10 most extraordinary hotels in Nigeria

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10 most extraordinary hotels in Nigeria
the most extraordinary hotels. The hotels are of different classes, radiating beauties, styles, structures, serene environments, unique facilities, and more. These hotels give you the best customer service, Nigerian, African and intercontinental meals. Also, to get a Nigeria visa and travel to the country, booking a hotel is important.

How many hotels in Nigeria?

expensive hotel in nigeria There are over 2000 hotels in Lagos state alone. One can therefore wonder how many hotels can be found in the whole of the country. It calls for a proper census to be done to find out how many hotels are in Nigeria. It doesn't matter if you want to travel to Lagos from overseas or within Nigeria; you have nothing to worry about as they got you covered. From this article, you will get to know the 10 most extraordinary hotels in Nigeria. The top 10 most extraordinary hotels in Nigeria that give their guest optimal satisfaction with luxurious accommodation include:

1. Raddisson Blu Anchorage Hotel (Lagos)

bedroom This luxurious and extraordinary hotel that is located in Lagos gives you an outstanding view of the Lagoon at the back. It comprises luxury facilities with its 170 rooms. It is an excellent temporary home if you travel to Lagos for a vacation. It is the right destination for newlywed couples to stay for their honeymoon. Tourists coming into Nigeria can also find solace in it coupled with their local and intercontinental dishes and prestigious restaurant. The hotel rooms have quality and stylish furniture to give you conform. Other exciting facilities include free access to the internet, grill, surface bar, infinity swimming pool, cardiovascular gym equipment, and a massage room. There is also a mini-golf for lovers of golf. You are sure of a memorable experience in this hotel.

2. Swiss International Mabisel (Port Harcourt)

hotel bedroom Are you looking for a luxury hotel in Port Harcourt, Nigeria? The Swiss International Hotel got you covered. It is a home for both international and home guests. This one of the extraordinary hotels in Nigeria is situated at a strategic location for vacation purposes, weekend gateway, honeymoon, and any other activity of your desire. Just like the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, their rooms are big with quality furniture and top-notch decoration. You are sure of comfort and class in the hotel.

3. Sheraton Hotel (Abuja)

reception hall One of the popular and extraordinary hotels we have in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, is the Sheraton Hotel. It is well known for its luxury. It is not surprising that guests who lodge in it range from celebrities, great personalities, and politicians. Sheraton hotel has many facilities used for notable meeting locations such as international conferences, entertainment events, political gatherings, and different parties. This hotel boasts of a restaurant bar, business centres, unisex salon, outdoor swimming pool, fitness equipment for relaxation for their valued customers during their travel to Nigeria.

4. Intercontinental Hotel (Lagos)

intercontinental hotel You will undoubtedly be amazed at this luxury hotel. Apart from the serene environment and eye-catching decoration, you will enjoy the sea view. It has extraordinary furniture you can't imagine. The hotel, which is located at Victoria Island in Lagos state, radiates deluxe rooms, laundry services, class and beauty, fitness and spa, and offers deluxe rooms. They give 24 hours of customer service, and you tend to enjoy their free continental breakfast as a guest. This breakfast is given every morning. If you travel to Lagos and want fun, comfort, and relaxing time, then lodge in this hotel. The hotel is close to the Lekki Market, so you can easily get anything you want. You can equally shop at the mega plaza century 21 Mall close by catch fun.

5. The Wheat Baker (Lagos)

wheat baker hotel The Wheat Baker is one of the best hotels in Nigeria. The Wheat Baker Hotel, which is about 20 minutes away from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, is situated in Lagos, Ikoyi, to be precise. The hotel comprises of grill room bar, spa, outdoor swimming pool, spacious rooms with proper air conditioner, and suites. These suites come with a bathtub, a coffee machine, a hairdryer, a safety deposit box, and a shower. You will enjoy their free WIFI if you choose to spend your holiday at the hotel. They provide a taxi to converge you round the city if you ask for it.

6. Transcorp Hilton Hotel (Abuja)

bedroom If you travel to Abuja and desire to meet any celebrity or artist in person, you should lodge at this one of the best hotels in Nigeria. They always have such personalities on their guest list. This is possible because of the luxury accommodation and renowned facilities. This hotel is located close to the famous Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja. The furniture and facilities are top-notch, and their rooms are designed to have you in mind. The rooms are comfortable, and spending your time in the hotel is worthwhile.

