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Abhishek is from the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. He is fond of travelling since childhood. It is his dream to travel to all the countries of the world. He started writing about travel since childhood, and he specializes in travel guides. So now, he is presenting himself to the world as a travel writer.
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Aishwari Rout believes that travelling is one of the best activities you should do throughout your life. She has joined Pickvisa bloggers, to take an opportunity to guide you in selecting the perfect place for your travel and exploring it. She will guide you through everything you need to know so you can explore, click snaps and save it in your memory as well as your phone's memory.
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Aleksey was born in the Republic of Mordovia, where he graduated from school and a local university. During his studies, he was actively engaged in martial arts, which allowed him to travel almost all over Russia as a participant in tournaments and competitions. It was at this time that a craving for travel and tourism arose. By 2020, Aleksey managed to visit 4 countries, but Egyptian pyramids gave him the most significant impressions, and emotions - charming secrets of Ancient Egypt "captivate the hearts" of many tourists. In his blogs, Aleksey will tell about the most surprising places of our planet, sharing the useful information with all readers of Pickvisa.
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Alisa is from Ukraine. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism. Alisa cannot imagine her life without sea voyages and her favorite sea is the Red Sea. Her favorite country is Egypt. Alisa visited several countries in Europe and Africa. She plans to visit her city of dreams - New York and Albania very soon. She believes that it is travel that fills life with bright colors and makes it more meaningful.  
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Amina is a young Azerbaijani girl interested in different cultures, religions, and holy destinations. She is a fresh university graduate who wants to travel the world and explore undiscovered aspects of countries. One of her little motivations in life is trying all vegetarian food in the world.
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Anar has been promoting himself to tourism for several years now. He believes that the key to success can be obtained by starting to learn something new. And the surest way, in his opinion,  is to travel, because nothing cheers us up as getting to know new people and their cultures. His interests also include cinematography and all its components, being another incentive to visit the places where his favourite films were shot. Working in hotels as a guest relations agent taught him not only the basic requirements of "conquering the horizons" but also the most critical lesson: "New places and experiences are better than old hobbies".
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Anna travels a lot and wants to share her knowledge about countries with everyone. In 2014, she became a mother, and even that didn't make her stop. When her daughter turned 2 months old, Anna went with her to another continent. Together with her baby, they had already visited almost all European countries. The main goal was to see all the oceans of the world. The Atlantic and Arctic Oceans are already ticked on their list. Anna tries to live every day for a reason, filling every minute with new impressions.
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Anurag was born in 1999 in India. He completed his studies at Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh. Later, his attention shifted to travelling, and he was inspired to continue travelling. After travelling to different places, he thought of writing about them to keep the trip in memories. That's how he got the inspiration to become a writer, and today he presents himself to the world as a travel writer.

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