Fun activities to do in your daily trip to Berlin

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Fun activities to do in your daily trip to Berlin
activities in Berlin for adults, for example, the adrenaline activities. If you looking for ways on how to travel to Berlin, it is easy. From any point in the world, you can comfortably find trips to Berlin. In this article, you will read about Berlin's most interesting fun activities to do on your cheap daily trips to Berlin. Also, you will find answers to your questions such as how to travel to Berlin, what are fun activities for adults, how to make interesting and cheap trips to Berlin during your travel to Germany, etc. But we recommend you to check Germany visa requirements for your nationality in the first place to not get disappointed later.

1. Live Escape Game Exit

puzzle If you are looking for what are fun activities for adults, that is for you. In an Escape Room or Live Escape Game, your team is "locked" in a room and has to solve a particular puzzle or complete a mission within a specified time. There are mostly very elaborately designed rooms with a wide variety of tasks and topics. Live Escape Games are played in small teams of 2 to 8 people, so they are an excellent activity for families or small groups with friends. Escape rooms are also ideal for team building, bachelor parties, or birthday parties. In Berlin, there are too many different providers with very different missions.

2. Largest free-standing aquarium in the world

aquarium The Sea Life Berlin is a cool destination in Berlin in the rain and bad weather. You can observe over 5,000 different sea creatures in more than 35 natural pools. The AquaDom is a spectacular cylindrical aquarium that you can drive through in a kind of elevator. There are more than 1,500 fish from around 97 different species to discover here. Notable highlights are the numerous special events and the feedings. When it rains, SEA LIFE and AquaDom Berlin are exciting activities with children, friends, school classes, or just as a date for two. But you can also have a nice day there alone.

3. Indoor skydiving

indoor skydiving In Hurricane Factory Berlin, you can fulfill your dream of flying with indoor skydiving. Germany's most massive wind tunnel is no less than 15 meters high and has a diameter of 5.2 meters. So there you have enough space to try out flying. In indoor skydiving, you are carried by an upward airflow in the wind tunnel and can move freely in the air, similar to parachuting. The wind tunnel position changes depending on the direction in which you tilt your head or body. Indoor skydiving is not easy and requires a lot of practice, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should have in their life. After the first flight session, you will experience early progress, and you will get better every time. Indoor skydiving is the perfect Berlin activity for people who would like to try something new and look for a challenge.

4. Laser Day at Laserstar Rocks Berlin

lasertar arena hall Laser Day is an excellent action activity in Berlin. During Laser Day, each player wears a vest with infrared sensors and has a laser gun. The game aims to shoot your opponent with the laser beam and take him out. There are different ways to play, like team games or everyone against everyone. Most providers have different scenarios and themes and very different game modes such as B, Capture the Flag, Team Elimination, or Dark games. Laser Day is an excellent activity with friends, for stag parties or team events.

5. Marzahn Gardens

marzahn gardens In the Berlin district of Marzahn are not only dreary, gray prefabricated buildings from the GDR era waiting for you, but also a fantastically beautiful park, which with its nine different themed gardens, will take you to distant countries. The "Gardens of the World" are home to Bali, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, and the Orient plants. In the beautiful Chinese Garden, you will find an idyllic lake and a Chinese tea house where you can try different types of tea as part of a tea ceremony. In the Oriental Garden, you will find tiled walls, arches, and fountains that are reminiscent of a typical scene from Marrakech. If you want to experience a little adventure in Berlin, then the labyrinth is for you. Many roads, crossings, and dead ends come to nothing. Hopefully, you can find the right way to get out of there.

6. Walking through the abandoned Spreepark

spreepark The former VEB Kulturpark Planterwald was one of the most important leisure activities in the GDR. Even today, many people from Berlin associate it with memories. In 1969 the Spreepark was opened as "Planterwald Culture Park" and was the only leisure park in the GDR. In 2001 the Spreepark was closed, and it was only in 2014 that the city bought it wholly neglected. Grun Berlin GmbH has been responsible for the 23-hectare area since 2016 and is supposed to use it to develop and implement a high-quality and culture-oriented usage and operating concept with a tourist appeal. The charm of the old Spreepark is retained, and even the old rides, such as the 45 meters high Ferris wheel, are included in the concept. Grun Berlin offers interested visitors a guided tour of the former Spreepark. But be careful! The tours are often booked out months in advance. So, you should reserve early to take part in this great activity in Berlin.

7. Kite landboarding

kite landboarding The former Berlin Tempelhof Airport is perfect for carrying out a wide variety of activities for which you need a flat surface. You can rollerblade on the former runway, meet up with friends for a barbecue, or you can try kite landboarding. You have probably never heard of this sport before. Then it is the time because kite landboarding is an extremely fun and pretty cool sport. Here you transfer kiting from the sea to the land. Since a former runway is a little harder than the Pacific, it is not a safe sport. Before you start, you will, of course, be equipped with a helmet and protectors. After introducing the theory, you can get on the kind of skateboard that replaces your kiteboard. Only the wind has to be right, and you are already kiting over the former runway in Berlin Tempelhof. It is not that simple, but you will progress pretty quickly and have a lot of fun with it. You can do this activity in Berlin all year round.

8. Beach volleyball

beach volleyball Beach volleyball is the perfect activity for sunny summer days. Whether for fun with a few friends or with a team to participate in tournaments, beach volleyball has an extremely high fun factor. In Berlin, for example, you can rent a field at Beach 61 in Kreuzberg and play there for a few hours. But you can play beach volleyball in Berlin not only in summer when the weather is nice. This is also possible on cold and rainy autumn days or even in winter. At East 61 in Schoneberg, there are indoor beach volleyball fields that you can play on in any weather.

9. Abandoned places

teufelsberg How to travel to Berlin and its creepy and abandoned places? In Berlin, there are loads of abandoned places that you want to discover. On the one hand, visiting such a place is certainly pretty scary, but on the other hand, it is also incredibly exciting to visit such places. The most famous abandoned place in Berlin, where you can also discover a really exciting story, is the Teufelsberg. It is no longer an insider tip, but the number of visitors is not so noticeable since the area is quite large. The British and Americans' former listening station from the Cold War is located on Berlin's Teufelsberg. You also have a fantastic view of Berlin on this venture. The Beelitz Heilstatten is also a really scary place, especially inside. The former sanatorium is about an hour away from Berlin. Here you need a guide who will show you around and explain everything to you. It is pretty scary when you see the former operating theaters, discover a derelict X-ray machine, or find rusted hospital beds. A former post office is waiting for you on Melchiorstrasse in Kreuzberg. To get access, however, you have to contact the property owner. In contrast, you can get into the S-Bahn roundabout in Berlin Pankow fairly easily. Still, there is also a high risk of injury here because this place is deserted and dilapidated. This former S-Bahn workshop is an exciting activity for all adventurous photographers.

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