10 things I wish I knew before going to Nigeria

Gunel Eyvazli 11 December 2020 1203 views 5 min. read

The Federal Republic of Nigeria locates on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. This country has a boundary with Chad, Benin, Niger, and Cameroon. Most people know how to travel to Nigeria by a variety of airlines going to Nigeria. Most countries are eligible for Nigeria e-visa. If you wonder what language is spoken in Nigeria - it is English. The country has local languages as well. Nigeria is one of the ports in Africa, thus has particular importance in both transportation and tourism. Tourists choose unique spots in Nigeria to be dazzled by the beauty of Nature. There are a lot of Airlines going to Nigeria, as it is a significant tourist destination in Africa. You will lose track of time in Nigeria because the country is a multinational state. The wide range of cultural influence by every nation brings out an astonishing and unique mixture of cultures. Meals of Nigeria are so famous that if someone asks where is Nigeria, he can be considered a massive fan of Nigerian cuisine. Nigeria population is more than any other country in Africa and is the seventh in the world. The economy of Nigeria is one of the most branched in the world. The government is a gateway for American products and accounts for 20% of oil production in the sub-Saharan region. Different climates exist in the country; thus, other vegetation systems are applied in different parts of the country. 

1. Friendly culture


Welcome to the energetic country. The people of Nigeria are friendly and outgoing. People love to have a cherishing atmosphere everywhere. Even the locals call someone from different races- oyinbo. They are pretty generous and welcoming towards tourists. In the capital of Nigeria, you might see people wave at you and call oyinbo with a smiling and welcoming face. Oyinbo is used endearingly. Nigerians rarely welcome someone from different ethnicity, so they often say Hi in the bustling streets and market places. If you are an introvert, Travel to Nigeria might seem weird for you. People might come closer to you and touch your shoulder to respect you as a guest of their country. Most naive travelers might think they are always arguing as people speak loudly in the streets, but they are not. It is usual for some cultures in the world. If you search what language is spoken in Nigeria before coming to the country, you would be surprised. It is English; you do not need a tourist guide here.

2. Spicy meals

spicy mealLagos

and Abuja are densely populated cities of the country. There you literally can find every kind of food from Japan, Indian to French. Chinese foods are famous in Nigeria because of their spiciness. Nigerian food is so delicious and has an eccentric taste. Nigeria population loves meals with meat and lots of spice and starch. Their cuisine is diverse as its people. You can`t easily find vegetarian people here, but pretty many meals can be found without meat. Do not hesitate to ask your host to prepare something excellent for you.

3. Public transportation


Generally, in Africa, transportation is a problem. Nigeria is not much different than the others. Public transport is available, but not well maintained; buses come and go in different time schedules. It will be a different experience for someone who travels to Nigeria to understand the country’s living standards and well-being level. Danfo is a public transportation type in Nigeria, which will give you a full perspective of the country. If you like to travel conveniently, local taxis, uber, and Taxify may be an option for you. Some people book a tour beforehand when they move to Nigeria. If it is the case for you, do not worry whether it is safe to travel to Nigeria.

4. Be aware of the money to use in the country


Nigeria is a pretty developed country if you compare it to most African countries. Cashless payment is possible and even preferred in the country. Some small cities might be unreliable; thus, payment with a card is a good option for you. But do not rely that much on cards, so paying with a card can be impossible for some small retailers. ATMs are in the vicinity of the capital of Nigeria centers and most parts of the city. Local guides might help you a good deal with your money. Right after reaching the country by airlines in Nigeria, you should exchange some money to local currency.  

5. Nigeria is somehow a religious country


There are members from almost all religions in Nigeria. Even though Nigeria is a secular country, Islam and Christianity are principal religions. Nigeria population implements their spiritual views in daily life. You can see retailers worshipping, doing sujood in their shops. Other local belief systems preserve their existence in the country. If you attend a meeting, you can see some people implement their religious activity, and it is completely welcoming for most citizens. You can see beautiful mosques and churches all around the country. You know how to travel to Nigeria safely and securely by respecting local traditions.

6. Add a little bit of chaos

nigerian man

Traveling across the country, you might notice that some groups of the Nigeria population provide electricity and water for themselves, as it is not centrally regulated. Also, you can see in the middle of nowhere how police emerge and stop a car to ask something and give direct instructions.  However, do not hurry to judge the country with what you see. Unlike Delhi in India, most of these things are in line with regulations. Some people can avoid centralized electricity systems and use their generators for electricity. Of course, you can ask is it safe to travel to Nigeria or not. Police and national security representatives often visit these exceptional people, check if everything is ok and secure, and give few directions. Your time in Nigeria would be amazing if you know how to spend it.

7. The poor and the rich

black wallet

As in many areas, the country is a mix of contradictions. You can see flamboyant people in the same square, showing off their cars, homes and representing “elite” people. The next door is a house of a normal, middle-income family. Some people compete with the British aristocratic lifestyle while others struggle to build an average house. Nigeria is more developed than other African countries. Parties and weddings remind those in the UK and France. Members of different castes speak the same language does no matter what language is spoken in Nigeria.

8. Take your vaccines

red vaccination

In most African countries, the hospitality level is low. Although Nigeria is more developed than many of them, you still need to be cautious. Nigeria’s climate is tropical, so you might face some tropical bugs and mosquitoes. Visit your doctor before moving to the country, and take vaccines by your side. Yellow fever and diarrhea are the most prevalent diseases to fight against in tropical regions. If you don’t know where is Nigeria, visit tropical places; note that insects can cause diarrhea. Wash your hands more often than you do in your home, and do not eat before washing your hands. Don’t turn your time in Nigeria into something unbearable by just neglecting possible health dangers.

9. Safety first

safety nigeria

Most people ask, is it safe to travel to Nigeria as, in most African regions, there can be several disturbing cases. Bombings and kidnap do not happen frequently. Cities are vibrant, and people love to move at the speed of light. You might wonder why most runners are Africans. Those people are born to reach from one place to another. If you want to visit the North East of the country, you can have some trouble with terrorists. The government protects these regions, but still, it is safer not to travel to these regions. The capital of Nigeria is the safest city in the country and welcomes many tourists annually.

10. Climate

nigeria climate

In an area where is Nigeria local climate type is tropic. It is always sunny, not only in Philadelphia but in Nigeria. If you love to hike under the sun and clear sky, welcome to Nigeria. Some places differ in the temperature of the weather. Jos is a pretty cool city, and Borno is hot enough, but it never snows. Enjoy your time in Nigeria by visiting several parts of the country. Humidity is high, and you cannot easily hike or go somewhere to buy something, as you will be completely wet. Regions have slightly different weather types. Harmattan region sees dry and cool weather from November to March. It is no more secret how to travel to Nigeria and see various climates at the same time. A diverse climate condition in the country is a sign of a bunch of natural resources. It is not only because the country is located on the shore, but natural resources brought foreign investment to the country.

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