7. Federal Palace Hotel & Casino (Lagos)

hotel client The Federal Palace Hotel and Casino is one of the oldest hotels that has maintained its glory since its completion. It has everything you will want in new hotels. It has blended from old traces into new and advanced hospitality in terms of services, outstanding structure, and eye-catching facilities. It is situated around the Red door gallery and Lekki Market in Lagos state. The hotel gives its guests a buffet breakfast each morning. You will enjoy the other things in this hotel if you travel to Lagos for either business meetings or personal matters, including free Wi-Fi, an outdoor swimming pool, and a well designed furnished room with free toiletries. This hotel's unique features are a garden, an Oceanside view, a terrace and sophisticated casino, a terrace, and a garden. If you love either European or African cuisines, then you are in the right place. They have multipurpose halls for different events and meetings.

8. Eko Hotel & Suites (Lagos)

woman relaxing Who does not know Eko Hotels and Suite in Lagos? Probably a new visitor as the hotel is very famous. Different Nollywood movies have taken place at the hotel. This is one of the top hotels in Nigeria. It is located in a strategic position. From the hotel, you will have a view of Kuramo Lagoon and the famous Atlantic Ocean. It had over 750 rooms that have sophisticated and stylish furniture. The rooms are properly air-conditioned. It has banquet facilities for grand conferences, eight restaurants where you can choose to stay and eat. One of these restaurants is on the roof of the building. To complement the big number of rooms, different bars are made available. You will enjoy a natural landscape and a stake house in Eko Hotel and Suite. They give free access to Wi-Fi. So, if you are the type that loves surfing the internet, you should lodge at this hotel. You will also enjoy free shuttle service, car hire, salons and shops, table tennis, an outdoor swimming pool, spa, and barbecue. All these are available on the hotel premises. These show how big and unique the hotel is. Every room gives an alluring fragrance and provides comfort and optimal relaxation for leisure and business guests.

9. Lagos Oriental Hotel (Lagos)

hotel reception Lagos Oriental Hotel is one of the world's most extraordinary hotels. In this hotel, you see the merging of hospitality and luxury uniquely. The memorable experience you desire for embarking on a journey and lodging at the hotel is guaranteed. This is made possible because of the elegant and sophisticated furniture used in adorning the rooms. The rooms are well equipped with this furniture and more to give you satisfaction and comfort. They have an Asian restaurant, a barbecue, a terrace, an outdoor swimming pool, tea and coffee makers, a fitness centre, free access to the internet through their Wi-Fi, and a bar. You will also enjoy their lounge and coffee shop. If you need to move around the city, you can hire a car. It is located close to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport. Just a few minutes drive, you are at the airport from the hotel. They give all their guest a 24 hours top-notch customer care service.

10. The Blowfish Hotel (Lagos)

tourist woman raised hands The Blowfish Hotel, located in Lagos state, turns your fantasy experiences into reality. They do this by taking you away from the normal environment and put you into a different world of sophistication, luxury, and class. It doesn't matter where you travel from; you will not miss your home as their four restaurants are available to serve you different delicious intercontinental dishes. One of the restaurants gives you live jazz. The second restaurant serves your Japanese foods. The third has Italian cuisine where you will have sight of a pool while you will enjoy different African dishes from the fourth restaurant. An Irish and English continental buffet breakfast is served to guest every morning. If you travel to Lagos with your internet-connected electronic devices, you are sure of enjoying their free Wi-Fi connection. Other hotel facilities and features include a fitness centre, ironing services, outdoor swimming pool, fax, photocopying, and other business services and rooms with a balcony. You can choose to visit the national museum, which is close to the hotel. Another eye-catching close centre to go to if you lodge at the hotel include the Red Door Gallery, the Mega Plaza Century 21 Mall, and the Lekki Market.


capital of nigeria You should think of visiting Nigeria for your next vacation to explore and enjoy these aforementioned hotels' luxury and more offers. These hotels have proven for years with their facilities to be among the 10 extraordinary hotels in Nigeria. Judging from the services they render to the public, they are affordable. Enjoy your stay in any of them while your travel to Nigeria!

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