12 Instagrammable places in Gent

12 Instagrammable places in Gent

Abhishek Dwivedi22 July 20204080 views7 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Gent
travel to Belgium, we choose to visit its beautiful cities such as Gent(or Ghent), Brussels, or Bruges. And during the trip to Belgium, we want to take many amazing photos to remember this trip and share those photos on our social media platforms such as Instagram. Gent city is known as the city with the most liked Instagram photo spots in Belgium. The city is a perfect Instagrammable place with many beautiful places, both human-made and natural. Here people do photoshoots with their friends or family members and post these amazing pictures on Instagram.

How to find Instagrammable places in Gent?

architecture and landmark of ghent Now I believe that you must have decided to travel to Gent after knowing about this beautiful city, but you might have a question: What are the top Instagrammable places in Gent to visit? Don't worry. In this article, we will tell you about the top 12 Instagrammable places in Gent and their merits.

1. St Michael's Bridge

st michaels bridge St Michael's Bridge is known as a place of romantic hearts. This place is an example of beauty with the bridge here and Gent's tower near it, which makes this place more attractive. The place is surrounded by attractive beauty from all around. It is a grand historical place, and you will not find similar enchanting beauty anywhere else. Earlier, there was a turntable here, but in the early 20th century, it was converted into a stone arch. You can feel romantic moments by visiting this Instagrammable place.

2. Korenlei

The Korenlei area is arguably the most beautiful reason to travel to Gent. If you want to experience the city of Gent, you should visit the Graslei or Korenlei area of Gent. One must sit in one of the many cafes there and sip a strong beer or a well-made coffee an hour or two away. Along with this, you will get to see the best scenes there. Taking many selfies in this wonderful Instagram place will be awesome to memorize your trip in memories.

3. Gravensteen

gravensteen castle Gravensteen Castle is a magnificent and wonderful fort, the place to delight the mind is also known as Earl Castle. One of the Instagrammable places in Gent - Gravenstein Castle is located in the center of Gent. Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders, built this magnificent fort in 1180. A secret cellar has also been built in this palace; also there is a museum of historical weapons. People come to visit this historic place from very far away and enjoy this wonderful view. Apart from this, in this Instagrammable place, various people do photoshoots to preserve their memories.

4. Lievekaai

lievekaai Lievekaai is a romantic place in the Patershol area of Gent. There are many weeping willows here and those who observe the water and the square. People can now see weeping willows, many ships that were too large to enter the city and used to come; they unloaded their cargo here and returned. The turning basin was filled in around 1830, as trade with Jedwin and Dame became fruitless. In the square (now Children's Place), carts and their horses were taking up space to park trains and trolleys. Therefore, it is also a historical place in Gent. You can choose Gent City as a romantic place for your memorable trip.

5. Vooruit

vooruit arts center Vooruit is located in Gent's center, which is the center of a lively exhibition. This lively exhibition is housed in a 100-year-old historical monument. Visitors who have an interest in history come here more often. Countless cultural events such as concerts, podium performances, parties, book presentations, debates take place at Vooruit since 1982; because of this, the place became more famous. This Instagram worthy place is also known as a meeting place, as many people choose to meet here. There is also a popular cafe, which has a large magnificent courtyard. Many types of food or drinks are available in this cafe. You can enjoy the food here and make a photoshoot to fill your Instagram feed.

6. The Design Museum

design nuseum in gent The Design Museum is one of the best places to visit in Gent. This museum was built in a beautiful 18th-century house and is still located in the same building. The house belonged to a wealthy Flemish family. The original wooden ceilings and adorned walls and ceilings in this museum are well kept, indicating the family property. The 17th and 18th-century furniture are still present in this museum. Additionally, it also has design pieces from the 70s and 80s. This museum is known all over the world for the largest Art Nouveau collection in Belgium. A large courtyard is also available to relax here. Many tourists keep coming here and enjoy the place.

7. Oudburg and Patershol

typical belgian street Patershol area of Gent is famous as a vibrant and fashionable area. It has the most comfortable and delicious cafes and restaurants, which makes it more stunning. The small cobblestone streets of this Instagrammable place is a perfect place to take unique pictures. Oudberg also has a "Zuivelbrug", which is a small pontoon above the water, due to which this area is very popular among Instagrammers. There is never a shortage to roam and eat here, and people come here to roam from very far distances.

8. Portus Ganda

portus ganda Portus Ganda is one of the yacht moorings provided by the Gent City in East Flanders, Belgium. It opened in 2005 to create a destination for people touring the Flemish waterways by boat. The Port's operating office is located next to the new entrance to the Van Eyck swimming pool facing the Veermanplein. If you want to get a fantastic Instagrammable picture, the best time to seize the moment is either at the sunrise or the sunset. In summer, people also come here to meet with friends and have a picnic, as it is a great place to chill and have a picnic by the water.

9. Sint-Baafsplein

clock tower It is another great Instagram worthy place in Gent. Thousands of people come here to roam and photoshoot while they travel to Belgium. At this place, you will see the impressive late Gothic buildings such as Gent's Belfort, Saint Bavo's Cathedral, Saint Nicholas' Church, and the Ghent City Hall. All these buildings are within walking distance. The location is very beautiful and impressive, so you have more chances to take the most amazing pictures from here.

10. St Bavo's Cathedral

man playing music in cathedral The Cathedral of Saint Bavo (also known as the Sint-Baafs Cathedral) is an 89-meter-high Catholic Gothic cathedral in Gent, Belgium. The building of the Gothic church began around 1274. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ghent and named after Bavo of Ghent. Located in Sint-Baafsplein, the Cathedral is one of the Instagrammable places in Gent.

11. Jan Breydelstraat

jan breydelstraat street Jan Breydelstraat is also one of the best places to visit in Gent for an Instagram photo shoot. There are many shops on this street. The items of these shops are visible from their windows. So in the street, you will find the most attractive and Instagram worthy shop windows. Apart from this, even if you do not want to shop, walking on this street itself is a relaxing experience to try. There is also a little hidden park, "Appelbrugparkje", in the middle of this area where you can come and have a wonderful view over the canal and take many memorable pictures for your Instagram feed.

12. Belfry of Ghent

belfry of ghent The 91-meter-high belfry stands on the west side of Sint-Baafsplein and is considered the tallest belfry in Belgium. The construction of the tower began around 1313. Het Belfort is also included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. The Cloth Hall, built on the belfry, was completed in 1907. The flamboyant Brabant Gothic style of the Cloth Hall is one of the most Instagrammable things you can see in your lifetime. Combining all the above places, Gent is a very magnificent and beautiful place to add to your bucket list. If you are planning to travel to Belgium and visit the Gent City, you can choose the best Instagrammable places to make your trip more memorable. Start Your Journey and Enjoy Gent!

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