5 restaurants with the most delicious pizza in the world

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5 restaurants with the most delicious pizza in the world
Pizza is one of our favourite dishes today and is well known. There are many varieties of pizza. Over time, many changes have been made in the dough of the pizza, as well as in the ingredients, and new flavours have been added. As they say, it is now possible to find rich mixed pizzas with 16 or more flavours. However, the question is, where is the best pizza in the world? If you really love a pizza and are ready to travel for a long time for your food love, here are some of the best pizza places in the world for you! Let's get acquainted with the list of the 5 best pizza restaurants with delicious varieties of pizza. This list will help you a lot if you decide to go on travel just to eat pizza!

1. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo – Naples

fresh pizza If we are talking about the best pizza restaurants in the world, then the best way to get started is Pizza’s homeland, i.e., Italy. The largest chain of pizza restaurants is located in Italy. The city of Naples, south of Italy, is famous all over the world for its pizza. The city is considered the home of the most delicious pastries, and choosing the best pizza restaurant in town is one of the hardest things to do. However, Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is located on the old historic street of Via Dei Tribunali, one of the most prominent buildings. No sentence can justify how delicious Gino Sorbillo pizza is! We will not be wrong if we say that Naples, which is incredible as a tourist place, has increased its ratios by five to the taste of pizza. Here, they make delicious pizza using the latest ingredients every day. You just have to come here early or wait for one of the longest food queues to get the best pizza in the world. This restaurant has many customers. The restaurant is rated 4.5/5 on Google Review and 4.5 / 5 on TripAdvisor.

2. Pizzeria Mozza – Los Angeles

italiano pizza Pizza chefs at Pizzeria Mozza say cooking is an art, and that is why they make pizza. They make it so nicely that they are in second place in the list of the most delicious pizza restaurants in the world. At Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, pizza is served in more than 70 different varieties, which can compete with Italian pizza. We can say that there is no delicious, delicate dough pizza as in this restaurant. Reservation is mandatory, so you can find a seat here quickly, as it is impossible to find an empty table in the restaurant for a moment. You can spend a lot of time here after having your stomach full. There are interesting and sightseeing places around one of the best pizza places. Pizzeria Mozza has rated 4.5/5 points in Google Review and 4/5 points on TripAdvisor.

3. La Gatta Mangiona – Rome

making a pizza If you are looking for a fresh vegetable pizza in Rome, book a taxi to Monteverde and go to La Gatta Mangiona. La Gatta Mangiona's chef Giancarlo Casa is very passionate about pizzas and loves to experiment with pastries and the flavours. This is what gives their pizza a great taste! However, if you are not a fan of these experiences, do not worry, because La Gatta Mangiona also has some pizza offer with traditional flavours. Here you can also see the collection of edible flowers while visiting during the spring. So if you are going to Rome in June, pick up an interesting and delicious pizza from La Gatta Mangiona. Besides, the products are used extensively here, and the taste of mozzarella melted in the mouth remains for a long time. The menu also contains shakes and drinks you may not find in many places. To make it brief, La Gatta Mangiona is the perfect place for those who love to taste different foods! Our restaurant just keeps the pace with other best pizza restaurants with 4.1/5 points on Google Review and 4/5 points on TripAdvisor.

4. Paulie Gee’s – New York

friends eating pizza Where is the best pizza in New York City? If you are looking for a good slice of pizza in New York, then you should head to the Paulie Gee's in Brooklyn. Keeping its name and tastes for years is like a nostalgia trip for the customers. The restaurant has such a wide history that even the customers say that they came here as children and now bring their children. Along with creativity and innovation, there is also quality in Paulie Gee's. For those looking for vegan pizza, they offer Brooklyn pizza. So what do you think of yet? Order a draft beer and eat a slice of pizza at one of the best pizza restaurants in New York! It will be the most delicious pizza slice you can eat in America! The Paulie Gee restaurant is rated 4.6/5 on Google Review and 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor.

5. Luigi’s Italian Pizzeria & Pasta Bar – Grand Baie

a few pizzas Luigi's restaurant in Grand Baie will be just perfect for you. Here you can find pizza of any size and variety. You will not be able to hide your surprise even when you see a variety of vegan pizzas. This restaurant is run by Italians and is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in northern Mauritius. This family-owned Italian restaurant is known for its authenticity of wood stove pizzas and pasta and serves both loyal customers and tourists with high quality. Woodstove pizzas cooked and made here leave behind any pizza restaurants with their taste. If you are planning a honeymoon in Mauritius and your spouse is a pizza fan and love to eat pizza, surprise her with a romantic pizza date here. The restaurant is rated 4.4/5 on Google Review and 4/5 on TripAdvisor.

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