Where was Dark filmed?

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Where was Dark filmed?
Netflix series Dark is a show presented initially in the German language and aired between 2017 and 2020. Dark (TV series) episodes have always surprised the audiences and the show's lovers with complex narratives, multiple time travels, and visual effects. Many people who have seen the show want to know many interesting facts about this Netflix masterpiece. Fans are especially interested in the answer to the following question: Where was Dark filmed? Dark was filmed in various locations in Germany. Throughout the blog, we will talk about the filming places of the series with examples of famous scenes and characters. We will primarily focus on Winden's mystery cave. Because the most general question in the search engines is where is the cave Dark series filmed? When the fans watch the adventures of children and Jonas in the cave TV series Dark, almost all become eagerly curious about the location of the cave in the real world. Without further ado, let's start our blog and learn about the filming locations in the Dark series.

Winden cave and town

netflix The most critical location in the Dark (TV series) is the mystery cave called Winden. In the Dark series, the cave is located in the middle of nowhere, among the dark forest's tall trees. Disappearances and multiple time travelings happening in the cave are the most exciting secret events—other children and Jonas in the cave TV series Dark access wormhole portal in this mysterious place. The wormhole in the cave allows them to travel in time. All the great and mysterious cases start and end around the Winden cave. Show fans are wondering where is the cave Dark series filmed? The showrunners created the entrance of the mysterious cave with special CGI effects. Therefore, it is not possible to visit the mysterious cave. The computer-generated imagery effects are digitally put on the set built in the forest by the production team. The real-life set is located in Brandenburg. For those who want to visit the forest, it is between Saarmund and Tremsdorf. Less than an hour's drive from central Berlin will take you to the forest. power plant The mysterious cave is adjacent to the Nuclear Power Plant located in Winden town. According to the creators of the Netflix series Dark, neither the village of Winden nor the Nuclear Power Plant is real. Winden is a fictional German town created visually on some real-life set platforms. The show producers claimed that there was a particular reason for creating a fictional town. The deal was that villages in the series should not look like real Bavarian or northern German places. Therefore, they created an imaginary village from scratch. Shops, libraries, and architectural buildings were built in the traditional German style. However, none of the fictional buildings were identical to the real-life ones. In the Dark (TV series) episodes, it was also possible to enter the cave through the Nuclear Power Plant passage. However, Claudia Tiedemann blocked the passage with the metal door in 1986. Therefore, the only entrance to the mysterious cave was in the forest. Thus, Jonas, in the cave TV series Dark came to the forest with other children in order to enter the cave and expose the secrets of families. Winden cave is home to a very significant wormhole that allows travel to the time frame between the 19th century and 2050s. Also, the cave will enable children to move to parallel worlds and to reveal the secrets of families. While watching the Dark (TV series) episodes, you will learn a lot about the history of the town and families. Although the narratives are pretty complicated, you will enjoy solving the challenging puzzles. There are many fan clubs in social media where you can enjoy discussing the episodes, events, and theories with other people who love the Dark (TV series).

Principal photography

camera The principal photography of all three seasons of the Netflix series Dark took place in Berlin and Brandenburg cities of Germany. We can mention some examples from the episodes that took place in various parts of Berlin and Brandenburg. To begin with, Dark creators recorded the high school scenes at the Reinfelder Schule located in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf neighborhood of Berlin. The producers have made some adjustments to the school interior according to the needs of the show. The interior and exterior of the school should generally look different in the 20th and 21st centuries. Furthermore, the forest neighborhood around Lake Wannsee, located in the suburb of Berlin, was home to the train tracks and bridge's photography. Moreover, the showrunners chose the Südwestkirchhof Cemetery neighborhood to photograph church scenes where Noah meets Jonas. In general, Berlin and Brandenburg were home to all the principal photography in the Dark series. Everyone, who learns where was Dark filmed, wants to travel to the filming locations. It is a dream of all Dark fans to see the places that were home to the most exciting scenes. Before the global pandemic lockdowns and ban on international flights, thousands of people were visiting German cities to see Dark production locations. Many tourists coming to Berlin and Brandenburg were looking for places where Dark was photographed. Although it is not possible to visit the mysterious Winden cave, the fans can see the forest where the set was built. Local German tourism agencies were organizing bus trips to the woods between Saarmund and Tremsdorf, Brandenburg. It was fascinating for the fans to walk in the forest home to the cave. Many tourists were saying that the trees and forest environment looked excitingly familiar to them. As the fanbase of the Dark series is growing rapidly, the visitors of Berlin and Brandenburg will surely increase. To see the locations where the most interesting moments of the show took place would be an unforgettable experience for every Dark fan.

Some Dark facts many fans have not noticed

book Many Dark fans would be very surprised to see some hidden social messages of the show producers. To begin with, we would like to draw your attention to the T-shirt of the dead child. We read the following on the T-shirt, written in German: "Atomenergie? Nein Danke". In English, that phrase means: "Nuclear power? No thanks". By putting this phrase on the T-shirt of the dead child, the show creators express their support for the message of the antinuclear social movement of the 1980s: "No nuclear energy!". Another surprising fact is related to the fictional town of Winden. The Dark producers got inspiration from a real German town called Winden im Elztal for creating the mysterious village. The show creators claim that Winden has some similarities with the real-life town. The next astounding fact is about the Dark characters. The show's storyline and relationships between people are extremely complex and difficult to understand in the episodes. Therefore, many fans have not noticed that all characters' lives are connected in various timelines. In other words, every person's life in the show overlaps with the lives of all others. production scene The next interesting fact is about our favorite chocolate, "Raider." Show producers wanted us to notice "Raider" several times. Because this chocolate existed in real life as a real brand. The old name of today's "Twix" was "Raider," and it was shown in time travel in Dark episodes. In real life, the chocolate company changed the brand name to "Twix" because the word "Raider" has some negative meanings in English. Many critics have praised the showrunners for accuracy and great attention to history-related detail because of this chocolate. Do you know that Dark is the first German-language series on Netflix? Well, that is true. Before Dark, there was no TV show on Netflix originally made and aired in German. More interestingly, many critics consider Dark as one of Netflix's best non-English shows of all time.

A quick recap of this blog

plane In this blog, we have talked about the real-life filming locations of Dark (TV series). We have answered questions such as the following: Where is the cave Dark series filmed? Is it possible to visit the mystery cave? We have also talked about places where principal photography is held. It is very interesting to know how people want to travel to Germany where was Dark filmed. All in all, Dark is a great Netflix series that you can watch, analyze, and enjoy your free time at home during the quarantine days.

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