5 best boutique hotels in Iceland

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5 best boutique hotels in Iceland
apply for iceland visa If there is one thing that the majority of our readers can agree on, it is that Iceland is a must-see destination for their next vacation! However, before we get too enthusiastic and start packing our bags and preparing our winter clothes, there is one tiny detail to consider prior to your travel to Iceland. Yes, you are correct; we are talking about the Iceland visa. We well realize how difficult it can be to plan an entire trip on your own while also chasing down Iceland visa requirements. Also, please do not forget to check the attached website to see if you are qualified to travel to Iceland without obtaining a visa at all: Pickvisa.com. In any case, you can browse to the "Services" section of the website and select your country of origin and destination if you need more information on Iceland visa laws or are having trouble with your application process. As you can see from the title, in this blog, our focus will be a little bit different, and we will mainly concentrate on picking the 5 best boutique hotels in Iceland, we will also try to answer questions such as "how much are hotels in Iceland?". However, what are even boutique hotels? To put it one way, a boutique hotel is a small, intimate facility that features luxury design elements and a personal touch. It has a distinct personality that distinguishes it from other hotel chains and that customers can only get from that boutique hotel. It keeps true to its roots by giving tourists outstanding and ultra-personal service, frequently found in a sophisticated metropolitan location. In the 1980s, boutique hotels first arose in major cities like London, New York, and San Francisco. International hotel chains began to build luxury boutique sub-brands to profit on the sector's growth. However, they are currently less popular, and travellers find it difficult to discover authenticity there most of the time. Now that we've learned what boutique hotels are, it's time to figure out which ones are the best to stay in when visiting Iceland.

1. The Retreat Hotel at Blue Lagoon Iceland

retreat hotel Copyright: @bluelagoonis The Blue Lagoon, or "Blaa Loni" in Icelandic language, is an outdoor spa open for relaxation throughout the year. The lagoon's reportedly curative waters were discovered during construction, making it one of Iceland's most visited attractions. It is located a little more than a half-hour south of Reykjavik. Its therapeutic waters and picture-perfect scenery will tempt you to schedule the next ticket to Iceland just to take a bath in this beautiful lagoon. While visiting the Blue Lagoon is a must-do in Iceland, living in one of the hotels in Iceland Blue Lagoon is a unique experience. The spacious suites at the Retreat have been elegantly decorated in a Nordic minimalism style that makes The Retreat Hotel one of the best hotels in Iceland Blue Lagoon. Expect earthy tones and finishes that are in tune with nature and make you feel at ease. View the rugged lava fields and, in some suites, the tempting turquoise seas via the walls of glass. You'll have lots of opportunities to practice self-care during your stay. Join daily yoga classes and guided floatation, go on guided hikes to learn more about the area, and relax at the Retreat Spa. The cavernous spa, a world-class wellness centre divided into several relaxing zones, is the resort's main asset. The Spa Restaurant's light menu of sushi, salads, and other light fare is hampered by the restaurant's location: it's effectively a corridor connecting the spa reception and amenities, which amble customers in robes past.

2. Hotel Ranga

hotel ranga Copyright: @kristjanpv Another one of the luxury hotels in Iceland is Hotel Ranga situated about two hours from Reykjavík. There's not much in the immediate area, bar waterfalls, volcanoes, lava meadows. Furnishings are comfortable, though, and the overall feel is homely, peaceful and welcoming. Just five minutes from the hotel is a state-of-the-art observatory, and there are also three outdoor hot tubs that overlook the river. The hotel's 51 guest rooms are separated into three categories, as standard, deluxe, and suites, and are connected by lengthy, minimally furnished corridors. The ordinary and deluxe rooms are sparsely furnished, with wooden floors and walls, but they are warm and inviting. All travellers are encouraged to unwind and enjoy the hotel's magnificent facilities after a day of exploring. The suites are superior in size and are designed after each of the seven continents. From fine dining at our Ranga Restaurant to relaxing in our outdoor hot tubs with stunning views of the Ranga River, there's something for everyone, and that is exactly why the hotel is one of the most amazing hotels in Iceland.

3. Ion Hotel

ion hotel Copyright: @biostays The next one on our list of top hotels in Iceland is ION Hotel. The hotel is located in Thingvellir National Park, about an hour's drive from Reykjavik. This stylish hideaway was rebuilt from an abandoned inn for workers at the adjacent Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant. Driftwood sculptures and wooden floors recall the natural environment in the sleek interiors. All the essential attractions of "the country of fire and ice" is easily accessible from ION. When you return from a day of excursions, ION looks after you well. The accommodations, Silfra Restaurant, the award-winning Northern Lights bar, the incredible Lava Spa, and the breathtaking scenery that spreads out to the horizon wherever you look are all part of the experience.

4. Hotel Egilsen

hotel egilsen One of the unique hotels in Iceland is Hotel Egilsen. The hotel sits in Stykkisholmur, a small fishing community with around 1,000 people on the northern tip of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, which is known for its cliffs, glaciers, and coastlines. The hotel first opened its doors in 2012 as a boutique hotel dedicated to maintaining its historic character. As a result, guests can expect a combination of vintage and contemporary decor, as well as gorgeous oak floors. A modest common area lounge on the first floor with comfortable sofas, games, and a small foreign library will make you good. The hotel does not have a spa or a hot tub. Also, worth mentioning the fact that this hotel is a perfect place for people who have questions in their minds, such as "how much are hotels in Iceland?". Because of all the amazing hotels in Iceland that we have listed above, this one is usually the most affordable. The hotel's ten rooms, divided across three levels, are modest, but they are not without charm. The sea and the local fishing business have influenced them.

5. Hotel Kriunes

hotel kriunes Copyright: @hotel_kriunes Hotel Krunes is a lovely villa on the edge of a small peninsula overlooking Lake Ellidavatn, only 15 minutes from the city centre. The hotel is one of the best-kept secrets in the city, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. In the winter, the Northern Lights may be seen, and there's even a hot tub and sauna outside the hotel with beautiful views of the lake. All rooms include huge televisions with satellite channels, and complimentary tea and coffee are available 24 hours a day in the breakfast area. In addition, the hotel is an excellent location for holding conventions and meetings in picturesque surroundings. Every morning, the hotel serves a basic but ever-changing continental breakfast of cold cuts, juices, and hot beverages. This hotel is great for visitors looking to unwind while taking in the splendour of Iceland's environment and animals. What are the prices in hotels in Iceland? In low season, double rooms start at ISK 15,000, and in peak season, they start at ISK 18,000. Breakfast costs ISK 2,000, with children receiving a 50% discount.

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