10 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Australia

10 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Australia

Kanan Isazade28 August 20211029 views9 min. read
10 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Australia

Humanity will remember 2020 as one of the hardest years. There were fires, disasters, floods all around the world. One of the most horrible fires happened in Australia. More than three billion animals were harmed during that massive fires. Yes, human beings are at the top of the food chain, but we are nothings without animals.

Some animals are not only the color of our world, but they are also our closest friends. They show loyal and unrequited friendship and love. So, sometimes we want to travel to various cities and countries with our little friends. Unfortunately, not all hotels and hostels are pet-friendly. Considering this problem, we decided to mention the top 10 pet friendly hotels in Australia for our readers. So, If you want to see these hotels, you can apply for an Australian visa and get ready to travel to Australia.

The Langham Sydney

langham sydney

Copyright: @langhamsydney

Pet friendly hotels Sydney are famous for their high quality in the whole of Australia. One of the best hotels that you can find is Langham Sydney. It is a luxury hotel just 1.2 km away from the city center. While searching on the internet, we can see that it is one of the hotels with the highest average point. So, they know how to satisfy their customers. The hotel offers various types of rooms to the guest, such as:

• Deluxe room with city view

• Deluxe king with city view

• Deluxe room with harbor view

• Deluxe king room with harbor view

• Deluxe room with city and terrace view

• Deluxe room with harbor and terrace view

• Executive king room with harbor view

Executive king room with city view

• One bedroom suite with city view

• One bedroom suite with harbor view

All rooms have an ensuite bathroom, wi-fi connection, flat-screen tv, minibar, etc. How much does it cost? The prices start from 200 Euro and go up depending on room and extra facilities.

Element Melbourne Richmond

modern bedroom interior

People who want to find pet friendly hotels Melbourne with high service quality and city center location can add Element Melbourne Richmond to their list. The hotel provides a 24-hour front desk, room service, currency exchange, restaurant, private parking, a bar, and shared lounge facilities. Element Melbourne Richmond offers various rooms to make you feel comfortable:

• King room

• View room

• Large king view room

• Balcony king room

• Twin room

Rooms are fitted with an air conditioner, private bathroom, tv, and wireless internet. Besides, you can spend your free time in a bar, restaurant, or lounge and socialize with other guests. Also, you can go hiking with your pet and discover the hidden secrets of Melbourne together. The prices are quite affordable and start from 158 USD.

Quest Robina

quest robina

9 km away from the city center of Gold Coast, you will wind one of the best pet friendly hotels, Quest Robina. It has everything to make your vacation exciting and comfortable. While enjoying the garden, swimming pool, you can enjoy the view. At the end of your day, you can go to relax in your cotton-like bed. There are hairdryers, tv, wi-fi, ensuite bathroom in all rooms. You can choose one of the following rooms:

• Studio

• One-bedroom apartment

• Two-bedroom apartment

The cost of rooms starts from 180 USD and goes up related to chosen category and extra facilities. As it got the high points from the previous guest, we are sure that you will admire staying at one of the pet friendly hotels Gold Coast.

SoYa Apartment Hotel

SoYa Apartment Hotel

Copyright: @soyahotel

If you want to explore the city center and suburb areas with your little friend, you can stay in SoYa Apartment Hotel. The location, cleanliness, staff, provided facilities and other features make it one of the most-liked pet friendly hotels Melbourne. The apartments are equipped with all devices (oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, furniture) to make you feel comfortable. You will not be bored while enjoying indoor activities with a flat-screen tv with Netflix, Android 10-inch tablet, Google mini, free Spotify. Being close to hiking areas makes SoYa Apartment Hotel one of the most visited pet friendly hotels. It has four available categories:

• Executive one-bedroom apartment

• Deluxe one-bedroom apartment

• Deluxe two-bedroom apartment

• Standard one-bedroom apartment

How much does it cost? Depending on the chosen category, it changes between 120-240 USD. We can say that it is an affordable price for pet friendly hotels.

