10 most extraordinary hotels in Estonia

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10 most extraordinary hotels in Estonia

Where is Estonia?

Estonia - the fabulous world of the former Soviet Union, a mixture of Scandinavian and Eastern European cultures. One of the first places to visit on a trip to Northern Europe. Estonia's rich culture contains centuries of history, and it begins long before many nations of the world were formed. In addition, many Estonian cities, particularly Tallinn, have perfectly preserved their medieval sights to this day. But not a single history. Forests cover half of Estonia, and the number of Estonian islands exceeds 2000. Estonia's nature is even more impressive than its urban and historical parts. In Estonia's wilderness, nature is incredibly beautiful, and some Estonia hotels only emphasize the area. We offer you the top hotels in Estonia. There will be unusual Estonia hotels of this Scandinavian-European country. To be more precise, these are not even hotels, but rather the most unusual guest houses. It will be very difficult to choose the best one among the unusual hotels in Estonia, so they will be located in random order.

1. Ohessaare Windmill

Saaremaa. Translated from Estonian, "Island land". It is the largest island in Estonia with rich nature and developed infrastructure. In ancient times, this island was the richest region of Estonia, which led to numerous conflicts between the local population and the Vikings. The island itself was already inhabited at least 5,000 years ago. There are still echoes of those times, including Viking ships. Later, the island experienced Catholic colonization and peasant war, after which power over the island was transferred from the Germans to Denmark, Sweden, and finally to the Russian Empire. After the collapse of the union, Estonia took over the island. It is here that the Sorve Peninsula is located, the edge of which reaches the picturesque Ohessaare cliffs. Eternally calm waves bathe the local beach, where the sun shines for 2200 hours a year. Ohessaare Windmill hotel must be on your list if you plan to travel to Estonia. Ohessaare's windmill, a romantic symbol of the Sorve peninsula's nature, but of the whole Saaremaa, opens its top hotels. The windmill rises above a cliff, giving its guests a beautiful view. Guest rooms are located in the mill itself. And guests can feel like they are part of the old traditions and the old way of life. Each guest receives a fruit basket and baked goods worthy of an entourage. The fact that there is no electricity in the mill also emphasizes the surroundings. But it is in a cafe, which is located next door, in case it is difficult for you to survive in the mill without the miracle of modern technology, you can charge your devices in this cafe. However, it's better to spend the evenings in the mill. Still, the view from above is better.

2. Pahkli Urgtareke

Also known as Pahkli talu. There is a lovely hut near the village of Sarve on Hiiu. It's a great place for those who want privacy with nature, especially for those who come with children. This hut is made in such a style that one looks at it is enough to bring the fairy tale to life before your eyes. Any child who finds himself in these places will immediately become an author and participant of his own fairy tale. The Pahkly hut, like any house from antiquity, as well as the place of action of any fairy tale, is built of rough logs that keep a thick roof over them. Arrangements of a hut include a bathhouse, rooms, street kitchen. It's a great place not only for children but also for everyone who wants privacy with nature. It is located on the shore of the Strait of Vainameri, which you can look at after settling in your fairy tale.

3. A Transparent Bubble Tent

There is an interesting place in the village of Laiksaare in Parnu County that is called Vango Imedemaa - Vango Wonderland. A forester used to live here, but now Wonderland belongs to tourists who study in Estonia. Every year, new houses appear here both for living and for those who want to spend an interesting evening. But the most interesting thing among all the various houses of this place is Mullihotell. A semi-transparent bubble-like tent, an alien space station, and accommodation for northern peoples. An unusual tent is set every summer. The fact that it has no tourist facilities makes up for its position. As soon as you leave the tent, you will see fabulous Estonia, a wonderland that has everything and more.

4. House in the Sorcerer's Kingdom

A house in the witch's kingdom, a witch's house - this place is called differently, located in the Uhtjarve valley, in the middle of the natural beauty of Voru County. The power of the dark world reigns here, and Uhti's main witch, who invites people to her house, rules in this place. She feeds, drinks, and puts him to bed by introducing him to the Witch's Country. The Witch's Country is a lot of houses made in a whimsical - Coldovan style. There is even a house on chicken legs among them. In fact, no matter how the current owners of this place try to create a witchy atmosphere, the history of the formation of the Witch's Country is slightly different. Since the middle of the XIX century, the owners of these places were changing with the dollar's speed. The last owners decided that hiding the most unusual beauty of these places is a terrible crime and ennobles the valley. Along the valley, a family couple arranged a Christmas trail with numerous branches and a fireplace. The hostess sat on this site and treated the children passing by with tea. All this was done only with good intentions, but because of such a rare spectacle in the people, the family couple's house was baptized as a witch's house. It is an excellent temporary hotel if you travel to Estonia for a vacation.

