12 Instagrammable places in Helsinki

Aishwari Rout16 July 20203589 views11 min. read
12 Instagrammable places in Helsinki
"Travel to Helsinki" isn't that sound good? Yeah! Each and every person here in this world loves to travel as traveling fills up the memory queue with a lot of exposure and experiences. Often, I used to ask my friends, relatives, family, strangers about traveling. Eager to hear out the reply! Like me, one of my friends answered," Travelling teaches best values of life, it gives you experience about the journey via train or bus or any other transport. When you travel, you come across strangers, visitors, and from them, you get to learn new things about their culture, their point of view, their suggestions, and a lot more stuff. Travelling makes you feel the presence of nature, seasons like spring, summer, winter rainy, etc. With traveling, you can reconnect with nature, leaving behind your daily routine and technology. Just imagine traveling in the middle of the island? Or just think of traveling to a place full of lakes, forests, the whole pack of nature, sounds exciting, right?" And the never-ending talk of my friend goes on. With this, I got a fantastic idea about exploring Finland. Finland also called the land of thousand lakes, a thousand forests, located in northern Europe. Sweden shares the land borders towards West and Russia towards East, Norway towards North and bounded by the Baltic Sea towards the South. Finland is full of places to travel to, the specialty about Finland is that it is season-friendly, as per your convenience you can travel to Finland in any season. In this blog post, I will take you on a tour to Finland. So let's pack up bags and visit Finland. "Helsinki" the capital of Finland, one of the most popular Instagrammable places in Helsinki.

How to find Instagrammable places?

instagram So, let's start exploring, Helsinki, what are you waiting for? Oh, must be wondering what to post on social media? Are their such places liable to click a snap and post up on Instagram or Facebook? No need to worry, I will be screening the most beautiful Instagrammable places before you. Do check out, read out the whole stuff. I will also make a tour to visit other places in Finland apart from Helsinki. Here, I present before you, the finest beautiful Instagrammable places to visit in Helsinki:

1. Helsinki Churches

bird eye view of temppeliaukion church Let's start the journey, visiting the beautiful churches in Helsinki. You must be thinking, it's tedious to start to travel with churches, but trust me, the most amazing place is the church. Temppeliaukio Church is based on modern tradition, made with architectural magic, carved with solid design, comparatively is situated in the center of the city. The church is surrounded by woven copper roofs, supported by concrete spokes. This church is also set up as a venue for musical concerts and acoustics. The other two churches are traditional Cathedral Church; they are Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral and Lutheran Cathedral. Uspensky Orthodox Cathedral rises towards Western Europe; the church serves most of Helsinki's Russian crowd. The church is located above the harbor’s east side, with its green top spires ending with gold domes. The church's interior glows as it's made of gold, icons, crosses, altars, and intricately decorated arches. The other is Lutheran Cathedral Church located at the hilltop behind the harbor and is specifically approached by the sea. The tall green dome and broad steps of the early 19th-century cathedral from Senate Square's majestic focal point. The church buildings completely form a square, with melodious enclosure, it's one of the best places meant to start with parades.

2. Kaisa Library

kaisa library Kaisa Library, one of the largest academic libraries, had ever seen in Helsinki; the library is located in Finland. Kaisa Library is the main library at the University of Helsinki; you must be wondering, is there a need to visit the library, during such a fun time!! But believe me guys, this library's architectural structure will pull you towards the library. Beautiful walls made up of concrete style with a curved brick facade, unified within the street line adjacent by the buildings. Huge public visit this library searching for peace, some knowledge, and few visits to take a snap with the carved buildings. The interior of the building is aligned with open ceilings. The interior of the building creates a proper ambiance with a fascinating spacious staircase and three different apertures. The functional zones of the library are divided as per facilities best suited for the public.

3. National Library of Finland

Another architectural gem is the National Library of Finland, built by the Russian empire, the other largest library in Finland, at the University of HelsinkiWhat's so special in the library? The building of the library is stunning; you will just drop your eye from head to toe. The best time for capturing photos is around the opening time that is 9 am; this will avoid the crowd. The architectural design of the library is carved with a breath-taking marvel look. You can find the library near Senate Square, the best time to visit is 9 am-6 pm. Special events like exhibitions are held in this library usually. Apart from this, you will get some technology-related stuff to hear out like Automated AI events, New acquisitions about the medieval Latin period, and many more. So, catch up with the library, anytime between 9 to 6, and shoot out some beautiful pictures to post.

4. Yes, Yes, Yes

Strange Name!! But the most visited place by the tourist, located in Helsinki. One of the unique cafe and restaurant which serves colorful European cuisine. Let's learn more about it. The restaurant has won a certificate of excellence award in 2019. The restaurant's famous thing is the piping hot tandoor oven in the open kitchen and the focus on bar dining (and drinking). The restaurant serves a pure veggie diet, hot meals ready to serve in lunch, dinner, after hours. The key features of the restaurant are reservation, table service, enjoy alcohol with free wifi connection. Click snaps of European cuisine, wines, and flood your Instagram with the post.

5. Central Railway Station

helsinki central railway station Railway Station, as an Instagram place, sounds weird? Central Railway Station, is the main station located in Finland, Helsinki, the most population of Helsinki are found here. The station was newly designed in 1909 with the demand to modernize it. The awesome sculptures and the building are liable to post it on Instagram with the caption as "Footprints towards Helsinki, the journey started." The famous place, where usually people grab their phones and rush to click the picture, is the two pairs of statues holding the spherical lamps, at night-time, the lamps are lit; just imagine darkness with slight brightness. Along with this, there is a huge clock tower, a few Animated characters, which can be added to the picture.

