Zimbabwe tourist visa details

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Zimbabwe tourist visa details
Zimbabwe tourist visa and more, you can face negative thoughts about the country. With all my heart, I advise you to ignore all of those negative thoughts. Mountains, prehistoric fossils, wildlife, unique culture, traditions, and more make the country one of the worth-visit destinations of Africa. Probably most of you hunger to learn details of tourist visa and find answers to your questions. I can say you are in the right place. In this blog, you will find answers to almost all of your questions. • How much is a tourist visa to Zimbabwe? • Is it possible to get tourist visa for Zimbabwe online? • How to get a visa for Zimbabwe? • Can I get a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe? • How much is Zimbabwe visa on arrival? • What are the Zimbabwe tourist visa requirements?

Zimbabwe tourist visa policy

flag of zimbabwe Thousands of people travel to Zimbabwe per year, and most of them apply for a visa to realize their trip. Even if you are transiting from Zimbabwe, you must have a visa unless you are from one of the visa-free countries. Depending on the purpose of the visit, nationality, and stay duration, the government offers various visa types. In general, we can divide them into four categories. Also, some of those categories have subcategories depending on the purpose of the visit. • Zimbabwe E-Visa • Zimbabwe KAZA UNIVISA • Zimbabwe Visa on Arrival • Zimbabwe Residence Permit

Zimbabwe tourist visa

zimbabwe visa Zimbabwe is a charming location in Africa that waits for guests. I am sure that you will have an extraordinary moment and will collect unforgettable memories during your vacation. First, you must get a visa. Zimbabwe offers various options for tourists. Depending on your nationality, you can apply for one of the following types: visa on arrival, online Zimbabwe tourist visa, or visa received from an embassy or consulate of Zimbabwe. Regardless of which type is suitable for you, you will have enjoyable moments in Zimbabwe. The rich fauna of Hwange National Park, astonishing Victoria Falls, plenty of caves, and historical places will make you have goosebumps. While enjoying the beautiful nature and locations of the country, you can enjoy the delicious cuisine. Sadza, Mopane Worms, Maheu, Mabhonzo emombe, Nyama, and Kapenta are some of the meals of Zimbabwe cuisine.

How to get a visa for Zimbabwe?

republic of zimbabwe visa Actually, it depends on the tourist visa type that you are eligible for. So, first of all, you must find the proper type. After deciding it, you can go further. If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, you will take relevant documents and go to the airport. On the other hand, if you need to apply for the online version, you will go to the official website and fill the application form and provide other required documents. The third way is a paper-based one. In that case, you will set an appointment in the embassy, collect documents, pay the fee, attend the interview and wait for processing.

Zimbabwe visa on arrival

air zimbabwe Foreigners who want to stay in Zimbabwe for a short period can get a visa on arrival. Unfortunately, it is not available for all nationalities. Can I get a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe? You can learn it via checking the list of eligibility. There are 100 countries on that list. Visa on arrival has some advantages over others. The most crucial benefit is processing time. After waiting for a couple of minutes, you will receive your visa. Where can I get it? You can get it from Zimbabwean border checkpoints. They are Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, Victoria Falls Airport, Victoria Falls Land Barrier and Kazungula Border Post. Documentation required for tourist visa to Zimbabwe in checkpoints includes passport, travel itinerary, and evidence of financial sources. Border control may want to see some other documents, too.

Zimbabwe E-visa

man using laptop Is it possible to get tourist visa for Zimbabwe online? Yes, it is possible to apply for a visa online, and it has two kinds. The first one is E-visa. Today, citizens of 50 countries can apply for E-visa. You can apply for an E-visa for various purposes, such as tourism, business, etc. If you apply for tourism, you will get a chance to stay in the country for three months. Within this period you can visit your friends, sightseeing places, taste delicious meals, etc. People who applied for business/congress/sports purposes can stay for a maximum of 30 days. The application process for E-visa is so simple. You will need to fill the application form and upload some supporting documents. After finishing your submission, you will get an approved online visa sent by email. You can print a copy to give to immigration officials in Zimbabwe alongside your passport.


interview Zimbabwe KAZA UNIVISA is a type of visa on arrival which you apply online. It was launched in 2014 between two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The main goal of this agreement was to strengthen regional economic development and create a comfortable tourism environment between the two countries. KAZA stands for Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. The KAZA UNIVISA is valid for multiple entries. It allows you to travel around the country for 30 days in a total validity period of 12 months. Besides travelling between Zambia and Zimbabwe, you can visit Chobe National Park in Botswana. To do this, you must cross the border at the Kazungula checkpoint. Currently, KAZA can be used in the following ports of entry: • Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport • Victoria Falls Airport • Victoria Falls Land Barrier • Kazungula Border Post

Documentation required for tourist visa to Zimbabwe

documentation Above, we mentioned visa types that you can apply to realize your tourist visits. Of course, you must fit Zimbabwe tourist visa requirements to get a visa. I wanted to give all of them together. Below you will find the list of required documents for KAZA UNIVISA and E-visa. • Passport. It must have a validity minimum of six months beyond the date of departure from Zimbabwe. It must be given in the last ten years and have at least two blank pages. • Travel itinerary. You will need to provide proof of flight tickets and accommodation reservations. The accommodation reservation document (hotel, hostel, and so on) must contain all details, such as name, street, city, zip code, contact details, and booking reference. • Financial source evidence; You can show bank statements, cash, traveller's cheques to prove it. • Photo. There are some requirements for photos: size must be between 10 KB-1MB, format JPG/PNG, equal height and width, white/light background, no shadows, no borders. Also, the photo must show a full face, and eyes should be open without spectacles. • Photocopies. Copy of the main page of your passport and earlier Zimbabwean visas if you have any. • Residence permit/visa copy; if the residency and citizenship of the applicant are different. Additionally, the validity of the documents should be six months beyond the date of your departure from Zimbabwe. • Printed Zimbabwe e-visa • Supporting documents to show the reason for your visit

How much is a tourist visa to Zimbabwe?

money Zimbabwe tourist visa cost change depending on the type of visa. Also, it may change depending on the country of submission. How much is Zimbabwe visa on arrival? Firstly, the tourist visa on arrival cost is 35 USD. The fee for E-visa can be a little bit higher, and it changes between 30-55 USD depending on the category of an E-visa. If you are eligible, getting Zimbabwe KAZA UNIVISA can be a good idea. The fee for KAZA UNIVISA is 50 USD. As we said before, this single visa will let you travel to Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana (day-trip through Kazungula borders).

Where to apply for a tourist visa?

harare It depends on the type of visa that you applied for. If you are eligible for KAZA UNIVISA or E-visa, you will realize your application via the official website. You will wait just two working days for both visa types. Of course, some factors may extend the processing time. On the other hand, if you want to apply for a visa on arrival, then you will get it from the checkpoints we have mentioned earlier. Also, there is a standard paper-based application that you can realize in embassies. You can apply for various visa types in the embassy or visa application centres. Depending on the purpose of the visit, entrance count (single or multiple), and nationality, you will need to pay various amounts of fees (Zimbabwe tourist visa cost). Of course, this type has some disadvantages in comparison with other mentioned tourist visas. For example, long processing time, waiting in the queue, and so on. Conclusively, I wish good luck to all our readers in the visa application process. I hope the information that you read here will help you.

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