5 best boutique hotels in Kenya

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5 best boutique hotels in Kenya
travel to Kenya. That is why millions of people travel here per year. Of course, Kenya offers many other features to tourists, such as rich history, culture, and cuisine. One of the first things that people must solve before the visit is accommodation. Considering the importance, in this blog, I will talk about the best boutique hotels in Kenya.
  • How many hotels are there in Kenya?
  • What are the most expensive hotels in Kenya?

Kenya Visa

kenya visa People who want to visit Kenya must undergo some processes. This part will be easy for people from visa-free countries. They can choose the date, buy a ticket, plan other details, and travel to Kenya. On the other hand, other nationalities must obtain a Kenya visa to realize their trip. During the application procedure: they will arrange an appointment, collect documents, pay the visa charge, and wait for processing time. These steps may vary depending on the type of visa that person applied for. Kenya offers visa types:
  • East Africa Tourist Visa. This visa is for people who want to visit the country for temporary reasons such as tourism, visiting relatives, etc. It will give you a chance to visit not only Kenya but also Rwanda and Uganda. These three countries have a special agreement related to tourism. Applicants will provide some documents and pay a 100 USD application fee.
  • Journey Visa. Besides, there is a single tourism visa that allows visiting only Kenya. It is a short-term visa such as the East Africa Tourist Visa and lets you stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Journey Visa has two types: single and multiple-entry. The fee will vary depending on the type of visa. It is 51 USD for single and 101 USD for multiple entry.
  • Transit Visa. Even if you transit from the territory of Kenya, you should have a visa. Foreigners who will not leave the international area don't need it. Tourists who need a Transit Visa will pay a 21 USD fee.
  • Courtesy Visa. Courtesy Visa is for people who have diplomatic, official, and service passports and visit the country on official duties or transiting through Kenya to a third country for official business. Such as in other types, you will wait for two weeks for processing time, but you will not pay any charge.
If you are interested in a visa for Kenya and want to get more information, you can check the services section of our website.

Cheap Hotels (Kenya Hotel Prices)

southern palms beach resort Traveling with a limited budget is not a problem if you plan your vacation properly. There are several ways to decrease expenses during the trip, and one of them is finding cheap accommodation. Hostels, 2-3 star hotels can help you in this matter. While looking for affordable hotels in Kenya, you should read the reviews to find the best options. Here are some of Kenya best hotels for affordable prices:
  • Hotel Mamboleo Kisumu- 7.50 USD
  • Diani Backpackers- 13 USD
  • Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers- 19 USD
  • Triple Eden Naivasha Hotel- 13 USD
  • Adonai Resort- 8.50 USD
  • Buddhas Tree Backpackers- 11 USD
  • Skylife Hotel Nandi- 10 USD

Kenya luxury hotels

luxury hotel How many hotels are there in Kenya? It is estimated that there are more than 20000 hotel rooms in Kenya. It means that finding accommodation will not be a problem (it can be problematic during the high season). What are the most expensive hotels in Kenya? Some people don't like to put limits on holidays. The only thing that they want is to have a comfortable and unforgettable vacation. The most famous Kenya luxury hotels that can help to realize it are (Kenya hotel prices):
  • Mahali Muzuri- 1915 USD
  • Sand River Masai Mara by Elewana- 1390 USD
  • Cottar's Safaris- 2179 USD
  • Laico Regency- 1123 USD
  • Treetops Lodge- 2143 USD

The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel

villa luxury suites hotel This four-star hotel is one of the most rated boutique hotels in Kenya. Locating in Diani Beach and being just several kilometers away from tourist attractions are some of the main features. Besides, it has extraordinary interior and exterior design that combines traditional and modern architectural styles. The hotel has an outdoor pool and restaurant. You can appreciate the charming view while enjoying your meal at the restaurant. At the end of the day, you can go to your comfortable suite equipped with all needed items, such as flat-screen tv, air conditioner, en suite bathroom, refrigerator, etc. If you want some adventure, you can go to rent a bike, car or go hiking. Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest will be just several minutes away from you. All these highlights explain why it is on our list of hotels in Kenya.

Bidwood Suite Hotel

hotel bedroom The capital city of the country, Nairobi, is home to hundreds of hotels. It is understandable because it is the main tourist center of the country. One of the Kenya top hotels in Nairobi that we can mention is Bidwood Suite Hotel. You will find this hotel in the western part of the city, just 200 meters away from Sarit Centre. The hotel has everything to have an unforgettable holiday. You can relax in the outdoor pool, taste some delicious meals at the restaurant, go to a spa or hair salon. Shortly after getting through the gate, you will enter a new small world. If you want more, you can go to explore the city and meet the fascinating culture and traditions of local people. While walking in the streets, you will understand that Kenya is much more beautiful than you thought. Bidwood Suite Hotel offers four types of room to its guests:
  • Deluxe room ( a double bed)
  • 1 Bedroom king suite ( a large double bed)
  • 2 Bedroom executive suite ( a large double bed and two single beds)
  • Presidential suite ( a large double bed and two single beds)

African House Resort

kenya luxury swimming pool As we said before, millions of tourists travel to the country each year, and there are some popular locations among them. One of the well-known cities of the country is Malindi. If this city is on your travel plan, then you can stay in the African House Resort. This four-star boutique hotel is one of the best hotels in Kenya. First of all, you will be just 300 meters away from the beach. So, you can enjoy endless waters whenever you want. Secondly, the hotel has an excellent colonial architectural style. While staying here, you will feel like a time traveler. Do you feel anxious? Go to the terrace and enjoy the mesmerizing view of tropical gardens. Also, there is a bar, pool, restaurant where you can relax and socialize with other guests. As there are plenty of things to do, you will feel tired at the end of the day. However, don't worry, the cotton-like soft bed in your room will take all the tiredness. Also, your room will have a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, minibar, and a large bathroom.


hotel bedroom The fourth hotel in our list of hotels in Kenya is Sankara. Besides being located in the city's heart, the hotel is well-known for its local and world cuisine, restaurant, pool bar, wine bar, and award-winner steakhouse. Besides the traditional Kenya cuisine, you will get a chance to try Continental, Italian, English, Irish, Vegetarian, Vegan, American meals. The hotel is in the entertainment center of the city. So, you will not have a single minute to feel bored. When it comes to rooms, it offers several types of suites:
  • Superior guest room 1 (city view and an extra-large double bed)
  • Superior guest room 2 ( 2 twin or single beds and city view)
  • Executive concierge-level guest room ( an extra-large double bed and city view)
  • Sankara executive room (an extra-large double bed)
  • Junior suite ( an extra-large double bed)
Safety is one of the most crucial points that we must consider while choosing a hotel. Another reason that makes Sankara one of Kenya best hotels is having a Safe Hotel certificate (highest-level).

The Sands at Nomad

sands at nomad Copyright: @sandsatnomad The last stop in our Kenya top hotels list is the Sands at Nomad Hotel. This hotel in Ukunda will make you feel like heaven. You will see coastal forests all around the hotel, observe the charming garden and the beach. Taking the hand of a beloved one and having a night walking here will be an unforgettable memory for lovers. It is not surprising that this hotel got the highest points from couples. Also, the hotel has a stunning exterior and interior design that mixes mahogany furniture with Swahili design. All of the rooms have a minibar, air conditioner, shower, en suite bathrooms, hairdryer, and towels. Even some rooms have a private spa where you can get rid of all anxiety and tiredness. Furthermore, it has a restaurant where you may have dinner and lunch. Do not forget to try cocktails, as they have amazing taste.

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