12 Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik

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12 Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik
Where is Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik is a fabulous place, located on the Adriatic Sea coast in Croatia. The city is called the “pearl” of the Adriatic, and there you can enjoy the picturesque scenery, architectural sights, and delicious Croatian cuisine. Lately, Dubrovnik has become very popular among tourists. After all, it was this area that became the Royal Harbor in the world-famous series Game of Thrones. If you have visited this fantastic area, you should make a photo collection for Instagram. The most popular and exciting Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik are selected in this article. So, where to take an Instagram photo in Dubrovnik?

1. Palace of the Sponza, or Divon

palace of the sponza For an Instagram photo against the background of a historically significant building visit Palazzo Spontania. The Palace of the Sportz, or Divona, is an architectural monument of Dubrovnik that is made in the individual Gothic style. Today, the building serves as an archive and museum. Previously, the palace premises were used for different needs of the government, and after a strong earthquake, the building underwent a lengthy restoration. You can find the Palace of the Sponza in Dubrovnik on the Lodge Square on the left side. Every year thousands of tourists come here to visit the summer city festival. This place can be rightly considered an Instagrammable place. On the background of the Palace of the Devon, you can take unrealistic fairytale photos. Gothic style mixed with early Renaissance style and extraordinary landscapes against the backdrop of mountains will help you to create a beautiful collection of images from the remarkable country of Croatia.

2. Palace of Rectors

palace of rectors The Palace of Rectors is another fantastic architectural monument of Dubrovnik. It is a beautiful place where you can take a lot of bright and memorable photos for Instagram and not only. The view of the building is relatively restrained, again in the Gothic style. The palace was built in the 15th century. Now it is only a museum, which is annually visited by thousands of tourists. It is worth noting that near the palace you can take unique Instagram photos. In the museum rooms, you can also take pictures against the background of antique furniture, which has retained its original appearance. The Palace of Rectors has a lot of beautiful antiques and paintings, which can be viewed and photographed for hours. If you need sea views, then it is worth visiting the prison guard room and the Senate Hall, which are located in the east wing, and from which you can see the sea scenery. The Palace of Rectors in Dubrovnik is Croatia’s architectural museum place, and every traveller and blogger who comes to take many beautiful photos will love it. Be sure to visit the palace in Dubrovnik, if you want to feel the rich historical past of Croatia.

3. Cable car in Dubrovnik

cable car The cableway is built on Mount Srdj. During the war, the road was utterly destroyed, and in 2010 it was rebuilt. Now it is wildly popular among tourists from other countries because from the cable car the whole city can be seen in all its beauty. The aerial tramway has two cabins, which carry 30 people at a time. The aerial tramway takes only 4 minutes, and the upper station is more than 400 meters above sea level. While climbing and descending, there is spectacular scenery on the sea. Also, there is a view of the Imperial Fortress, the Old Town, the Lapad peninsula. At the top, there is an observation deck and a cosy restaurant for tourists. The views from the cable car are stunning, and the city can be seen in the palms of your hand. It is the place where you can take many sea breathtaking Instagram photos for your social networks. The cable car is worth a visit; the main thing is not afraid of heights.

4. Church of Saint Blaise

blaise church The unique Catholic church on the Lodge Square in Dubrovnik is a historical place with something to see and take pictures of. The temple is built in the Baroque style and is dedicated to the Dubrovnik city defender, Vlaha, a doctor and bishop, who died defending his religion. It is a historical and religious place, filled with a real spirit of faith. The temple keeps the objects of art of that time; the altar is decorated with the statue of St. Vlaha, which was made of pure silver in the 15th century. After visiting St. Blaise, you will get a lot of vivid emotions and memories. It is the place in Dubrovnik that will be remembered for its unique atmosphere. The original architecture of the temple, unique images and beautiful landscapes around the building are all that you need for the exciting history of Instagram. Stock up on time, and you will fill your account with delightful pictures.

5. Lopud Island

lopud island Lopud Island is the best places in Dubrovnik. Previously, the island hosted the fleet; now it is one of the best places to visit in Croatia, where Georgić-Mainer Park is located. What is this park known for? First of all, it is a picturesque nature - high pines, roses, cactuses, and various ornamental plants. Magnificent landscapes - mountains and hills, decorate Lopud Island. In these Instagrammable places, you can take a lot of great photos for your Instagram feed. Prepare your best images because this area will allow you to organize a magnificent photoshoot. The most famous island monument is the Architecture Monument. It is a monastery, which is located on top of the mountain, where ferries moor. It is a historical and the best places in Dubrovnik for photo and video shooting. On the famous sandy beach Lopud, you can have a good rest, swim in the Adriatic Sea and also take a couple of bright pictures in the beach style. Lopud Island has many hotels and guest houses, where every traveller can stay for the weekend. If you have some free time, be sure to visit Lopud Island and take pictures of the highlights. Your Instagram followers and friends will be delighted with such attractive posts.

