10 wedding anniversary travel ideas for couples

10 wedding anniversary travel ideas for couples

Aytan Akhundova18 October 20212458 views8 min. read
10 wedding anniversary travel ideas for couples

Regardless of how many years or decades have passed since you said, "I do," an anniversary trip is an ideal way to re-energize any committed partnership. An anniversary vacation is a great way to spend quality time with your partner in a beautiful location, whether you're commemorating your wooden anniversary with a first-time visit or reliving your honeymoon after 25 years. What about those couples who are approaching their ruby anniversary? It can add some much-needed excitement and surprise to your marriage. What is the best travel ideas? Check out “Services” section full of useful visa information, and then you are ready to go!

1. 5 year anniversary travel ideas

man and woman in the store

The first trip after the 5 year anniversary travel is a breath of fresh air for a couple! Luckily, you've got us, and we've found a place for you where the stress goes away: Morocco's Fez. The old walled city has stalls selling spices and handicrafts in the Medina, and the locals put on a show for your senses. The scaffolding of crumbling buildings will soon be forgotten once you cross the threshold of Bou Inania Madrasa, founded in 1350 and recently renovated, one of the few religious sites in Morocco to which non-Muslims are allowed.

The real assault on your senses happens when you visit the beautiful Shuar. The strongest smells and vivid colours (the roofs are covered with honeycomb-like colourful dye vats) will be remembered for a long time. You'll find it's impossible not to fall in love with Morocco.

2. For nature lovers, Big Sky, Montana

snowmobilers view

Live your dreams of adventure at Big Sky Resort in Montana or among the majestic scenery of Yellowstone National Park, where you will feel like a bug, especially when you encounter bison, big grouse, wolves, and bears. Go on a dog-sledging expedition in winter and go rafting in Gallatin Canyon in summer. For romantic lodging, try glamping in chic tents or the more conventional but no fewer romantic options like lodges, ranches and hotels near Yellowstone Park.

After the ride up and down Mt Lawn, treat yourself to a comfy pair of cowboy boots from Carter's Boots in Bozeman before chilling out in a nearby bar with a pint or two of local beer.

3. Fun travel ideas for couples

people playing soccer

If your partner is a team player, buy green and yellow football jersey with your name and get on the next plane to Rio. Even beginners will find something to suit their taste, and adrenaline levels are running high - whether it's paddle surfing in the canal waters off Tijuca near Praia dos Amores or hang gliding from Mount Pedra Bonita.

Copacabana is ideal for Footvolley (a hybrid of football and beach volleyball) games and for working out with the athletic inhabitants of Rio at the special outdoor exercise areas. On the AtivoRio website, you can sign up for a football match - and play alongside the locals - or join a site running group - a hybrid of sport and excursion - perfect for super active couples.

4. For couples with children - St Lucia

couple on luxury vacation

Even if you've been an adult and responsible parent for a long time, there's still a child hiding somewhere in the back of your mind. Everyone in your family will be perfectly happy in Gros Islet. Babies love the beaches and children's clubs in the hotels or go all out and have fun at the ropes course parks. Snorkelling in Rodney Bay is both fun and educational - where else can you learn about sea life. For the romantic element of the trip, drop the kids off at a kids' club and head to the sulphur springs at Soufriere, where you can mud wrap each other up or cuddle and kiss at Toireye Falls.

5. Fun travel ideas for couples – Part 2

couple of surfers at the beach

If you're a fun-loving couple, then Sitges is the place for you. This party town, only 40 minutes away from Barcelona, was coveted by artists and bohemians in the past and is now one of the most fun places to party. Plan your trip to Sitges during the low season if endless parties and dance beats don't appeal to you. The sun is always shining - go in late autumn or even winter, and you'll be well rewarded with empty beaches, along which you can stroll hand in hand, spotting twentieth-century mansions and getting some sun on your face.

6. Cheap travel ideas for couples

people enjoy spring time

A single ticket to Brasov, please! Once you've unearthed this romantic spot in Romania, you might not want to go back home. Cobblestone streets like a fairy tale, alleyways with cafes, colourful shop windows - enjoy simple pleasures like coffee for 9 lei. If your curiosity makes you drive the 30 kilometres to Bran, you'll be rewarded with a tour of the dark corridors of Bran Castle, often called Dracula's Castle.

After the inevitable visit to the Gothic Black Church in Bran, which turned black in a fire in 1689, take the cable car or walk along the alleyways to the top of Mount Tampa and enjoy the view. The perfect place for a commemorative photo is in front of the large white letters a la Hollywood that makes up Brasov, at the top of the hill. Brasov may be a cheap travel ideas for couples but not the boring one!

7. 20th anniversary travel ideas

thai couple standing at daejeo ecological park

If you and your partner crave something unusual as 20th anniversary travel idea, then Seoul is a choice for you! On your first day in the city, you (and many other couples) will probably want to take a photo at the top of the Seoul Television Tower - the outdoor terrace has heart-shaped benches, especially for lovers. It's also hard to get past the endless castles that line the local Wall of Love.

To say that Seoul is romantic is not to say anything. The romance especially kicks in after a visit to the island of Namie, 60 kilometres from Seoul. Planted with poplar and chestnut trees, the island is romantic at any time of year. Step into the DIY Ring Café in the trendy Hongdae district for the perfect ending to the day.

8. For beach-loving couples - 5-year anniversary travel ideas

couple wading at maimon bay

You've made the right choice – Puerto Plata is one of the least tourist-packed cities in the Dominican Republic, complete with paradisiacal beaches. When you're not working your way through life in a room at one of the beachside hotels, take a stroll around this historical town or sunbathe on Bergantine Beach. English-speakers are welcome - offering their services in English with a smile, and the Creole culture - with its African and Caribbean roots - makes itself felt here, with merengue playing in the bars at night, making it almost impossible not to dance. Take a short break for a sip of mamajuana, the rum cocktail credited as an aphrodisiac, and then head back to the dance floor or perhaps to your room.

9. 50th wedding anniversary travel ideas

young couple on boat at plitvice lake

After all these years together, all you may want is to have a good and relaxing time! And to add a little taste to 50th wedding anniversary travel ideas we choose Croatia!

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In Croatian Istria, your ears will crackle the whole time - while you devour plates of white truffles and freshly caught fish. And that is just the beginning. The region's excellent olive oil is veritable liquid gold, lending unforgettable flavours to local dishes like busara (seafood in a sauce) and plucanzi (homemade pasta).

The turquoise waters and emerald countryside around you make for lovely conversation over dessert, provided you can hold your tongue with your mouth full of fritoules. Bring home a suitcase full of food from the market in Rovinj, which sits at the foot of the hill dominated by the 60m-high bell tower of St. Euphemia's Church. Lest anyone doubt the romance of your holiday, buy a bottle of Istrian wine and take the ferry from Rovinj to Venice (it runs in summer).

10. 10 year wedding anniversary travel ideas

young couple happiness jumping

If you don't have kids, you won't ask about babysitting services at the hotel when planning your trip, and you're only interested in having fun. 10 year wedding anniversary travel ideas might be consist of the lightest summer dress and yachting shoes and head to the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Along the white sandy beach, numerous five-star hotels with chic bungalows and no less gorgeous views.

When it comes to romantic getaways, Bora Bora is second to none. Picnic on private beaches, dive with colourful fish, sip vanilla mojitos and feast on yellowfin tuna. When you're done pleasuring yourself, take a helicopter tour over Mount Otemanu or the market town of Papeete on the island of Tahiti.

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