6. Sibelius Monument

sibelius monument Away from the noise of the city, this monument you will find. In the memory of world-famous composer Jean Sibelius who died in 1957, Sibelius Monument was built. Sibelius Monument is one of the best places for InstagramThe monument is made with 600 steel organ glass pipes, and a surrealist bust of Sibelius is nearby. Though the place is far away from the city, tourists won't leave such a beautiful gem without clicking a snap. Surely, you should visit it, lookup inside, and it feels divine! A bus full of loads, come here to capture snap with the monument.

7. Liberty or Death

mushroom cocktail Liberty or Death, doesn't make sense for newly entered tourists to Helsinki. But due to its immense history, the name is given as Liberty or Death. Once, the statement said by "Patrick Henry, makes all remember about his famous statement Liberty or Death." Liberty or Death, is the Son of Punch's own cocktail bar in the center of Helsinki, at Erottajankatu. After roaming all around in Helsinki, most of the crowd come here to take a sip of a cocktail and enjoy the evening. People unknown about the cocktail world, Liberty or Death, is the best place for them to taste some innovative and colorful cocktail. Most of the residence call up Liberty or Death to hire them as bartenders for their parties. Visit one of the Instagrramble places in Helsinki to know more about the cocktail, and as a bonus admire the interior. Don't forget to click a snap and post it on Instagram. Thousands of events, greetings, shows are held here for interaction with people. Try it!!

8. Levain

levain Levain, the bakery shop located in Helsinki, at Kankurinkatu, is one of the lovely gems which serves European cuisine. Levain has world-famous baked bread; tourists visit here to enjoy colorful pastries, coffees roasted with Kaffa Roastery, the cafe follow great professionalism, and passion: employee serve food, drink, bakery products. You can capture a snap of those pastries, bread, colorful drinks as they are reliable for the perfect Instagrammable post.

9. Suomenlinna

suomenlinna The name itself says Finland is made of thousands of lakes. And Helsinki is full of 330 islands; it's worth your visit at least once. "Suomenlinna Island" is the one which you should visit for sure. Suomenlinna fortress-island was found in the 18th century when Finland belonged to Sweden. Sweden built this fortress to protect the crowd from the Russian Invasion. But since Sweden lost the rule over Finland, Suomenlinna sovereignly belongs to Finland. You can reach Suomenlinna by taking the public ferry from Helsinki Dock, so gear up your phone and click a beautiful ferry snap. There are many places to explore near but the main highlights are King's Gate, The Great Courtyard, Suomenlinna Church, The Dry Dock, Artillery Banks, or Piper's Park. The fortress is surrounded by restaurants, where many visitors chit-chat, take a selfie, and have fun. Suomenlinna is the center of attention for tourists in Helsinki. So, do visit the place, and don't forget to post it up on Instagram.

10. Huvilakatu Street

multicolored facades of buildings Huvilakatu Street is the most favorite Instagrammable place in Helsinki. It's famous due to the buildings across the street with unconventional Nouveau art; most of the buildings have vibrant colors of the rainbow. If this place got skipped from you, then there will be a great loss in cost. To add some creative shooting, you can search for a car parked in front of your favorite house! Just click a snap and shoot up on Instagram.

11. Allas Sea Pool

allas sea pool Pool parties, pool hangouts, swimming are the main part of any tour for any tourists. Traveling all way, and have not attended any pool party, not sounds cool? Allas Sea Pool is located in the middle of Helsinki; at Katajanokanlaituri, it is like a gardenlike oasis in Helsinki's heart. Perfect place to hang out with friends, enjoy food and drinks at pool site, roam around terrace, and get an enlarged view of the pool with wind whispers. In addition to swimming, one of the Instagrammable places - Allas Sea Pool offers bathing in the Saunas and many options for wellness. There are three swimming pools; one pool is allocated for children too. Enjoy the warm pool at Allas Sea Pool, don't forget to click snaps near the pool site with sunlight, liable to post it on Instagram. The Saunas at Sea pool adds a unique spot to enjoy the Sauna's warmth in the heart of Helsinki.

12. Kiasma Art Museum

kiasma art museum Kiasma is part of the Finnish National Gallery, located at Mannerheimintie in Helsinki. Kiasma is a fellow art museum famous for its collections and gallery; tourists visit this place to explore contemporary art collection and the latest work. The count of work is near around 8000 collections. To visit the place, you have to buy tickets, the museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm. Monday, it remains shut. The art collection itself acts as a cherry on the cake; you can click plenty of pictures for your Instagram post. Kiasma Art showcases all types of collections here. So, the above-mentioned are the most Instagrammable places that you can surely visit while travel to Helsinki. Take snaps of these Instagrammable places and add up to your Instagram. These are the best 12 Instagrammable places to visit in Helsinki, Finland. Let's explore a few other tourist attraction places in Finland:

Santa Claus Village

santa claus village Santa Claus Village is an amusement park located in Rovaniemi in the Lapland region of Finland. It's been said that Santa Claus visits the village every year to complete some mission of children, enhance the kindness of grown-ups, and spread up the message of goodwill and love. You can get to see here, the Santa's reindeer or the huskies or can visit the Elf's farmyard. Also, visit the magical line of the Arctic circle. The list also includes a few other Instagrammable places such as Northern lights, Aland, Levi, Savonlinna, Turku Nuuksio National Park, Tampere, Porvoo.

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