Timbertop for Life

timbertop for life

Copyright: @timbertopforlife

If hiking and discovering is your endless passion, then you will fall in love with Timbertop for Life. It is another example of pet friendly hotels Gold Coast in our blog. Locating near Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, having a charming mountain view, free bikes, a garden is enough to say that it is one of the best pet friendly hotels. You can take a bike and go for a hike with your pet, or you may prefer to spend time inside the hotel. Timbertop for Life has a private pool, balcony, and all needed facilities in the kitchen and living room. How much is it? You can stay in a deluxe king suite for 110 USD. Also, there are several beaches within 2-3 km.


luxury living room

In Pemberton, Western Australia, you can find one of the best western pet friendly hotels. Stargazers is a favorite place for adventurous couples who have a large family and pets. Stargazers have several accommodations, and each of them has a fireplace, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen with a dining area, and a private bathroom. You can gather around the fireplace, enjoy your meal and the mesmerizing nature that surrounds you. Cleanliness, comfort and provided facilities got highest points from visitors. Another reason why we call it one of the best western pet friendly hotels is the price. You will just 140-200 USD for having an unforgettable vacation in this heaven.

Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour

ovolo darling harbour

Copyright: @buildcominternational

Finding a hotel that allows pets in big cities is hard enough, but Sydney is not of them. Pet friendly hotels Sydney is not rare, you can find plenty of them in various locations, and Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour is an excellent example to them. The hotel has full-equipped rooms to make your vacation comfortable and enjoyable. Besides, the internal and architectural design of the building will attract you. From the exterior part, it is a 19th-century building. On the other hand, from the interior part, it is a modern architectural wonder. Depending on the type of suit (room), the price will change between 240-490 USD.

W Brisbane

w brisbane

Maybe, the W stands for wonderous. If you are looking for pet friendly hotels in Australia close to the city center, then W Brisbane is an excellent choice. The five-star hotel near the Brisbane River is ready for its guest with 312 luxury rooms. W Brisbane has attractive internal and external design, and it has all facilities to make its guest comfortable. You will have a flat tv, wi-fi, minibar, private bathroom, etc. Also, there is a restaurant, lounge, and pool. Here, you may have an exciting time, taste delicious foods and enjoy your drink. Your little friend will also like W Brisbane.

Crystalbrook Albion

rendering modern bedroom suite

There are plenty of hotels in Sydney Australia, and that is why people can easily find a suitable hotel for their budget. If you have an average budget, we can offer Crystalbrook Albion. It is a pet-friendly hotel with a high service standard and quality. Crystalbrook Albion mixes heritage and contemporary details marvelously. It has various rooms, and all of them have wi-fi, flat-screen tv, ensuite bathroom, hairdryer, etc. Besides being pet-friendly, the hotel is a nature-friend. Cyrstalbrook Albion suggests sustainability initiatives, including none plastic straws, water glasses, or room key cards. They apply technology to decrease paper usage. Originally the building was a school convent (in 1903), but since 2018 it has been serving as a boutique hotel. As it has more than 100 years, you can see some touches from different periods.

Citadines Connect Sydney Airport

citadines connect sydney airport

Copyright: @rieh0322

The last example of hotels in Sydney Australia that I want to mention is Citadines Connect Sydney Airport. It is a place that combines modern, urban, and a 1960s style just in one place. With comfortable rooms, superior service quality, provided facilities, luxury design, the Citadines Connect Sydney Airport is the dream hotel that you are looking for. Besides having all the needed qualities, the hotel has rooms for all budgets. There are economy and premium economy rooms where you can stay for 95 USD. Although they are economy classrooms, they have flat screen tv, a private bathroom, a city view, air conditioning, and so on.

How many hotels are in Australia?

After reading our blog, maybe this question appeared in your head: how many hotels are in Australia? Actually, it is hard to answer this question. We can't give the exact number, but there are hundreds of various hotels in Australia. So, you will not face any problem in finding a proper one for you. Of course, if you are not traveling with a pet, finding a hotel will be much easier. Also, the cost of those hotels could be more accessible. Some of the cheap hotels in Australia are:

• Tullah Lakeside Lodge (18 USD)

• Federal Hotel Mt Gambier (51 USD)

• Kaneira Hotel (51 USD)

• Britannia on William (38 USD)

• Helen's Luxury Hut (52 USD)

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