5 best boutique hotels in Luxembourg

5 best boutique hotels in Luxembourg

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5 best boutique hotels in Luxembourg
travel to Luxembourg must handle several things, such as visas and accommodation. Considering this, we decided to talk about the best hotels in Luxembourg and more. What are boutique hotels? Are hotels open in Luxembourg? How many hotels in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg Visa

filling application form for schengen visa Do I need a visa? If you are not from one of the visa-waiver countries, you should obtain a visa to visit Luxembourg. Depending on the purpose of the visit, you can get one of the following types: Short-term Visa. Probably, you know that Luxembourg is a Schengen area country. So, people who want to travel to Luxembourg for permanent trips (tourism, visiting family members/friends, taking part in cultural events) must apply for a Schengen visa. It will give you a chance to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days. Besides Luxembourg, you will travel to other Schengen area countries (the first visited country must be Luxembourg). You will pay an 80 EURO application fee and wait for a maximum of 30 days for processing time. There is a special discount for some countries, people with disabilities, and so on. Long-term Visa. It is for people who want to stay in the country for more than 90 days. Regardless of nationality, everyone must apply for a long-term visa. The main reasons to obtain long-stay visas are education, working, family reunion, etc. After getting permission for the long-term, you will get a chance to get a residence permit. The application charge changes between 50-100 EURO depending on the purposes of the application. Transit Visa. Tourists who will transit through the territory of Luxembourg and leave the international airport area need to get a Transit Visa. The application fee is the same as short-term visas. During the application procedure, you will finish some application steps, and documentation is one of them. The documents that you will need to provide are: • Application form • Passport • Photocopies • Health insurance • Copy of Identity Card • Copy of previous visas if you have • Residence permit • Criminal record • Photo • Documents for children If you want to get the full list of documents and learn more about the Luxembourg visa, check our website's 'Services' section.

What are boutique hotels?

hotel de la poste exterior at evening As you know, there are several kinds of hotels. The main aim of them is the same, but some characteristics make them different. One of the types of hotels is boutique hotels. Such kinds of hotels are not part of any hotel chain, have less than 100 rooms, and provide a personal touch.

La Pipistrelle Hotel

The first example of the best hotels in Luxembourg on our list is La Pipistrelle Hotel. The location of the hotel got high points from visitors. The hotel is just several meters away from the city center. Also, there are plenty of tourist attractions around the accommodation. So, you will find a place to discover effortlessly. Besides the location, interior and exterior design attract visitors of the city to this marvelous place. It is a historical building, but the owners kept the original architecture and made some minor touches. When it comes to rooms, all of them are equipped with a flat-screen TV, coffee maker, air conditioner, bed, en suite bathroom, etc. It has several types of rooms: • Deluxe suite (large double bed, sofa bed, and 35 square meters area) • Classic suite (large double bed, 35 square meters) • Family suite (large double bed, sofa bed, and 35 square meters area) • Deluxe double room (large double bed, 30 square meters area) Furthermore, La Pipistrelle has a terrace where you can catch mesmerizing city views. If you feel bored, go hiking or cycling to discover all the secrets of the city.


Copyright: @marta_rodrigues96 Safety and comfort are their main priority. Probably, we can characterize LEGERE hotel by this sentence. We can say that the hotel pays additional importance to health and hygiene issues. You will find this environmentally friendly place in Munsbach, just several kilometers away from the center of Luxembourg city. Guests will be welcomed by a professional team, find high standards, and stay in clean and comfortable rooms. All hotel rooms are soundproofed and equipped with tv, minibar, bathroom, air conditioner, and so on. Some of the rooms that the hotel offers: • Standard double room ( an extra-large double bed, 26 square meters) • Executive double room (an extra-large double bed, 35 square meters) • Superior double room (large double bed, 26 square meters) • Suite ( an extra-large double bed, 53 square meters area) Another facility is the bar and restaurant where you can enjoy local and international cuisine, drink some cocktails and socialize. You can enjoy your meal in the dining room or terrace.

Melia Luxembourg

melia hotel building Undoubtedly, Melia is one of the best luxury hotels in Luxembourg. Ecolabel design of the building gives charming beauty to the hotel. It is located in Kirchberg and has a bunch of activities for guests. You can play tennis with other people, go to the gym, sauna, spa or enjoy a meal at the restaurant. All of these are available just in one place. So, you will not put additional effort into finding a place for entertainment. If you are one of those who prefer to spend most of their time in a room, you will admire this place. Because there you will have everything: flat screen tv, wi-fi, soft bed, en suite bathroom, minibar, air conditioner, and so on. Moreover, the hotel is close to tourist attractions. You can rent a car, bicycle, or go hiking to see all the gems of the city. You will be just 50 meters away from Luxembourg Philharmonic, 1500 meters away from historical Place d'Armes, etc. The train station is five minutes away, and the nearest bus stop is in front of the hotel. So, going for a short journey to meet the city is quite accessible for hotel guests.

Hotel Perrin

hotel perrin Copyright: @hotelperrinluxembourg Previously the hotel was called a Carlton, but now it is known as a Perrin. Although the name of the hotel was changed, it still keeps the fame and high quality. The hotel is just 180 meters away from the Luxembourg Railway Station, bus, and taxi terminals. It means that finding the location will be a piece of cake for tourists. Why should I choose this hotel? First of all, it is one of the luxury hotels in Luxembourg. Secondly, it has full-equipped and clean rooms. • Single room (single bed, 15 square meters area) • Double room (large double bed, 18 meters area) • Triple room ( large double bed, single bed, 25 square meters) • Superior double room (large double bed, 22 square meters) All these rooms have a flat-screen TV, tea and coffee maker, private bathroom( shower or bath), a hairdryer, and so on. Another advantage of the Hotel Perrin is being pet-friendly. You can share a room with your little friend (you may need to pay an additional fee). There, you will find many places to hike together. Finally, it gets high points for making a hotel accessible for people with disabilities. Here, you will see lower bathroom sinks, toilets with grab rails, etc.

Le Royal Hotels & Resorts

hotel bedroom Copyright: @leroyalluxembourg I can't say that it is one of the budget hotels in Luxembourg, but without any doubt, I can say that it is one of the best ones in the country. This five-star hotel is just 450 meters away from Place d'Armes and offers various indoor activities for visitors. You can taste international cuisines in a restaurant, drink fresh fruit cocktails in the Piano bar, relax in a spa, or go for a workout in a fitness center. Le Royal Hotels & Resorts underwent some renovations in 2016 and equipped all rooms with a minibar, work desk, TV, air conditioner, bathroom, soft beds, and so on. That is not all, and you will be several minutes away from some tourist attractions, such as Parc de Ville, the Palais Grand-Ducal. Thanks to the airport shuttle, you will not face any transport problems when you come and leave the hotel.

Cheap hotels in Luxembourg

dollar How many hotels in Luxembourg? Today, there are more than 200 hotels in the country. But, not all of them are an example of budget hotels in Luxembourg. The prices of cheap hotels in Luxembourg mostly start from 60 USD. Of course, you can find cheaper hostels, but if you are looking for the best ones for affordable prices, some of them are: • Le Postillion- 62 USD • Youth Hostel- 60 USD • Mandarina Hotel- 60 USD • Hotel Carpini- 82 USD • Cottage Logis Hotel- 82 USD • Esplanade Hotel - 96 USD Are hotels open in Luxembourg? All of the hotels on our list are open. So, you can choose the best one for yourself.

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