Zambia tourist visa details

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Zambia tourist visa details

Zambia is one of the colorful countries you can visit in Africa. The Republic of Zambia is located in the southern part of the African continent. This country, which was a colony of England until 1924, has no access to the sea. The country is bordered on Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana.

The majority of tourists visiting the African continent come to this country. The country's history, culture, and people's lifestyle attract the attention of tourists. Like tourists from all over the world, you can go to the Republic of Zambia when you visit Africa.

There are some things you should know before traveling to Zambia. First of all, you should know the culture of this country and the laws of the country. Once you know these, you have to obtain the necessary documents to be able to travel to the country. The most important issue is the visa you will get to travel to this country. After passing the visa procedure, you can easily travel and visit the country. The Zambia tourist visa application is accepted online for almost all tourists.

If you want to see the beauties and riches of this country, apply for a Zambia tourist visa. For this, you must have information about the Zambia tourist visa application. First of all, what you need to know is how much is the Zambia tourist visa. The cost of Zambia tourist visa is variable. Some European countries are exempt from paying visa fees.

visa application form

These countries are shown below:

  • İreland
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro

Visa holders for Zambia may apply for different visas. Visas are divided into types such as short-stay visas, visas on arrival, e-visa. Tourists traveling here can obtain a visa for 90 days from the date of the initial issue (excluding US citizens). After applying for an e-visa for Zambia, the processing time is approximately 5-21 working days. Before you apply for a tourist visa to Zambia, you should review your finances. Besides all the money you will spend, you should not forget the cost of Zambia tourist visa. When getting information about the visa, we should find the answer to the question "how much is the Zambia tourist visa". The e-visa fee for Zambia varies from 50-150 dollars on average. This fee may vary depending on the type of e-visa (single-entry, double-entry, multiple-entry, etc.) and your country of citizenship. When you travel to Zambia, you should have extensive knowledge about the cost of a Zambia tourist visa as visa fees vary. Zambia tourist visa fees may be cheap for some citizens and expensive for others. Visa fees vary by its type for Zambia. For example, the Single Entry Visa fee is 50 dollars, double entry visa fee is 80 dollars, multiple Entry Visa fee is 150 dollars, and Transit Entry Visa fee is 50 dollars.

After getting information about Zambia tourist visa fees, you should research other costs. These include travel costs, shopping costs, travel costs, and other costs.

Anyone wishing to travel to Zambia can apply for an e-visa. Those who have difficulty obtaining an e-visa can apply at the Zambian embassy or consulate operating in their motherland country. Applications made at the embassy or consulate are determined to be free of charge. If you have more than one citizenship (dual citizenship), select the citizenship you are applying for. Because your application will be made accordingly, visas for some countries must be approved by the Director-General of Immigration. Applicants must obtain a confirmation letter before traveling.

Below are the documents required for online visa application for tourist Zambia:

  • Passport
  • Photo (format - JPG or PNG): min. 10 KB - max. 1 MB
  • Photocopies
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Cover Letter
  • Reason for a Trip

After getting an online visa, you can come to this country and discover a new culture and new people.

You can get a visa when you arrive in Zambia. Tourist visas are issued after landing at airports. You can also get a visa to Zambia from the ports. For example, if you are traveling by boat from Tanzania to Zambia, you will need a visa. By the way, you can also travel by train from Tanzania to Zambia. For this, you need to obtain a visa in advance.

Getting a visa on arrival is a good choice for many tourists. It is possible to apply for this visa type in 3 different ways. First, you can contact the embassy or consulate for free. The second is to obtain a visa at the airport as soon as you arrive in Zambia. Lastly, you can apply online from the e-services portal. You can get a Zambia tourist visa on arrival here:

  • Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
  • Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport
  • Victoria Falls Border
  • Kazungula Border

Check out our official website to learn more about visas for countries.

Travel to Zambia / Places to visit in Zambia

picturesque sunset landscape

Zambia is one of the perfect countries to visit in Africa. We can say that the most attractive places in the country for tourists are the Victoria waterfall. There are many national parks in the country. You can have good memories by visiting these places. The flora and fauna of the country are also rich. Different kinds of plants and many animal species add color to the forests of Zambia. You have the opportunity to camp in these forests. At the same time, you have the chance to stay in very comfortable hostels. We show you some places to visit and have fun in Zambia:

Kasanka National Park

kasanka national park

Kasanka National Park is one of the most visited places by tourists. The park is rich with magnificent forests. Along with this, the banks of the Luwombo river also extend here. There are no wild animals here, but mostly antipole species and monkeys. The rivers are rich with fish species. Many kinds of birds live in the forests. When it comes to the winter season, you can see the palm bat here. You can also see gorgeous big clouds in the sky. If you travel to Zambia, you can visit Kasanka National Park.

The Luangwa valley

african sunset

Not far from Nyika Park, the Luangwa valley is one of Africa's most beautiful tourist destinations. It rains heavily here in the autumn season. The Luangwa valley was created as a continuation of the Great African Rift Valley. Africa's wildest animals live in this valley. Antelopes, zebras, monkeys, and wild boars also live here. African fish owls are among the most important animals of this region.

Kafue National Park


Great North Road brings park visitors back to Lusaka. One quickly changes from an off-road vehicle to a small aircraft and heads for an "airstrip" at the Kafue National Park, where the cheetah is at home. Another inhabitant of the Kafue is the endangered African wild dog with the conspicuous giant ears that it sets up like radar screens. Maybe there are 4,000 of them left across Africa. They roam around restlessly in packs of 10-30 specimens, conquering great distances, always on the lookout for their preferred prey, the impalas and grass antelopes. With an area of around 22,400 km², the Kafue is one of the largest game reserves in the world. It has enormous flood plains and undulating hill country through which small and large rivers wind their way. "Birdwatchers" get their money's worth here, as more than 400 bird species have been registered, some of which only appear temporarily as breeding, resting, or feeding guests in the park. From some lodges, you can enjoy the evening parade of the striped wildebeest and zebra, reedbuck, kudu, impala, and pukes while enjoying a sundowner.

Liuwa Plain National Park

zambia liuwa plains national park

In Zambia's wildlife regions, there is another special highlight in the northwest of the country. From Sioma it goes on gravel and tar roads on the Zambezi and finally a rough slope upstream, the river has to be crossed twice on ferries, then the entrance to the park is reached. It will be three hundred rather arduous kilometres from Sioma to this great, untouched wilderness. It is the Liuwa Plain National Park, which is watered from December to June by heavy rains. At the beginning of the rainy season, at the end of November, you can witness a dramatic migration of animals because around this time, thousands of blue wildebeest set off in the neighboring Angola Cameia National Park and pour into the Liuwa in search of fresh grass. Up to 33,000 of them then gather in the park, pursued or already awaited by several carnivores, including large packs of the spotted hyena, which can also take on a leopard and even chase lions in the majority. Rather harmless competitors are servals and wild cats, jackals, and wild dogs. There are birds in the open area as well as in the countless forest islands.

When you travel to the African continent, it is useful to go to Zambia and visit its magnificent places. Thus, you will both get to know Zambia and use the opportunity to see its national parks, plant, and animal species.

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