15 Best tips for budget travel in the world

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15 Best tips for budget travel in the world

There's nothing difficult about making your trip on a budget. A little planning and a few savings secrets are all it takes. Airfare, hotels, transport, food, communication - you can cut costs on all these items if you try a little harder. Discover our best budget travel tips and be ready for your next journey!

1. Travel on your own!


The first (and most important) law: don't be afraid to travel on your own. It's easy, it's fun, it's cheap. Traveling on your own is not only possible but necessary! Only an independent trip can be considered a real trip, everything else is a tourist holiday. Everyone can make a great trip for themselves; you just need a little self-sufficiency. Check out our blog for planning self-guided trips to different countries and cities, and if you need to learn everything about the visa policy of a country you are planning to visit, make sure to check the "Services" section. We promise there you will find all the information you need for a stress-free visa process.

Going on a package holiday, you're limiting yourself, and you're unlikely to get as many experiences and memories as you would from traveling on your own. However, we understand that many people aren't ready to make an independent trip (especially abroad). Anyway, a package is better than going nowhere at all! A package holiday can also be budget-friendly. To learn how to find such offers and how to have a low-cost vacation, you can read our next budget travel tips for finding low-cost tours.

2. Find the Cheapest Flights

airplane inside

Knowing how to find and book airline tickets at the lowest price possible is the most necessary tip for traveling on a budget. The main rule to always remember is that the earlier you purchase, the better your chances of finding an attractive flight.

The best way to find flight tickets is to use the Skyscanner metasearch engine - it'll find you the best deals on any destination. It's a good helper for independent travelers as it searches among hundreds of airlines and doesn't charge a penny to the buyer. This search engine makes it possible to see the price of tickets to any country from all cities in Europe (or any other country) at once - a very convenient function for the ones who are searching for tips for traveling on a budget—allowing you to find the best option at the best price.

3. Free offers

travel by car

Explore free things you can do: city passes are often a great deal, not only do they give you free and discounted access to various attractions, but they can also give you free rides on public transport around the city. This is especially valid for tips for budget travel in Europe, as there you can find various free options for the travelers.

4. Look for and book accommodation correctly


To make your trip cheap, you need to find inexpensive accommodation. You can use the excellent metasearch engines online and choose the right hotel according to your criteria and reasonable price. This resource compares prices among different booking agencies and finds the best deals—a large database of hotels, hostels, guest houses, etc.

An alternative to hotels and a classic tips for budget travel in Europe is the popular private accommodation service Airbnb.com. Try to find a flat or house for your trip. It's much more comfortable and often cheaper (especially if traveling in a group or family). The service offers a huge selection of unique accommodations (beautiful flats, villas, and even residential boats and castles!), which will make your trip much more enjoyable and memorable.

And for those who want to live for free at all, Couchsurfing is a vital resource where, after registering and creating a personal profile, you can find people willing to host travelers. The network reaches millions of users around the world.

5. Travel light

man carrying luggage

Take only what you need - don't burden yourself with unnecessary luggage. This can be one of the best budget travel tips and have several advantages: no need to wait long hours for the luggage claim, no fear of losing it, no need to pay for excess luggage (and the low-cost airlines always charge for any luggage separately and can cost you up to a hundred euros), and moving around the airport and at your destination will be much easier and more pleasant if you do not have to drag along a huge suitcase and bag.

6. Ask about airport transfers in advance


Taxis are always the most expensive way to get around, and it's much more advantageous to use public transportation: buses, subways, and trains. Consider all options for getting from the airport to the city before you take off - you'll save a lot of money.

But sometimes it is more convenient and cheaper to get a private transfer - especially if you are traveling with a large group and have booked a car with several people. In these cases, you can rent a car at the airport (you can find the best deals at Rentalcars.com).

7. Overnight travel instead of a hotel

hotel room

Overnight travel by train or bus makes traveling cheaper. This is a good opportunity to take "How to travel on a low budget tips" to the next level, save time and money on the hotel at the same time. First-class tickets are better - you'll pay a little extra, but you'll be comfortable, and you'll get a good night's sleep. Buses are not as comfortable, so it's best not to overdo it and plan your daily overnight commute - your body will thank you. However, some slipper buses feature lie-flat cushioned shelves instead of standard seats. It's certainly an excellent option for budget travel without loss of comfort.

In Europe, it's also convenient to travel on trains for short distances, picking up overnight journeys.

Are you traveling with your family? Budget travel tips, Europe with kids, family-friendly countries…these are the topics that might interest you! We recommend you check our services section to learn everything about the country you are traveling to with your family in advance as kids require everything to be planned perfectly!

8. Use discounts

customer paying with contactless credit card

How to create a travel budget? Check all the discount and free options before the travel and include them in your budget cut plan. Groupon allows you to buy significantly discounted coupons for various things and activities: restaurants, shops, entertainment, attractions, outdoor activities, etc. If you are a student, a young teacher, or just under 30 years old, you can get an ISIC, ITIC, or IYTC card. In Europe and North America, you can get great discounts on these cards in various places from cafes to museums.

9. Save on the communication


Use Skype or WhatsApp to keep in touch with Europe. Get connected to a local provider for local calls and 3G internet. By the way, you can also use Skype to call any landline or mobile number - these calls are chargeable but inexpensive and can save a great amount of money, so make sure o add this option in "How to create a travel budget? "plan we have mentioned above.

10. Use public transport tickets


One of the most important tips for traveling Europe on a budget is transport related. Find out about the public transport ticket system. There are usually many types of tickets available, depending on the mode of transport, validity period, and travel zones. Think about which type of pass is best for you. If you want to save money and decide to travel by fare evasion, consider that the penalties for stowaways are very high in many countries (especially in Europe). Also, many popular tourist cities have special museum cards that offer discounts on sightseeing and allow you to avoid queues.

11. Organise your own tours

ountaineering man

It's always cheaper to get to the place you want to visit without agencies and guides, plus you make your plan - no need to adjust to a set schedule and rhythm. And if you want to save on all the information and tips for traveling Europe on a budget make sure to read the articles written by the locals living across the region.

This budget travel tip and Europe with kids go perfectly together like this way you can plan the tour according to your family preferences and don't follow the inflexible schedules.

12. Eat at local restaurants


Low budget travel tips will always include food-related advice. Eat cheap and great food when you travel! Tourist-friendly restaurants tend to be exorbitant in price. However, in the places favored by locals, you'll find authentic food, minimal prices, and the tastiest dishes. If you see many local customers at a restaurant or a cafe, it must be a great place to eat.

13. Bring your own food

serving meal

It's no secret that the prices at airports are exorbitant. Especially hard on the pockets of those who wait a long time at the airport for their connecting flight. Be smart and take some fruit and sandwiches with you.

14. Don't forget your insurance

signing insurance form

Medical care abroad isn't cheap. Even the slightest illness can be very expensive. You should bring a medical kit just in case. A few pills of painkillers or activated charcoal are never a waste.

15. Bring cash with you

giving credit card

A credit card is very handy and should be on hand, but do note that it will charge you an additional percentage, usually between 2-5% of the purchase price if you have a credit card.

Don't forget about currency conversion. In most cases, if you are abroad, your money will first be converted into dollars or euros, and then again, but in the local currency, so you lose on the double conversion, which is not ideal after following all other low budget travel tips!

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