17 reasons why you should travel to South Africa right now

17 reasons why you should travel to South Africa right now

Chima Nnaemeka05 August 20201749 views8 min. read
17 reasons why you should travel to South Africa right now
South Africa. Mszansi, a name given to South Africa, encompasses different cultures, incredible wildlife, stunning, great history, and many more. You are certain of having great adventures when you travel to South Africa. There are many wonderful options for fun to choose from while in this African country. You can go hiking in lovely landscapes, shopping and floating on speedy boats. There are many questions people ask when they want to travel to South Africa. While some ask when is the best time to travel to South Africa, others ask how safe is it to travel to South Africa. The answer to the question is simple. You should travel to South Africa after the COVID-19 pandemic, and just like every country, South Africa has its security issues, but it is safe when you follow the right traveling guides. Now, let's look at the reason why South Africa should be your next destination. Reasons to travel to South Africa:

1. Stunning Beauty

cape town city You are going to see one of the best landscapes on Earth in South Africa. The land area in the country amounts to over 1, 200 000 square kilometers. You will equally see stunning elements everywhere. You will see forests, landscapes, God's Window, deserts, monumental mountains, and others. You will see from God's Window a lovely panoramic view of Lowveld in the country. Another stunning place is the Hole in the Wall. You will find it at Coffee Bay. Having your Instagrammable pictures here with its big disconnected cliff will make a lot of sense. Don't forget to take pictures when you go to Drakensberg's Tugela Falls in the country. This is one of the highest waterfalls on Earth.

2. Wildlife

zebras South Africa is a must-visit now if you want to see outstanding wildlife. You will see different animals roaming in the country, such as the elephant. If this is not so in your city, come to South Africa now. Safari and wildlife options are enough reasons for you to travel to South Africa. You will see different private reserves and great game parks. The exciting part of it all is that these parks cater to all the budgets from staying in top lodges and campsites. One of the national parks you should not fail to visit while in the country is the Kruger National Park. You are sure of seeing animals such as penguins, buffalo, ostrich, leopards, black rhinoceros, and African elephants. You will also get to see whales and tourists from different countries travel to South Africa just to see these creatures.

3. Adventure

hot air balloon Are you a lover of adventure? Then, this is the best time to travel to South Africa. The opportunities or options for adventure in South Africa are infinite. There are many experiences in cycling, hot air ballooning, paragliding, helicopter rides, and bungee jumping. Others include white water rafting, cave explorations, blokarting, hiking, ostrich riding, and shark cage diving. You should start saving as you prepare for these aforementioned adventures as they are not cheap.

4. Cape Town

cape town night This is considered one of the most charming cities in South Africa. The charming feature has a lot to do with its location. You will see Cape Town between the Atlantic Ocean's vast blue. It has its anchor by the iconic Table Mountain, which is among the Seven Wonders of the World. As one of the beautiful places in the world, it has attracted many tourists and celebrities. It has a mixture of influence and African cultures.

5. Affordable

shopping mall This is one of the reasons why you should travel to South Africa for a vacation. The Rand of the country is weak when it is compared to other currencies such as the pound, euro, dollar, and more. This gives visitors additional buying power. Tourists who have visited the country are surprised at the low cost of transport, food, and accommodation. Every traveler coming to the country is offering good value for money. You don't need to break your budget or spend more when you travel to South Africa for sightseeing or vacation. The country's banking system is good. You can conveniently use your Visa or Master card anywhere for transactions.

6. Beach

view of table mountain Just by looking at the map of Africa, you will observe a coastline in South Africa. You will also see neighboring places to travel without a visa from South Africa to see their oceans. These oceans often fascinate both visitors and locals. You will undoubtedly be glued to its raw beauty, magnitude, and mystery. There are many beaches in the country where over 41 of them have received the Blue Flag status award. You are guaranteed to be spoilt with a captivating experience, even if you stay for just a weekend in the country.

7. Multiple Languages

language One of the reasons why you should travel to South Africa for your next vacation is no language barrier. Unlike most countries, South Africa has 11 different official languages, such as English. You will see almost everyone speaking this English. This alone makes communication and connection easier. You can ask for directions without having to over-explain yourself or gesticulate. With this, having an authentic experience in the country is easier.

8. Free Visa Policy

usa passport How many countries in the world will you have a free visa policy? Just a few. For traveling to South Africa, citizens of some countries don't need a visa, and these include South America, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Southern Africa, many European countries, and more. If you are from one of these countries, all you need is a passport.

9. Wine + Food + Fruit

winery The wine of South Africa is well-known in the world. This alone has made many visit the country to have a taste of it. The developed viticulture of the country competes with others in the world. It has won many international awards. You will see many wine refineries in the country where several wines are produced. Most of this refinery is found in Cape Town. The country's wine routes include Stellenbosch, Delaire Graff Estate, Vergelegen, and the Waterford Estate.

10. Culture and People

south african children There are many cultures, foods, traditions, and languages in the country. One of the exciting aspects, when you travel to South Africa, is communicating with the citizens. According to Desmond Tutu, a former archbishop, South Africa is "The Rainbow Nation." It is a country where different and man people came for exploration and decided to start a home. It is easy to make new friends as the people of South Africa are known for smiling and being accommodating. This was experienced when the country hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

11. Shopping

market As mentioned above, the country's currency is weak compared to other currencies of the world, such as the dollar and pound. This alone does shopping in South Africa fun as you will have great buying power. You should drive through the country's major cities like Cape Town and buy Africa arts, souvenirs, and more from different stores or malls.

12. Nightlife

durban city night If you love to party all night, South Africa is a must-visit. You will experience night live music, theater, and dining with your loved ones. The nightlife options are infinite, and having optimal fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

13. Weather

south africa sunset South Africa is among the top 10 countries in the world that have sunnier days every year. This alone should make you come to the country. The average summer temperatures range between 20-35 degrees Celsius. If you want to get away from the cold winter in your country, travel to South Africa.

14. History

south africa South Africa has a lot of history and notable leaders such as Nelson Mandela. You can know more about this great leader when you travel to the country. This is the best time to travel to South Africa if you are a historian and want to know more about the rising and falling apartheid. With the many museums such as Liliesleaf Farm in the country, you will get the best form of education with regard to apartheid. You should not forget to take a lot of pictures.

15. Traveling Accessibility

sa air The era of traveling for over 25 hours before you travel to South Africa is gone. Traveling to the country is now easily accessible due to the ever-increasing airline companies. These airlines are not only cheap but offer direct flights to South Africa for travelers.

16. Award-Winning Destinations

johannesburg Cape Town and South Africa as a whole are always winning travel awards from National Geographic Adventure. They also have travel awards from Travel and Leisure adventures. You should travel to South Africa to see the reasons for these awards. You will see fascinating galleries and advanced museums in Johannesburg.

17. New Creation

south africa view from helicopter If there is anything that should make you travel to South Africa, it is to witness the total rebirth of a country that once suffered greatly from apartheid. Although not a perfect country but one you should spend your next vacation in.

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