10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Nigeria right now

Chima Nnaemeka07 August 20203224 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Nigeria right now
 travel to Nigeria for different reasons. Some of the reasons people travel to this "Giant of Africa" include business, study, vacation, especially Nigerians in the diaspora. Everyone has an answer for what to do in Nigeria when he/she visited. Although there are many interesting reasons for coming to Nigeria, certain precautions must be taken too. In this article, we will look at the reasons why you should and should not travel to Nigeria.

1. Health

orphan children The world at large is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, in which Nigeria is not an exception. As a dreaded bacterium, it is advisable you should not travel to Nigeria. According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), there is an increased rate in the number of sufferers. Besides this, another health reason why travel to Nigeria should be reconsidered widespread yellow fever in the country. You must get enough vaccines if traveling is a must. Nigeria also has malaria and dengue among its insect-borne diseases. It doesn't matter what you want to do in Nigeria; go with anti-malarial medication and insect repellent. There is a risk of having Lassa fever in some states. This is a killer disease, together with widespread Polio. You should avoid undercooked and raw meals as well as drinking only bottled or boiled water. The country's medical facilities are poor, which is why you should stay in your country if you have any underlying sickness.

2. Safety

nigerian police This is one of the reasons why you should not come to Nigeria is because of your safety. Nigeria, as a country, suffers from a high risk of terrorist attacks by different militant groups. These attacks, such as suicide bombing and gunfire, are mostly targeted at government, transport, and airports, security sites, oil infrastructure, international organizations, tourist centers, public areas such as churches and mosques. If you must be in Nigeria, then what to do in Nigeria is very important, avoid crowded places and popular hotels. You should make sure there is a clear and safe exit plan available. The crime rate in Nigeria is on the increase, especially at night. The crimes include home invasions, kidnapping, carjacking, armed robbery, and assaults. These often take place in taxis and public transports. Nigeria is known for having many political meetings in its major cities like Abuja and Lagos Nigeria, which can turn violent. So, you must know about the crime rate in Nigeria and be prepared for this if you insist on coming to Nigeria.

3. Street parties

nigeria green walk independence If you love street parties, you should travel to Abuja Nigeria. The country boast of having "Africa's Biggest Street Party," which is known as the Calabar Carnival. This is one of the interesting festivals that attracts many tourists from different countries. It is celebrated every year on December 1 in Calabar. It includes beauty pageants, parades, fashion shows, concerts, and more. Famous artists such as Lucky Dube, Juvenile, Akon, Fat Joe, Kirk Franklin, and others have performed during the festival. This is an opportunity for you to meet some of your favorite artists. Apart from the fun gotten from the festival, Calabar is a beautiful place and a home for locals and foreigners.

4. Scam

nigerian security operative While the country is trying its best to fight crime and corruption, you should have a second thought of traveling to Nigeria, whether for business or vacation. Internet romance, fake employment, and friendship are often present in this country. You may be in danger of this, especially if you are looking for a love partner and jobs online. Many have lost a lot of money through internet scam relationships. Some became victims of gang rape and theft when they decide to meet their online friends or lovers online. You must be on guard to avoid this. You can achieve this by not giving out your personal details and documents to anyone you don’t know. Some can claim to be working for a legal or financial institution. Also, avoid sending money to someone until you confirm his identity. Don’t travel to Nigeria for revenge if you were defrauded. You could be in more danger.

5. Local laws

lawyer attorney justice There are strict laws in Nigeria against same-sex activity. If you are one who has feelings for the same sex, avoid traveling to Nigeria. In the northern parts of Nigeria, same-sex engagement is punishable by death. This is done under Sharia law. States where these Sharia laws took place, include Kaduna, Niger, Yobe, Jigawa, Kano, Gombe, Sokoto, Katsina, Zamfara, Bauchi, Kebbi, and Borno. There are harsh consequences for adultery and stealing. Don't travel to Nigeria if you want to involve in drugs as there are severe penalties for it. You can get yourself sentenced to a long term with huge fines. The death penalty is given when it involves armed robbery, murder, or other serious crimes. You should also be wary of avoiding taking pictures at military sites, airports, government sites, diplomatic premises, and bridges. This is essential if you want to come to Nigeria to capture such sites. You should not travel to Nigeria if you dress as you like as certain religious belief is against it and failure attracts severe punishment.

6. Fruits and vegetables

fruits and vegetables If you are into the fruit industry, medicine, lover of food, or vegetables, you should come to Nigeria. As a country situated in the tropical zone, Nigeria has huge supplies of vegetables and fruits. There are many local Nigerian fruits you will not find elsewhere but in Nigeria. You can use these Nigerian fruits and vegetables to prepare juices and herbs that are both medicinal and nutritious. Some of the fruits to look out for if you should travel to Nigeria include monkey cola, tiger nuts, pawpaw, and local strawberries.

7. Travel to Nigeria

capital of nigeria Nigeria is currently undergoing a nationwide curfew because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This curfew starts from 10 pm-4 am. You will have to wear a face mask and maintain social if you are to leave your home. Si, it is encouraging to travel to Abuja Nigeria, now if you want to go around to see the beauty of the country. There is a punishment given to defaulters, and it can be very embarrassing. Currently, some domestic flights in Lagos Nigeria and Abuja are resuming, and it is expected others will follow. You will have movement restrictions if you travel to Nigeria. Going around the country with motorcycle taxis or regular taxis is not safe though you can hire a local driver's services. You can't leave for another country from Nigeria as international flights are canceled. If you need a Nigeria visa, you should know that there is a temporary visa suspension too. 

8. You can do almost everything

beautiful sunset Nigeria is a huge country in Africa, with 356,669 square miles. The country is much bigger than the state of California in the USA. This is a country where you can do almost everything with only a few restrictions. Where to visit in Nigeria? There are different extensive forests, beautiful cities, hotels, recreational centers, and incredible wildlife to visit. You will equally see street markets, national parks, beaches, architectural treasures, water parks, and many exciting gems to go to. The freedom you enjoy in Nigeria is not common in other countries, and if you need such a freestyle, then you should travel to Nigeria.

9. Medication

african medical doctor The medication used in other countries can be considered illegal in Nigeria, even when a doctor prescribes it. If you are taking such medication, you should not come to Nigeria. Before you travel to Nigeria or decide what to do in Nigeria, do research to know things that are considered controlled or illegal. Ignorance is never an excuse. Don't bring such substances here as you might be charged to court. If, on the contrary, your life depends on it, come with a doctor's prescription. The doctor's prescription must show information about the medication, its dosage and meant for only personal use.

10. Most populous country in Africa

yellow transport Well, As the country in Africa with the largest population, you should travel to Nigeria as there are many things to learn. Are you wondering what language is mostly spoken in Nigeria? The country's official language is English, but Nigeria has 521 languages. This makes Nigeria be of the three most multilingual countries in the world. The other two countries are Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Nigeria is a must-visit if you are a lover of languages or one who learns and teaches languages. With over 170 million people living in the country, you can meet many people and build good and lasting relationships. One thing about Nigerians is their friendliness and openness. So, don't be shy; interact with many of the citizens when you travel to Nigeria. There are different reasons people leave their destination or country to travel to another country. Nigeria, which has the largest population, is one of the countries tourists and others visit for different reasons. Like almost every other country, there are reasons you should or should not travel to Nigeria. This article you just read is a clue to help you make your traveling decision to Nigeria better.

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