How To Travel With Pets: Ultimate Guide?

How To Travel With Pets: Ultimate Guide?

Chima Nnaemeka28 August 20211058 views7 min. read
How To Travel With Pets: Ultimate Guide?

There are many details to consider when you want to travel to a new location. If you want to travel with pets, the details may become more overwhelming. You don't need to leave your cat or dog behind when you are traveling for vacation, a visit, or any other reason.

You will learn the best tips on how to travel with pets, what airlines let you travel with pets in cabin, and more from this article. It doesn't matter where you travel; travel with pets internationally without any issues is possible.

Pre-travel preparation

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How to travel with pets internationally? The success of every journey depends on how prepared you are. Pre-preparation becomes more important if you are traveling with pets such as dogs. Cats and dogs are among the best pets to travel with to any place. With proper preparation, you will save yourself and your pets from much discomfort and possible troubles. 

Before looking for the best airlines to travel with pets, Do the following:

• Rehearse with your pet

If you have never traveled a long distance before with your pet, take them on short drives. As time progresses, increase the time and always put your pet in their crate. This will help them get familiar with it faster. Take them around a station or airline terminal so that they can get used to the sounds and smells.

• Purchase the right crate

You should buy a large and secured crate for your pet to have ease in standing, sitting, and turning around. Also, make sure the crate is IATA-approved if it is a shipping crate.

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• Take a relaxing walk with your pet before boarding

Before you travel with pets, take a walk with them. This will help them walk or run around before boarding the boat, plane, or bus. Also, check if there is available space around the station or airport for exercise. This will keep you and your pet fit and make the journey peaceful.

• Check out pet rules of where you are going

How to travel with pets internationally becomes an easier journey when you have prior information about the destination you are going to. Check the pet rules and requirements of the country or state. The rules might differ among states or countries. You can consult the expert traveling and immigration team at to learn about different countries' health, vaccination, and quarantine regulations. There are many countries requiring microchip implants on pets to find them easily when they run away or get lost. These microchip implants are not costly, so get one from your pet care specialist.

• Call a pet specialist relocation company

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Just as you normally contact a vet doctor for veterinary advice, contact a pet specialist relocation company for every necessary requirement for the route, transit stops, destination, crating, air carriers, etc. The rules and requirements in a country might not be the same in another country.

• Get conversant with the airline’s pet policy

The airline pet policy involved when you want to travel with pets is different in every airline. After you might have listed the best airlines to travel with pets on paper, consult them to check out their requirements and restrictions. It is advisable you book a direct flight. This is to prevent stopovers which can increase the chances of losing your pets. It can equally get you, and your pet stressed. You can find pet policies at the website of most airlines and how to make cargo and in-cabin arrangements.

Checking will give you a clue of what airlines let you travel with pets in cabin too.

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• Prepare for different traveling modes with your pets

If you are not traveling with your pet through the airline, you should prepare for other alternatives. It is ideal to have a traveling crate for your pet as they might feel uneasy or threatened because of unfamiliar surroundings.

Some of the travel alternatives are:

Taxis, cabs, and rideshares – There are many cab companies and as many different pet policies. Contact them ahead of time and find out their pet policies before getting into the car.

Buses and trains – There are trains and busses that allow you to travel with your best pets. Just make contacts with them before you board.

Rental vehicles – If you want to travel with pets using rental vehicles, consult the company directly to find out their pet rules and regulations before you travel. Some of the companies might ask you to make a small upfront deposit or sign an agreement.

Boats – Just like other traveling modes, check their websites to know their pet policy ahead of time.


You should not leave your pet alone in a boat, bus, train, or any other vehicle in any situation. This will prevent them from getting stolen, frozen, or heatstroke. While you want to protect your pet, also protect other passengers against scratches, undue noise, messes, and bites by being around them at all times.

• Look for good pet accommodations

Most hotels don't allow pets. However, do prior research to know if the hotel is pet-friendly or not. Some hotels may have specific rooms for individuals coming with pets. These hotels can also permit pets of a certain size and weight into the hotel building. Just search online for pet-friendly hotels in the country or state you are traveling to. You will be likely to find this information on their websites.

• Book a date with your veterinarian in advance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised pet owners to consult their vets before traveling with their pets. It takes lots of appointments before the vaccination and paperwork are complete. Therefore, visit your vet earlier. Some of the things your vet will perform includes:

Immunization, tests and certificates – Some countries may ask for rabies certificates, blood tests, and vaccines before your traveling date. When you fail to cooperate with these rules, you might be separated from your pet in the destination country.

Flea prevention and medications – Get lots of things such as tick and flea prevention, special food, and the rest that will last through your trip if your pet is on medication.

Stress reduction – Your veterinarian might tell you certain treatments that reduce your pet from getting stressed. The vet can also get a microchip implant, as stated earlier, for your pet to make it easier for you to find your pet when missing.

• Pack all essentials as you prepare your pet

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Write everything on paper that will increase the comfort of your pet during the flight. As you prepare, check the requirements or pet policies of the airline you will be using. If you are traveling by any other means, check the requirements too. Some of the items to get for your pet include:

Pet carrier – Give your dog or cat time to get used and comfortable with the carrier at home. You can do this by leaving your pet outside with the door open. Put a treat or toy in the carrier with their favorite blanket. Also, praise your dog for getting into the carrier on its own.

Calming products – Buy calming products and anxiety-reducing products such as lavender oil and pheromone collar. Sprinkle this inside the carrier to boost the calming effect. You can also buy a calming pet vest to reduce anxiety. Don't use tranquilizers that reduce blood pressure on your pet for no reason. It is harmful to pets.

Restraining items – To keep your pets under your control all time, buy items such as safety vests, collars, muzzles, and leashes.

Travel kit – This includes pets food, medications, your vet contact, dental and treat chews, traveling documents such as rabies certificate, and the rest.

Quick recap

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Traveling with pets is possible, although it can be overwhelming, especially when you didn't prepare well ahead of time. To overcome these challenges, you need adequate preparation, and the steps in achieving it have been explained in this article you have just read on how to travel with pets. After all, consult for your visa and traveling information after you might have purchased all the aforementioned.

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