12 Instagrammable places in Zagreb

Ieva Miltina23 February 20215888 views8 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Zagreb
Croatia! One of the stunning Mediterranean pearls that welcome people with great food, the beauty of nature, and layers of culture. Overlooked by many due to lack of coastline, Zagreb is the capital of this country. And let me tell you one thing. Besides all the fun things to experience, there are just so many Instagrammable places to see in Zagreb! As you may know, Instagram likes are the modern-day currency. Therefore, understanding which are the most appealing places to visit in Zagreb will be way easier knowing that they have been approved by the international Instagram crowd! Here goes an article about some fun things to do in Zagreb and the Instagrammable places to capture when you travel to Zagreb! But before sparking some ideas for ways to earn your most liked Instagram photo, let’s level out the ground with some basic info!

Where is Zagreb?

zagreb It is the capital of Croatia and lies in the northwestern part of this country. Many people will overlook this place as their destination due to where is Zagreb located. Compared to more popular places in Croatia, it does not have direct access to the sea. If you did not know this - sea, islands, and beaches are actually some of the top reasons people travel to Croatia! But let me assure you - the lack of the sea will be balanced out by other magnificent things if you do travel to Zagreb. You will hear about this more!

What are the most common ways to travel to Zagreb?

train Honestly, Zagreb is so well located that it would be stupid to complain about the lack of connections to the rest of Europe. Besides the direct flight connections to the biggest capitals, you can easily reach it by bus, train or even by sea. If you are on a longer trip in the search of your most liked Instagram photo, you can definitely consider visiting Zagreb if you are in Ljubljana, Budapest, or even Vienna. All of these capitals are just a few hours away and Zagreb will be just a great addition to these classic beauties!

What to do in Zagreb?

plitvice lakes park As a tourist, you will not be disappointed. There are so many spectacular places to see in Zagreb! Instagrammable corners here and there, and just about everywhere! Considering what to do in Zagreb, most people will choose to visit the historic landmarks or have a brief visit on the way to Plitvice Lakes. But there is way more to explore! Here below is a short list of particularly nice spots that will be a great intro to this capital of Croatia. And who knows, they might as well serve as an inspiration for the game plan in earning the most liked Instagram photo. After all, you might as well have stayed at home if it hasn’t been on your Insta-feed! 

1. Dolac Market

street market One of my favorite things to do anywhere I go is to visit the market. It is why I will give a dear suggestion. If you are unsure what to do in Zagreb yet, just head to the Dolac Market right away! You will be able to observe the locals in their natural habitat, but your camera will be happy about all the fresh local produce and the vibrant red umbrellas. And don’t forget to feature some of the flowers and the heart-shaped souvenirs to have a memory of this visit! 

2. St. Mark’s Church

st marks church This building is very particular. Being one of the oldest buildings in this city, it is widely recognized for its signature colorful tiled roof. You cannot mistake it for anything else! Besides this fact, it also will be a great color splash on your Zagreb trip feed. Just choose an outfit to match the extravagant mix of the colors and you have a setup for a great photo!

3. Mirogoj Cemetery

historic monument It might seem a little odd to be all excited about a cemetery, but it is definitely one of the places to visit in Zagreb! Often described as one of the most beautiful ones in Europe, it is the resting place for many poets and composers. And what makes it so appealing? The fairytale-like tiled arcades covered in ivy will be a great place to rest and think about the best angles for your next shot!

4. Botanicar

flowers If you are looking for Instagrammable places to wow your foodie/design followers then this is the one! A joy for the eye as well as the camera lens this cute place is inspired by the nearby botanical gardens. Filled with many different plants, green velvet sofas, and accordingly decorated cocktails visiting this Instagrammable spot will be a pleasure for all your senses! And depending on your preference you can choose the angle of your shoot. You want it to be a cafe shot, a design shot, or a lively moment from an event? It is up to you, they have it all!

5. Oktogon

zagreb One of the most popular passages in Zagreb has adopted the name of its beautiful glass roof. Unsurprisingly, the octagonally shaped object will be an amazing feature in your Instagram photos. Just head to the passage that connects Ilica and Floral squares, look up and there it is! A geometric perfection!

6. Gric Tunnel

gric tunnel It has the features of some of the most Instagrammable places. Quirky, original, and photogenic Gric Tunnel is an especially great location during events and art installations. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it was built during WWII to shelter people from air raids. Reopened in 2016 it has become one of the most recognizable places in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

7. Zagreb 360°

tower One of the favorite things for all tourists is the possibility to see the city from above. Therefore, it totally makes sense why this is the most visited tourist attraction in Zagreb. Just go to the 16th floor of Zagreb Skyscraper to get a glimpse at the whole city from the observation deck at the very top of it. And I guess there is no need in saying that this is one of the places to visit in Zagreb if you are aiming for skyline shots!

8. Maksimir Park Viewpoint

park in zagreb Besides being an amazing park for walks and pure enjoyment for a calm day, it also has five lakes to admire. A serene and green island in the middle of the city! It is already a well of opportunities for creating eye-catching images, but there is a particular spot I would like to highlight. The Viewpoint Cafe or Vidikovac is an amazing spot to have a coffee with friends and meanwhile take some great Instagram photos. FYI - the park also houses a zoo and offers a variety of events during summer (like open-air cinema). Sounds great, doesn’t it?

9. Plitvice Lakes

plitvice lakes national park Even though this is technically not one of the things to do in Zagreb itself, this natural beauty is close enough. So, make sure you don’t skip the visit. Located in close vicinity of where is Zagreb, it is one of the most popular attractions for visitors of Croatia. The first national park, Plitvice Lakes of this country features the stunning beauty of 16 interconnected and cascading lakes, but that’s not it. Lush forests, wild animals, waterfalls...everything you would want to make a great photoshoot in nature!

10. Art Pavilion

building This quite distinctive landmark from the 19th century will look great on your Instagram photos both from outside as well as inside. To add another layer to those beautiful architecture shots, visit the venue during some of the major art exhibitions or events!

11. Gradec Plateau

zagreb Yet another spot for the lovers of skyline pictures, this is also one of the most romantic spots of Zagreb. Locals will say it is one of the top things to do in Zagreb - grab a wine at the sunset with someone special and enjoy the beauty of the vibrant city from above. Photos from here will feature some of the most recognizable angles of the Cathedral and the downtown too!

12. Flower square

zagreb architecture Located just a few minutes away from the Dolac market, yet another opportunity to observe very typical local customs. Besides being a beautiful place full of flower vendors, this square is one of the top spots to enjoy Spica. To be more precise - locals getting all fancy (with that I mean - dressed up) and meeting their friends for a Saturday morning coffee and chat in one of the cafes. Just blend in the crowd and feel like a local by having your own #instacoffee moment right there! zagreb Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Ehem, I meant, particularly Instagrammable? Besides all the pretty places to see in Zagreb, you will definitely be in for a treat if you do decide to go there. Just grab a ticket, pack your most valuable photography gear and you might have made the first step to becoming the next Instagram king or queen! Or at least to boosting the interest of your Instagram followers about this somehow less recognized destination...

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