5. Paekalda Holiday Centre

Near Lake Rummo, in Harju County, there is another candidate for the most unusual hotels in Estonia - Paekalda. Here, on the lakeshore, there are many wooden houses with all amenities. Separately, there are 5 houses in the recreation center. The most unusual houses of this place are 5 barrels with a glass bottom in a secluded place. Around the barrels, there is only a forest and an incredibly clear lake. People flock to this area not only for recreation but also for various seminars. The owners of the center organize events dedicated to, perhaps, all water sports. Especially among all local sports, diving should be highlighted. Once upon a time, there was a limestone quarry here, the labor force of which was represented by prisoners in this quarry. The quarry was filled with water from the lake, which meant that it had to be pumped all the time. The quarry was abandoned; the pump was shut down. So it turns out that the abandoned underwater prison is an exceptional attraction of the Paekalda recreation center. Besides, the water in the lake is unusually clear.

6. A house on a Raft

If our theme is the best hotels in Estonia, it is impossible to pass by a raft house on the Vigala River. The big floating house attracts people from all over the country because only here you can jump directly into the river from the sauna window. However, it is clear that this house does not consist of just one sauna. The terrace has everything for grilling, and the local banquet hall can accommodate 40 people. It's the perfect place for a big family celebration.

7. Hanging Tents

The mysterious land of Taevaskoda - is a natural recreation center and a hiking trail, where wild Estonia presents itself in all its glory. The trees here are so huge that when you walk around these places, you feel like you are in a fairytale forest. The only reason people walk here to remember that they are in the 21st century is carefully laid out tourist trails. When the hiking trails in the forest end, you can see an incredibly beautiful view - a large meadow that served as a place for rituals in the distant past. And under the meadow, there are sandstones from 20 meters high. If you pass by these places on a kayak, you will witness something you will never forget. Probably the most unusual sandstones in Estonia, with slightly unrealistic color combinations and numerous gorges, above which is a fairytale forest with giant trees. But let's get back to the forest. Here, in a nature reserve, you can pitch a tent. But not just a tent, a hanging tent. It's an invention of the park administration, which took care of the tourists, who really do not want to leave such a beautiful place. The local workers will set up a tent made especially for these places and hang it on a tree. The main thing is not to forget that this is not a full-fledged holiday home but a tent and a place to sleep. Therefore, it won't be a burden to get a tent before going to the reserve if you stay there for the night.

8. Saxby Holiday Houses

Where the waters of the Baltic Sea surround the island of Worms, Estonia ends. Our next unusual hotels are also located there. And they are near the village of Saxby. Even the tsar Peter the Great built a lighthouse in this area, which was part of a strategically important defense structure. As time went by, the lighthouse lost its value, and now, like all Peter's buildings nearby, it serves only for tourism purposes. People go to the lighthouse during the day and at sunset to enjoy the nature of the sea from a height of 24 meters. There are several lonely tourist lodges for those who are not indifferent to the spirit of the sea, though located on land. The spacious houses with large windows offer a magnificent view of both the sea and the forest. Closeness to nature in these houses is not only in unity with nature. All these houses are ecologically clean. And this applies not only to the materials from which the houses are built. Only solar and gas energy is used here, and the stove is made of wood, which is certainly rare in hotels of modern realities. And at sunset, you can look out the window and enjoy a sea sunset. It will be a first-class spectacle even from home because the window overlooking the sunset occupies the entire wall of either of these two houses. But this should only be done if it is very lazy to go up to the lighthouse's observation deck.

9. Sambliku Treehouse

Sambliku Treehouse is one of the most interesting hotels in Estonia. Sambliku Treehouse - 4 treehouses in Tallinn overlooking the forest. Treehouses for adults combine children's dreams, wildlife, and the comfort of modern service. Tall wooden houses with high ceilings are equipped with all the benefits of the modern world—especially guests of this place like automatic lights around the house - nice for a romantic trip. The well-groomed area around the houses also contributes to this: the owners keep a close eye on its condition. Hammocks and other benefits of the lack of civilization are hung in the forest. The lack of civilization is also evidenced by the fact that the nearest shop is 10 kilometers away. Your travel to Estonia will be well-complemented by this Sambliku Treehouse hotel.

10. Capsule Hostels Tallinn

This is where our tour of the top Estonia hotels ends. But, let's switch from nature to the capital of Estonia - Tallinn. Where to stay in Tallinn Estonia? Located in the heart of the city, this one of the hotels in Tallinn Estonia is the most high-tech and one of the most extraordinary hotels in the country. More precisely, a hostel or capsule type. The hostel management made a really extravagant decision to take 46 capsules for people in an unusual futuristic form. And it's not just about design. Your travel to Tallinn is incomplete without the Capsule Hostels. The most unusual capsules of Tallinn are small houses in which the imagination immediately begins to play out. It will seem that all the people in the world live in such small single apartments because of the strong overcrowding of the planet. Right in the capsule is not only everything you need for a normal existence, including all sorts of plugs for charging devices, watches, air conditioning but even your own personal TV with cable channels and headphones connected to it. And the window from the capsule looks a lot like a porthole. The only thing that reminds you that the capsule is not the whole world and not even the whole Estonia is that you can not cook in your little house. It's at least uncomfortable. That's why the administration made a common kitchen in the hostel. And a desk in the rooms for those who do not yet want to plunge into the world of dystopia.

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