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Dear Applicant, Thank you for applying to is a product of Trawell Group DMCC ( License No. DMCC-522110 ). By choosing services and paying a service fee, you confirm the accuracy of the provided information and give your permission to its usage in order to prepare documents for visa application. is not liable for the trueness of the provided information. does not give you a 100% guarantee for obtaining a visa since this process is not fully dependent on us. The company, based on its experience in the mentioned field, puts all efforts to prepare your documents according to the requirements of Embassies/Consulates. Your visa-obtaining chance depends much more on the information provided by you and the analysis of the application by the Embassy Representative/Consular. Please note that in case of applying through you confirm that you will obey the rules and laws of your destination country and engage with allowed activities within the allowed period by your visa type. In case of violating these rules, responsibility lays on you. and other cooperating companies for the preparation of your visa documents bear no responsibility in case of violation of the regulations and laws. REFUND POLICY Our prices may change on the website without prior notice as they are affected by exchange rates and regulated by visa submission centers, consulates, and embassies. In all cases, the customer sees and pays the final amount. The customer confirms that before making any purchase he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions of the website. Refund will be considered in the following circumstances and will be applied to only service fee. If the applicant has made a purchase for a service on our website and requested for cancelation and refund: Within the next 3 calendar days, 50% of the service fee will be refunded. The customer should inform the case by email during the next 3 calendar days from the order time. If the payment has been received by and more than 3 calendar days have passed from the date of payment, 25% of service fee will be refunded. If the payment has been received by and more than 7 calendar days have passed from the date of payment, the service fee is non-refundable. Those who have made the order twice or more for the same service will receive a full refund with a 15% deduction from the full paid amount per extra order. In this case, the customer can contact us and claim a refund for the duplicate order placed within 48 hours. The duplicate order must be within 12 hours from the first order placed and must contain the same products with the same quantity to qualify. As an alternative, if the applicant cancels the order and does not request a refund, Pickvisa can issue a credit for the full amount without deduction applicable to future applications submitted through Credit can be redeemed until the end of the fiscal year. Credit cannot be applied to applications submitted through other agencies or to any other payments of visa submission centers, consulates, and embassies. Other fees: Please note, that if the applicant cancels his/her application before submission of the visa application, other fees such as the Consular Fee, Visa Application Center Fee, or any other Immigration Authorities’ Fee, will be refunded fully. Certain charges like courier service, related vendor fees, and translation costs are applicable to pay back to the customers if only the related processes are not started yet. keeps the right not to refund considering the start of the above-mentioned related-party, partner services. Refund processing time The refund will be made after the customer’s request by an email attaching a copy of his/her receipt. The process takes from 10 to 30 working days. Once the refund is processed the applicant will receive receipt on the refund. The amount will be returned to the same source and method of payment. Please note if the payment is done via bank transfer. Additional bank charges applied to refund process must be borne by the applicant. Violation of any of the rules between the applicant and will be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the served operating country. Thank you for your cooperation.

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