6. Lokrum Island

cruise ship The small island of Lokrum is located off the coast of Dubrovnik. The area of the island is only 0.7 km2, but it can rightly be considered an Instagrammable place in Dubrovnik. Lokrum is an island with a rich history and magnificent views. Why not take some memorable most liked Instagram photos? You can get to the island by ferry, which runs from Dubrovnik every half an hour. Upon arrival to the island, you will be surprised by the local nature, in particular by a large number of birds and animals. So on Lokrum beautiful peacocks walk freely, with them you can make a lot of cool shots and feed delicacies from your hands. Also, you will meet other exotic animals on the island, with which you will want to take Instagram photos. On the island Lopud, there is a beautiful Dead Lake with salt water, where you can enjoy the summer coolness and have a good time. The beach on the lake is rocky, and you can also organize a photoshoot for the Instagram blog. After an exhausting photo shoot, you can relax in a local restaurant on the island, which offers delicious Croatian delicacies. Unique island Lokrum is a combination of deep forests, rocky beaches and exotic flora and fauna. If you are looking for a place to take a most liked Instagram photo in Dubrovnik, you should visit this Instagrammable place. You will be surprised by the extraordinary natural beauty!

7. Lovrienac Fortress

dubrovnik If you are planning to travel to Dubrovnik, you have probably thought about what to see in Dubrovnik. The next tip on this topic is to visit Lovrijenac Fortress to take a lot of exciting Instagrammable photos. This fortress is the cultural treasure of the city, which used to be the protector of Dubrovnik. It is also called local Gibraltar, all because it is located behind the city wall on a separated cliff 30 meters above the sea. The fortress is named after St. Lawrence, and today the place is used as a summer12 Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik. If you are in Dubrovnik, visit this fortress regardless of the season. Both in summer and winter, it offers a stunning landscape on the sea from its terrace. Many most liked Instagram photos are guaranteed to you! Lovrienac Fortress is very popular among tourists, although it is located on the edge of the city. Breathtaking views and rich history of this place will make your tour unforgettable.

8. Main street Stradun in Dubrovnik

stradun street Stradun street is the main street in the city, which is open exclusively to pedestrians. You can rightfully call this place Instagrammable because it is this street in the town where you can take many cute Instagram photos to surprise your friends. Polished clean paving stones and a lot of exciting tourist objects on Stradun, make this street wildly popular among tourists who travel to Dubrovnik for impressions. Small restaurants, street musicians and just walking along the road, Dubrovnik locals - all this makes Stradun a cosy and attractive place where you can walk for a long time and spend a pleasant time with friends or even alone. The city’s central street has a rich history, but today it is primarily a place for recreation for city residents and guests.

9. An unusual aquarium in Dubrovnik

fortress houses the maritime museum and aquarium Are you looking for a great place to relax for the whole family, where you can take a lot of really cool pictures to remember? Then it would help if you went to the aquarium (oceanarium), which is located in the old town area, near the lighthouse. The feedback about the aquarium is extremely positive because this Instagrammable place is excellent and you will have a lot of emotions after you visit it. The aquarium has several halls and just a vast number of sea residents. This place in Dubrovnik is worth to visit not only for photos.

10. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

cathedral assumption of the virgin mary It is another famous architectural and spiritual monument in Dubrovnik. You won`t be able to pass by this cathedral for sure. It is a fantastic place where every visitor can admire the unique architecture. Entrance to the cathedral is free, but it is prohibited to take pictures inside. However, the outside of the building also looks very impressive, and if you pick up an interesting angle, you can take unique Instagrammable photos.

11. Daksa Island

daksa uninhabited island According to local legends, on the island of Daksa, there are ghosts. It is a small island 300 meters from the Dubrovnik coast. Can it be considered an Instagrammable place? Yes, because here you can not only take mystical Instagram photos but also write your own story about the island. Interesting facts are that no one will offer you official excursions to this island. Besides, nobody has even spent the last 50 years here. Indeed, all stories related to the island are mysterious and shrouded in mysticism. If you are not afraid of ghosts, then visiting this island must be included in the list of attractions of the city. Here, unique photos and unforgettable sensations are guaranteed for everyone.

12. Fort Bocar

bokar fort The second name of this fort is Zvezdan; it is the architectural monument of Dubrovnik, a popular Instagrammable place among tourists from all over the world. This city-building belongs to the defensive architecture and previously performed an exclusively protective function. The fortress was built in two floors and is made in traditional cylindrical form. The building has preserved its present appearance since 1570. Against the background of the memo, you can take many exciting pictures from different angles. Bokar Fort completes our review of 12 Instagrammable places in Dubrovnik. There is something to see in Dubrovnik for everyone who plans to travel to Croatia soon. If you didn’t know where is Dubrovnik before and didn’t even think about going there, then after reading this article, you will want to take a tour of this city. Dubrovnik is a bright picturesque area with a lot of architectural monuments that have been attracting travellers for many years. The 12 Dubrovnik’s historic sites are certainly not all its attractions. You can take beautiful Instagram photos in this city at every step. It is a lovely area with unique nature and historical buildings. Do you agree?

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