All unknowns about Joker

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All unknowns about Joker
Joker movie, which everyone was looking forward to, is already in cinemas. Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro star in the film directed by Todd Phillips in drama and thriller genres. The plot focuses on youth, childhood trauma, and psychological shakes of Joker, Batman's enemy. The screenplay, which received positive reviews from film critics, is said to be pretentious for Oscar. The revenues of the movie filmed with 55 million budgets exceeded 300 million in just two weeks, and those figures are still expected to rise. "Joker" movie also has celebrities such as Zazie Bietz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, and many others.

Joker movies and the best Jokers

Joker has been presented to readers since the middle of the last century as a cartoon character. To date, many movie versions have been filmed. For the first time, we see Cesar Romero in the Joker image in the movie Batman, which was screened in 1966. In 1989, Jack Nicholson stood in front of the camera for this role. Of course, the love for the character began to make it phenomenal. Who played the Joker? Heath Ledger played the role of the Joker in "The Dark Night" in 2008 and was much appreciated. In the movie, which was released to viewers in early October, the role of the Joker was assigned to Joaquin Phoenix, and I think it is the most successful Joker image to date.

The plot 

I should mention that this article does not contain spoilers, and you can continue reading with ease. The Joker's character in the movie, whose plot is less or more well-known, has taken precedence. So, the movie is called Joker. The filmmakers wanted to re-characterize it after the unsuccessful Joker characters in recent movies (especially the image that was revived by Jared Leto in 2016, which is remembered for many tattoos). The movie tells of the past of Arthur Fleck's (Joaquin Phoenix) life and the events that led to his transformation into a Joker. The events take place in the 1980s. Arthur's biggest dream is to become a comedian and make people laugh. However, he does something he does not like; he attends the events as a clown. Arthur Fleck, who lives with his sick mother, has no place in society. The character who is antisocial because of childhood trauma becomes a Joker as a result of his "bad day." The film contains numerous social messages and "underline" moments. First, let's start with the Gotham city, where was Joker filmed. In the 1980s, New York, full of crimes at night, was called like this. The underground crime that turned Arthur into Joker is also based on real facts. Arthur, who suffers from psychological distress, gains self-confidence as he commits crimes in the film's upcoming minutes. From the beginning to the end, it can be seen in his movements, walk, dances, and even laughs. He responds with laughter to events independent of himself due to neurological syndrome. This smile, combined with the character, gives a strange, or rather frightening feeling to a person. Phoenix, who played the Joker, says in his interviews that he first started to practice laughing while preparing the role. For this, the actor said that he observed the smiles of patients with neurological problems and was able to cope well with the work. At the request of the director, Joaquin Phoenix said that he lost 24 kg for the character, and it was observed with nervosity.

Who is Joaquin Phoenix?

The actor was born on October 28, 1974, in Puerto Rico. Phoenix, who came to the United States with his family as a child, began filming at the age of eight. However, he draws attention to his role in the movie Gladiator in the 2000s. He is even nominated for the Oscar Academy Award for his role in this film. In 2005, his performance in the movie "Walk The Line" earned him the Golden Globe Award. And "The Master" and "Her" are some of the most well-known screenshots he played. The professionalism of the actor causes him to cope with the characters entrusted to him. It is further proved in the Joker movie. Although the actor said he would never return to this character, the director and screenwriter of the film, Todd Phillips, said that with the consent of Joaquin Phoenix, the second movie could also be filmed.

The Joker put the New York Police in motion 

Shortly before the release of the Joker movie, the New York Police Department announced that police would be placed in front of cinemas. Watching the film with the Joker mask is also banned. Of course, it's not hard to understand the New York Police's concern if it is related to the guy who shot 12 people at the Avrora Cinema after watching "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" in 2012. It is worth to mention that the movie is of 18+ age category. The psychological and affective plot of the film prompted filmmakers to take such a step. The film has a strange aura. After watching the 122-minute movie, I'm sure this aura will be on you for a while. Even though the Joker is a bad hero, you cannot feel hatred for him. From the beginning to the end, you can see him as a character continually telling the truth. Isn't it the society that makes a Joker fail and be a criminal? Maybe, the crazy inside us does not allow hating the Joker?  One of the most gratifying moments is the fact that the movie met the expectations. The movie trailer of which has been airing since April is truly the first among the screenshots. The flowing plot, colourful staff, director and actor work, and music design will still be the focus of the film for some time. The Joker was able to get into the top ten movies so far, scoring 9.0 / 10 points on the IMDB rankings. The superb act, especially of the lead actor, is about to make the film an Oscar winner this year. 

Where was Joker filmed?

Among the reasons why the film could convey mixed emotions and excitement to the audience is the successful selection of filming locations. Of course, if the movie talks about the Gotham city, there would be no place other than New York. Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Ireland were among the specially selected venues to transmit images of the 1980s. The film also shows scenes from the Harlem neighborhoods. Besides, few filming areas were from New Jersey. Together, let's see where the real locations of the filming are. Anderson Ave & W167th St, The Bronx -The famous staircase - located at Anderson Ave & W167th St, The Bronx - is one of the most sought after addresses in recent days. This place, called "Steps Street," is in the Bronx. This place, which gained popularity as the movie itself, is mostly visited by people who dance here like the Joker and take photos.  Twin Donut Plus, Jerome Ave & E 208th St, The Bronx - The confectionery store, where the Joker and Sophie Dumond sit in the movie fragments, is part of the Twin Donut chain of restaurants and is not currently operating. The store was closed months before the shooting began.  The Bedford Park Boulevard Subway Station, The Bronx - Bedford subway station, is among the real locations where the filming is taking place. During the shooting, the Bronx residents on the subway did not forget to share various images of the Joker.   The Paramount Theater in Newark, NJ, 195 Market St - If you have watched a movie or a trailer, you'd see the slogan, "Everything must go!" This slogan can be seen both on the poster the Joker holds and at the nearby store. The filmmakers said that the slogan was there before the shooting. The shop is currently operating. Another filming site where Arthur Fleck makes the standup show was Paramount Theater in New Jersey, which opened in 1886  The Archway – Under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn -The area under the Manhattan Bridge, where the Joker escaped with a handbag, was one of the places tourists have visited before. These days, Joker fans and tourists do not forget to take their time to visit these places to show their interest in the film. However, if you are in America today, you can go to those famous stairs and dance like the Joker (Just Dance!).

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