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Today we are continuing our exploration of breathtaking places worldwide, and our next stop is the remote island of Barbados. Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands, located in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, in the Caribbean part of North America. Surprisingly enough, it is just 34 kilometers long and up to 23 kilometers wide. Barbados is just outside of the main hurricane belt in the Atlantic Ocean. As many of you might already know, Bridgetown is the country's capital and largest city. So we decided to shift our focus a little bit. Instead of finding the most beautiful, fun, or romantic spots in our travel destination, we will be talking about one of the main obstacles that travellers mainly encounter. Unfortunately, it is the visa procedure. So, if you were ever dreaming of visiting Barbados for years but were sadly held back from your trip because of the Barbados visa application process, we have got you covered! This blog contains general information about Barbados work visa and Barbados student visa, and Barbados visa requirements will be detailly discussed. Our main goal is, of course, to find an answer to the question of "How to get visa for Barbados?". I would also love to remind you that it is highly advised to check if your country has any international connections with Barbados. The main reason for that is the possibility that countries you will travel through would require a different transit visa. So, please consider checking the same country's visa conditions.


I think it is very important to mention that every visitor in Barbados with a touristic goal needs to have a valid passport and return ticket to enter the country. Before booking and confirmation of travel, a person who wishes to travel to Barbados and needs a visa should upload an application for processing in order to travel to Barbados. Also, let us not forget another important point that the passport must be valid for the whole time of your travel. We can easily separate nationals into two groups: The first group that does not require a visa during their trip to the country and the group that needs to go through Barbados visa application. Before planning your trip, you can check both of the lists on our website.

You should also consider checking with your transportation agent and/or with your travel operator to be completely sure that your passport and other travel documents meet their Barbados visa policy requirements.

However, if you cannot find your home country's name in the list of visa-free countries, you need a visa to enter Barbados. For that, you must submit your visa application and wait for it to be processed before actually booking your travel. Some travellers might miss these details, but before travelling to Barbados it is better to bear in mind that visas are not given at the Barbados airport upon arrival. It would be best if you took care of them beforehand.

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Now that we have obtained the basics of how visa entry is made up in Barbados, I think it is just the perfect time to get to the practical part of our blog. The visa is provided to you in the form of a letter, and Barbados immigration officers will accept this letter at the port of entry. However, how to get visa for Barbados? Barbados visa application procedure starts with filling out an application form. Other important documents are, One passport size (3x4) photo, Passport, and Copy of the Outer Cover and Biometric Page (valid for at least the next 6 months), a Copy of a round-trip flight ticket reservation, Proof of Current Professional Status, Banker's Draft. Most importantly, a Cover Letter must be addressed to the Chief Immigration Officer and contain all the traveler's necessary contact details. The purpose and duration of the trip, date of entrance to Barbados, and exit date should be specifically mentioned.

After you have collected all the required documents, a Barbados tourist visa can be obtained from 15 to 25 working days to process on average, depending on your home country. Also, let's not forget that a single-entry visa to Barbados costs around 107 USD, while for a multiple entry visa, you will be charged around 211 USD. As a side note, consider that the fee can differ depending on your nationality or the country where you submit your application. The agency you should approach to apply and submit documents must be the Barbados visa centers, embassies, or consulates. It mostly depends on the availability of one of these institutions in your homeland.


Now that we know Barbados visa policy for tourists, you might ask me how to get a visa for Barbados if you want to study on this beautiful Caribbean island? First of all, you will need a Barbados student visa before arrival when traveling there for educational purposes. You will need some specific documents to fulfill your Barbados student visa forms in this case, as well: Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status, Birth Certificate, Passport and Copy of the Main Page, two passport size photos, Proves of Financial Means and as well as of Accommodation, Police Clearance Certificate. Most importantly, you will be required to submit your Acceptance Letter in the Barbados student visa forms, which should be from a registered educational institution by the Ministry of Education. However, remember that a Barbados Student Visa takes 30-60 working days to process on average. It is dependent on the country from which you are applying for a visa.

During Covid time, Barbados has come up with one of the dreamiest offers that you could ever hear of, which is being exact "Barbados remote work visa"! The launch of a new 12 month visa to Barbados allows you to migrate and work in one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Barbados is a perfect place to live for both singles and families because of its friendly citizens, professional facilities, dedication to education, and, most importantly, its safety and protection. So, no wonder why Barbados 12 months visa got instantly famous among the people working remotely. The Barbados remote work visa is valid for one year after approval, and you can prolong it after that period. Barbados has a wide variety of accommodation options, from low-cost apartments to luxurious beachfront condos.

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However, when you do not want to work remotely and want to have a job in Barbados is your dream. There is a special visa for you, too! Expats who want to work in Barbados must first file with the immigration department before starting work. Employees may apply for both short-term and long-term work permits. A short-term Barbados work visa is valid for up to 11 months, while a Long-term Work permit is up to 3 years. The cost of a Barbados work visa is about USD 150. However, it is worth mentioning that the fee may vary based on your background, the country in which you submit your application, the length of time you have been working, and the category of the preferred work. Barbados work visa requirements are, most importantly, Work Permit Forms (C-3 application form for a short-term work permit, C-1 and C-2 application forms for a long-term work permit), Copy of applicant's valid passport, four passport size photos, proof of qualifications, cover letter, two reference letters, medical form. However, suppose the applicant wishes to establish a business. In that case, they need to indicate bank transfer statements that show the transfer of the amount for investment—secondly, registration certificate or incorporation articles and finally a business license. A Barbados Work Permit takes a maximum of 60 working days to process on average. However, it is dependent on the country from which you are applying for a visa, and the period. You can register for a Barbados Work Permit at one of the Barbados visa application centres, embassies, or consulates in your country of origin, whichever admits visa applications. However, suppose there is no embassy in your country. In that case, you are advised to apply to the embassy or consulate closest to your country.

In this blog post, we have talked about all the visa options before your visit to Barbados. I am pretty sure that you will have absolutely no problem applying for a Barbados visa independently. You still can rely on to guide you through this detailed and sometimes even complicated procedure of getting a visa to your dream travel destination!

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