time minimum temperature felt in New Zealand is - 21.6 Celcius degrees. The temperature gets colder as you move further south. It first brings a waterproof jacket since it snows a lot in New Zealand. Beanie is important to keep your head dry during the snow. Besides, it’s the most convenient way to keep your ears and forehead warm. Make sure whatever you bring with you is warm. Waterproof boots are a must, along with warm pants, jeans. Warm sweaters and sunglasses are some things to pack for a trip to New Zealand. Our hands are vulnerable to cold therefore keeping them warm should be your priority. Bring gloves to keep your hands warm. Do not forget to bring warm socks and some of the knits too.

Things to pack for New Zealand in Spring

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Spring is an excellent season to arrange a trip to New Zealand. The weather is nice, and the sun shines most of the days. Nevertheless, you will see occasional rains and even snow during spring. The temperature will vary between 5 and 20 degrees Celcius. Bring a raincoat with you in case it rains. A pair of jeans along with hiking pants will help you feel comfortable and flexible for hiking. Bring a warm sweater if the temperatures decrease. Packing T-shirts is a convenient choice and takes less space since they are light and small. Last but not least, wear comfortable shoes suitable for both hiking and going sightseeing.

Things to pack for New Zealand in Summer


Summer in New Zealand is characterized by heat and lots of sunshine. Days are extended, and night temperatures are mild. Therefore, you will not need to pack loads of clothes for a trip to New Zealand. Shorts and T-shirts will be your best companions. You can take short sleeve tops if you want. If you are going to head to a beach, you know you need to pack a bathing suit. Sandals will make it easier for you to commute during hot days.

Nevertheless, you may want to bring comfortable shoes if you want to have flexibility in movement. Aside from a suitcase, it would be a better idea to bring a light bag or backpack with you. You can pack a hat, sunglasses, your essential items into this bag. Also, make lotions and sub lotions to protect your skin from getting burned under direct sunlight.

Things to pack for New Zealand in Fall

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Moving on, we have fall packing on our list. The temperature in Autumn is mostly mild. But it can change suddenly as it is a transitional season. It can rain, and even snow as it ends and winter kicks in. You might ask, “what to pack for a trip to New Zealand in March?”. Since you expect cold weather, it only makes sense to bring a warm jacket. Make sure this jacket not only keeps you warm but also waterproof. You can spend your days in New Zealand in comfortable shoes, but it is a good idea to pack boots if it snows. Scarf jeans are great for Fall. They are warm and comfortable, allowing better flexibility. They are great for hiking as well. You can bring a sweater as well.

Nonetheless, shirts are well suited for this season. Bring a light bag or backpack with you to carry important items during your travels. Now that we have an idea about what to pack for a trip to New Zealand in March, we can conclude today’s topic.

To conclude, New Zealand is an exceptionally beautiful country. It has a unique culture, diverse ethnics, breathtaking landscapes. Hiking is one of the best methods to explore the country. It has high mountains, hills that overlook surrounding areas. Views are amazing from these elevations.

Furthermore, it is an island country and contains hundreds of islands, each unique feature. To see all these beauties, one may need a visa to New Zealand. With Pickvisa getting a visa to New Zealand is easy and convenient.

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