10 most popular tourist attractions in Chile

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10 most popular tourist attractions in Chile

Some people believe that the country's name originated from the word "chili" in language and means "where the land ends." I can't say that this is the place where the land ends, but I can say that it is the country where you will find the largest swimming pool, delicious wines, and even more. Millions of people who want to enjoy and find out all the country's tourist activities travel to Chile per year. What are the tourist attractions in Chile? In the following sections, you will find an answer to this and more.

Chile Visa

spanish passport to chile

When we decide to visit any country globally, we should plan and handle several things. One of the first issues is a visa. Who needs a visa to travel to Chile? Apart from visa-waiver nationalities, everyone must obtain a visa to visit the country. Chile has several types of visas and depending on the purpose of the visit; you can choose one of them.

Short-term Visa. If you travel to the country for a short period, you need a Short-term visa. It has several subcategories, but the most popular is Tourist Visa. This visa allows you to stay in Chile for a maximum of 90 days and participate in various tourist activities. During the application procedure, you must provide some documents, details and pay the visa fee. The charge for a tourist visa is 30-150 USD, and it may vary depending on the nationality. You will apply in visa application centers, embassies, or consulates and will wait for processing for a maximum of three weeks.

Long-term Visa (Temporary Residence Visa). Short-term visas are only for those who are not eligible for visa-free entry. On the other hand, all nationalities must apply for Long-term Visas for staying in the country for more than 90 days. It has several types depending on the purpose of the visit:

  • Temporary Resident Visa
  • Resident Visa Subject to Contract
  • Student Resident Visa
  • Temporary Resident Visa for International Orientation
  • Temporary Resident Visa for Entrepreneurship Opportunities
  • Worker Opportunity Temporary Resident Visa

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Easter Island

easter island

This is one of the most isolated islands globally and popular tourist attractions in Chile. Easter Island is in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and was visited by men firstly in the 18th century. When people visited the land, they were deeply surprised because they faced one of the most famous mysteries of humankind, statues called moai. Those masterpieces belong to the Rapa Nui people, made from hard volcanic tuff. But what was the reason? Although moai statues were built hundreds of years ago, the reason for their creation is still a mystery.

You will feel as you travel back in time to early Polynesian times while observing 887 statues. Another reason for being one of the tourist attractions of Chile is hiking trails, surfing, and diving opportunities, and so on.


skyline of santiago

It is not only the business and financial center of the country but also enjoyment and cultural hub. Almost 40% of the total population lives in this city. That is why we can call Santiago the miniature version of Chile. Take your backpack and go to explore all activities. You can go to museums, art galleries or wander the streets to see Chile's traditional and historical side.

As you know, the country had a colonial background. If you are interested in this period, you should go to the Plaza de Armas, where the city's colonial heartbeats. Here, you will find two examples of colonial tourist attractions in Chile: The National History Museum and the Metropolitan Cathedral. The museum is rich in paintings, sculptures, and photos. So, be ready for priceless details about the history and culture of Chile.

Do you want to enjoy charming views? There are several hills where you can have a picnic and be mesmerized by incredible scenes of the city.



Valparaiso port is a place that is famous for photogenic scenes. Colorful houses, lively nightlife, and fantastic sea views are the main actors behind the fame of Valparaiso. It is an excellent area for those who prefer city walks. You should especially do this at night. You can begin your tour from the hillside to the streets where you will find bars and pubs. When you see that vibrant nightlife, you will understand why it is so famous. Another feature that makes this place one of the popular tourist attractions in Chile is graffiti. Most people agree that it is the graffiti capital of South America. While walking in the streets, you will witness exceptional architecture and street art. If you want to see the maritime heritage of Valparaiso, visit the Lord Cochrane's Museum.

Valle del Elqui

vineyards among the hills of valle del elqui

Undoubtedly this place should be on the list of the top 10 tourist attractions in Chile. Journey to Valle del Elqui means getting rid of the hustle and bustle of crowded cities, breathing fresh air, and enjoying the beauty of mother nature. Such little escapes from the capitalist world make us feel like a human. 140 km of the total area is full of papayas, vineyards, pisco distilleries, avocado plantations, etc. Also, the area is well-known for observing areas. Plenty of local and international tourists come here to observe the sky at night. This experience can't be described. You should see that with your own eyes.

Torres Del Paine National Park

torres del paine national park

Among all possible Chile activities, hiking has extraordinary popularity. There are plenty of hiking trails in Torres Del Paine National Park, and most of them are well-marked. You will need several hours and sometimes days to finish a trial. There is no need to worry about long-last trails because several overnight shelters have needed items. Of course, you can explore the trail alone without any guide, but we advise you to join a tour. First, there are wild animals, such as foxes and pumas. Secondly, as you are not familiar with this land, you can lose the route. While exploiting the land, you will come across rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, and lakes. Thanks to beautiful nature and rich biodiversity, we can say that hikers, nature fans, and backpackers will fall in love with Torres Del Paine National Park.

Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon)

atacama desert

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Chile is on the border of Bolivia, San Pedro de Atacama. Probably, all of you have heard about the driest place on Earth, the Atacama Desert. So, Valle de la Luna is the heart of that inhabitable-like desert. It looks like a moon's surface; millions of people travel here per year. Because of that high interest, there are many tourist activities which you can join. In one of those tours, you can observe ancient Chinchorro mummies.

Pumalin Park

playa santa barbara

The Park was established just 16 years ago, but it was enough to become one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Chile. Although it covers more than 988000 acres, the land is almost untouchable by humans. Nature lovers will get a chance to see some of the rare tree types, such as Alerce (one of the oldest tree kinds). It has an extensive trail network and various tourist facilities; Pumalin Park is an excellent place to explore as a short nature hike or as part of longer ecotourism.

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

two magellanic penguins

Besides the national parks, there are plenty of monuments among Chile tourist attractions. You can find one of the 35 kilometers away from Punta Arenas, in the southern part of the island. As seen from the name, the monument is the home for penguins. More than 60000 Magellanic penguins live here. Tourists must join guided tours to travel to the area. Moreover, it is home to seal and sea lion colonies.

Chiloe Island

view of achao on quinchao island

The second-largest island of the country is worth adding to a travel itinerary. The rural area you will find is unique and does not look like examples in Europe. Colorful houses called "palafitos" symbolize the town. Additionally, there are many iconic churches, remains of Jesuit missionaries’ communities that settled on the island in the 1600s, and so on. Another example of Chile tourist attractions on the island is Chiloe National Park. The national park gives a unique chance to observe wildlife.

Mylodon Cave Natural Monument

mylodon cave

What are the tourist attractions in Chile? My last answer to the question about the top 10 tourist attractions in Chile is the region of Magallanes. There you will find the famous Mylodon Cave. As the result of extensive archaeological excavations in 1895, well-preserved cave, human and animal bones, plant remains were found. The total depth of the cave is 200 meters. You can explore the inside of the cave or follow the trail to reach the top of the cave. There you will get a chance to observe amazing scenes.

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