12 Instagrammable places in Santiago

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12 Instagrammable places in Santiago
Spanish in 1541. Santiago is a bustling city with over six million people. A bustling city like Santiago has so much to offer to its visitors. There are places to visit in Santiago like the city's hills, convenient for hiking, vibrant produce market, and historic bohemian neighborhoods. There is plenty of places to go in Santiago Chile. Tourists who love taking Instagram photos, should travel to Santiago Chile today and enjoy this gorgeous city in the Andes mountains' valley. Is the city Instagrammable? Is it perfect for taking Instagram photos?  If you are planning a trip to Santiago, below are 12 Instagrammable places in Santiago for you.

1. Plaza de Armas

plaza de armas You might wonder what to do in Santiago Chile. Well, Plaza de Armas is considered a historical center in Santiago. The place is lined with plan trees that allow you to have the most liked Instagram photos. Many ancient buildings, such as the central post office, the beautiful metropolitan cathedral, and the Royal court palace, engulf this wonderful square. Within the Plaza De Armas Square, locals gather to relax, as well. The painter comes to sell their works. The square is generally a multicultural area. There are many magnificent monuments to capture some of the most liked Instagram posts. One of the most treasured monuments is Pedro De Valdivia, Chile's conqueror and the founder of the city. To enjoy the experience in Santiago, visit Plaza de Armas.

2. Cerro San Cristobal

The Cerro San Cristobal is one of the major tourist attractions in Santiago. Among places to visit in Santiago, San Cristobal hill should be on the top of the list. The place has been recognized worldwide due to the giant statue of Mary situated at the Summit. If you prefer taking the most liked Instagram photos, Cerro San Cristobal is the best Instagrammable place in Santiago. One of the prominent Instagrammable places in Santiago. Most people would like to know what to do in Santiago Chile during the winter. Santiago offers a convenient layer of smog on the sky that disappears a few moments after the rainfall. Nonetheless, you can take an opportunity to explore Cerro San Cristobal in the twilight. One of the remarkable Instagram photos you can take here. Find out where is Santiago today, and enjoy touring these wonderful places.

3. The Santiago Metropolitan cathedral

metropolitan cathedral The Santiago metropolitan cathedral is among the major places to visit in Santiago Chile. Most cathedrals in Santiago were destroyed by earthquakes more than two centuries ago. The Santiago metropolitan cathedral has been there in the Plaza De Armas for more than 260 years now. It was first established in 1748—a beautiful place to capture the most liked Instagram posts with your loved ones. The stone-designed neoclassical cathedral is regarded as one of the best examples of religious architecture in South America. The cathedral is an Instagrammable destination most visitors visit from around the world annually.

4. Barrio Bellavista

barrio bella vista At Barrio Bellavista is where it all happens, and it is one of the popular Instagrammable locations globally. During your travel to Santiago Chile, this should be among the places to visit in Chile. Never miss having an experience in the Santiago neighborhood, the city's bohemian quarter. A place where intellectuals and artists work play, and live. One of the popular residents includes Pablo Neruda. One of the prominent tourist attractions in the region is La Chascona. It is probably the hippest destination in town, with funky boutiques, restaurants, and Avant-garde galleries. Find out where is Santiago, and enjoy visiting these spectacular Instagrammable places.

5. La Chascona

la chascona La Chascona should be among places you should visit in Santiago and capture most liked Instagram photos with friends and family. The Nobel Prize laureate in Literature Pablo Neruda and the famous Chilean poet had three houses, and one of them is in La Chascona. The other two houses are in Isla Negra and Valparaiso. The quirky personality of Neruda is reflected in this wonderful home. Even the name itself, La Chascona, refers to his mistress's messy curly hair that was red. The house resembles a ship, and for a long time now, it's been a magnet for tourists and visitors from around the world. Visitors visit this place to see the kitchen of this house that resembles a ship's cabin. The living room resembles the lighthouse. As you already understood, Neruda was in love with the sea. There's also an eye-catching fairy tale garden at the back of the La Chascona.

6. Mercado Central

mercado central Although Mercado central is popular for selling other foods, seafood is the main reason why most visitors love this place. Here you'll get a chance to enjoy the vast variety of fresh seafood from the Chile coastline. It includes mussels, oysters, fish, clams, scallops, and so much more. It more exciting to enjoy eating seafood rather than shopping for it. The market here comprises numerous restaurants preparing mouth-watering seafood. The Mercado central has been a landmark in the business that has been there since 1872.

7. Cerro Santa Lucia

cerro santa lucia Cerro Santa Lucia is a hill situated in central Santiago. The hill represents volcano remains that are over 15 million years old. The hill was originally named Huelen and later renamed in honor of Santa Lucia in 1543. It happened when the conquistadors from Spain took over the hill. It is a perfect place to capture the most liked Instagram photos. For centuries now, it has been residence to a fort, two, or numerous dissidents—especially those who weren't Roman Catholic and those considered unworthy. Find out where is Santiago today, and enjoy exploring the wonderful destinations with your loved ones.

8. Gran Torre Santiago

gran torre santiago The great Gran Torre towers in Santiago are worth visiting. What a beautiful place! The Gran Torre Santiago towers as so high and can be easily viewed from almost any place in the city. Without a doubt, it is the largest skyscraper in the whole of Latin America. The towers comprise six basements, and it's 300 meters high. The towers were officially referred to as Costanera Center Torre 2. The Gran Torre Santiago is part of the complex center of South Africa's largest shopping mall. About 250,000 people come to the Gran Torre Santiago every day. The best place to visit Santiago is to take memorable Instagram photos at the top of the largest skyscraper in Latin America.

9. La Moneda

la moneda Also known as Coin Base, because the place is where the president of Chile has his offices and other government officials who have designed their offices in a neoclassical structure taking up downtown Santiago. This magnificent building became a center for the government in 1845. The building was later bombed and restored in 1975. Due to its exotic building structure, it makes it suitable for taking most liked Instagram posts. La Moneda and other spectacular Instagrammable places in Santiago are among the recommended places to go in Santiago Chile.

10. Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino

museum in santiago The Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino houses exhibits that are ten thousand years old. It is an exciting place for history lovers. It also covers art from Chile and the rest of Central and South America. The museum started as a private collection and has not grown to more than five thousand artifacts and artworks. Some of these items include; ceramics, textiles, metal, leather, and bones. Visit the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, also known as the Chilean museum of pre-Columbian art. Locate where is Santiago today and experience these fun moments learning about the people of Santiago's past unique culture.

11. Cerro Manquehue

cerro manquehue This is the best destination for you if you love hiking—one of the most convenient areas to take Instagram photos and go hiking. The Cerro Manquehue is probably the highest peak around Santiago. The most recommended time to explore this amazing place is on bright days, mostly after a bit of rain. Travel to Santiago Chile today for an opportunity to capture the most liked Instagram posts!

12. Barrio Yungay

barrio yungay Barrio Yungay is a quirky neighborhood which is having some of the most amazing graffiti in Santiago. This place is excellent for taking Instagram photos and walking in the city. Most of the city's historic architecture has been painted using bright and vibrant colors. Barrio Yungay in Santiago offers an opportunity for first-rate Instagram photos thanks to the well-kept cobblestone streets, European architecture, vine-covered buildings, large packs of artists, and so much more. Walking around the city, be assured to encounter some interesting buildings and graffiti and other curious things to upload and become the most liked Instagram posts. Travel to Santiago today and enjoy touring some of these wonderful places. One of the best destinations around the world!

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