What to pack for a trip to Thailand?

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What to pack for a trip to Thailand?

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the few remaining kingdoms in the world. However, it is not the first thing that comes into mind when people hear the name of the country. Thailand is mostly known as one of the best travel destinations among travelers. Why? Well, Thailand has all it takes to be almost everyone’s bucket list. Starting from its cuisine and going through its mesmerizing landscapes, it is a true tourist paradise. Tourists love so much the country that most of them travel again from time to time and yet have different experiences every time. The geography of the country is mostly characterized by rivers, mountains, and vast plains. It has a size that is equal to 513120 square kilometers. To the north, extends mountains alongside some important rivers such as Mekong, Chao Phraya, and Salawin. The Mekong, aside from having uttermost importance as a water resource, plays a great role in the shaping of Thai culture, and lifestyle. As you move south, you will see the smooth transition of mountains to the plains which extend for square kilometers. These areas are home to a large portion of the population and sustain them with their fertile soils, thus providing good arable lands. The cities are vibrant and full of action. They are excellent places to taste some of the national Thai foods. Is Thailand safe to travel to? I mean you often see Thailand in the movies as a dangerous place where burglars, thieves linger. Therefore you might wonder and ask is Thailand safe to travel to. Contrary to these believes, Thailand is in fact a safe country. However, we should also note that it depends on you as well. I mean if you go looking for trouble, you'll definitely find it. Furthermore, street vendors do wonder and make the best street dishes. After moving further south you will see a diverse range of landscapes including Mountains, Plateaus, coasts, and islands. To travel to Thailand one should know about some rules and regulations. One of them is Thailand visa. The Visa policy of Thailand divides countries into two groups which are visa-exempt and visa-required. And if you are from a visa-required country, then you will need a Thailand visa. Luckily you have a partner like Pickvisa to help you to get a visa. Pickvisa with its professional team handles visa procedures. Using our services which can be found on the top of the screen, you can get a visa with a few clicks.

Another issue that puzzles travelers is the time. People ask what is the best time to travel to Thailand. Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is a fact that some timelines are better to visit Thailand from a budget and weather perspective. In a general sense, between November and late march is considered to be the better timeline to travel to Thailand. Around this time, the weather is warm and it is dryer (considering monsoon).

How to travel to Thailand?

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As you already know, the Covid pandemic has taken a toll on tourism worldwide. Traveling freely without having to mind covid is almost impossible these days. Thailand also taking all necessary precautions to halt further covid spread in the country. Thailand has various categories depicting conditions to enter the country. It offers quarantine-free travel to nationals of some countries which are labeled as low-risk countries. Fully vaccinated people who are not from these countries can still travel to Thailand without having to stay in quarantine. Nevertheless, they will be asked to choose one of two sandboxes that are Phuket sandbox and Samui Plus sandbox. These sandboxes require you to stay at one of SHA Plus Hotel in Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Samui, Koh Phang Ngan, or Koh Tao for 7 days after which they can travel freely. For international unvaccinated people, alternative programs do exist. They can travel to Thailand under the condition of mandatory quarantine for 10 days. There is an undergoing travel ban to nationals of some African countries. These were some of the answers to how to travel to Thailand.

What is the best time to travel to Thailand?

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Thailand is a beautiful country with lots of natural wonders to see. Nonetheless, people seek better experiences always. Thailand can be visited anytime, but certain timelines can be perceived as more suitable. This issue puzzles travelers in most cases People ask what is the best time to travel to Thailand. Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is a fact that some timelines are better to visit Thailand from a budget and weather perspective. In a general sense, between November and late march is considered to be the better timeline to travel to Thailand. Around this time, the weather is warm and it is dryer (considering monsoon).

Things I need to pack for a trip to Thailand

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Pacing is one of the most important parts of traveling. Whether you travel to Thailand or other places, you will need things with you. The items you bring can include various things and deciding on which one to pack will be your choice. When choosing these items, one should look at the characteristic features of the land, climate, regulations, etc. The most important items however will remain the same in most cases. These will include your ID, passport, travel documents, gadgets. Bring a universal power adapter to charge your gadgets anywhere you travel. These are some of the things I need to pack for a trip to Thailand. Clothes on the other hand require more attention when it comes to choosing. To identify these clothes, I will look at all seasons separately. We will start to list things to pack for a trip to Thailand in winter.

As a country with a subtropic climate, weather conditions in Thailand are hot and wet year-round. Winter is the season that the sun shines 8 hours on a day on average. Temperatures do not drop drastically and it ranges around 22-27 Celcius degrees. It does not snow but occasionally rains. As you can winter is a perfect season to travel to Thailand. Even though there are technically four seasons in Thailand, for most people who have traveled in different times all seasons felt like summer. Therefore, when packing clothes, it is important to consider that. Take a thin jacket in any case. Sandals are the simplest form of shoes in Thailand. If you are going to spend several days in Thailand, it will be wise to bring sandals, but if you are going to do serious trekking, hiking you probably will need comfortable shoes. Comfortable shirts, T-shirts are some of the clothes you may want to bring with you. Note that if you bring a jacket, make sure it is rainproof.

Spring is similar to winter, and autumn is hot, sunny, and wet. Therefore whatever you bring Thailand, make sure they are light and comfortable. Since the weather is sunny, bringing sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen makes sense. Due to the heat Thai hotels, restaurants, shops overuse air conditioning and it can get cold inside the buildings. Therefore, you may want to bring a warm layer in case you feel cold. But for the outside, you are good to go to wear shirts, t-shirts, pants, sandals or comfy shoes, etc.

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Summer is the rainy season. It gets wetter in summer and this will affect your choices on what to pack. Nonetheless, the main bulk of your clothes will remain the same with other seasons. You will still bring shirts, T-shirts, jeans, etc. However, only this time you will need to make sure that you have a waterproof light jacket or coat along with waterproof shoes.

Next, we have autumn on our list. If you were to visit Thailand in September, then you would ask what to pack for a trip to Thailand in September. I would say clothes like T-shirts, shirts, jeans, sandals, and comfy shoes are uttermost important. I would also recommend carrying a day bag with you since it comes in handy for daylong trips. Waterproof phone case if your phone is not waterproof originally. There are other items that can be very useful in Thailand. These include lifestraw, VPN app, hiking shoes, etc. Lifestraw will purify tap water and thus help you to hydrate yourself anytime in Thailand. Since we know what to pack for a trip to Thailand in September, now we can conclude our topic.

To wrap up this article, I can say Thailand is a great travel destination, there is no doubt about it. However, one should be fully prepared to have a nice traveling experience in Thailand. Having a visa to Thailand might be necessary. Picvkisa with its professional team make sure that you get your visa at the right time. To take advantage of our services, go to our services section.

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