10 reasons why you should travel to Barbados right now

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Caribbean countries are among the most famous tourist choices for summer vacations. People enjoy traveling to the Caribbean region because of its fine beaches, delicious cuisine, exquisite nature, fascinating wildlife, and water sports. Barbados is one of the most visited destinations on the North American shores of the Caribbean. Where is Barbados? Barbados is located on the western part of the North Atlantic, bordering Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, and the Windward Islands. When is the best time to travel to Barbados? Due to the tropical climate, the weather is mainly warm and wet all year round. However, from December to June, the weather is relatively dry. We can say that the best time to travel to Barbados is the spring and early summer seasons when it is not raining. Barbados' location makes it the perfect tourism destination for beach lovers and travelers who adore exploring wildlife. Moreover, this tropical Caribbean country is home to a very friendly and welcoming society. Barbados people are mainly Africans, Europeans, and Indians. Also, Barbados welcomes people of various religions, such as Christians, Muslims, and Hindus. As we have learned some useful information about Barbados, it is time to talk about the reasons why it is great to travel to Barbados. In this blog, we will also answer the following questions: What to do in Barbados?  Is it safe to travel to Barbados? This blog will hopefully make your travel to Barbados more memorable and interesting. As for the Barbados visas, you can check the "Services" section on our website.

1. Is it safe to travel to Barbados?


Yes, it is perfectly safe! In general, Barbados is among the safest Caribbean countries for traveling. According to the statistics reported by the United Nations Office, the crime rates are very low in Barbados. Kidnapping and robbery are extremely rare in Barbados. You can walk around the cities and towns very conveniently without worrying about the crime danger. Furthermore, Barbados is a very family-friendly destination. If you are traveling with family, Barbados is one of the safest choices for spending a nice vacation. The hotels, tourism, and hospitality sector of Barbados are designed in a way that welcomes families with quite high standards of service. However, we should note that Barbados is not an LGBT-friendly country. There are strictly enforced state laws against homosexuality. Therefore, LGBTQ+ travelers should think twice before choosing Barbados as a travel destination. Overall, Barbados is a safe place where you can travel alone without any tour guides.

2. Historic capital of Barbados


The capital and the largest city of Barbados is Bridgetown. The city of Bridgetown has a rich history dating back hundreds of years ago. You can see the brilliant architecture of Victorian England while wandering around the city. The Barbadian government has preserved many roads, buildings, bridges, and alleys of colonial times. The government has renovated some historical sites such as Chamberlain Bridge in order to prepare them for tourism. The capital of Barbados is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food branches. You can taste original Caribbean coffee during your time in Bridgetown. There are many historic and modern spots in Bridgetown that you will enjoy photographing and sharing on social media.

3. Astonishing Hunte's Gardens

huntes gardens

The Barbadian government created a beautiful botanical garden called Hunte's Gardens in the 1950s. Hunte's Gardens are home to a plethora of Caribbean flora species, such as blooming orchid flowers. You will see almost all shades of green color while wandering around the botanical garden. Your mind and soul will relax while exploring the Area of the gardens. The small roads are neatly built with colorful rocks. You will admire the smell and color of the wildflowers. Hunte's Gardens is a significant tourist attraction where thousands of tourists visit every year. This astonishing botanical garden is a favorite spot for both Barbados people and foreigners. The government has invested a lot of money in the renovation of the gardens. You can see new plants such as craboo trees and novel colorful flowers on every trip of yours.

4. St. Nicholas Abbey

st nicholas abbey

What to do in Barbados? Well, visiting a nice historical museum, which is a vital part of Barbadian cultural heritage, is a great idea. When you enter the site, a nice valley surrounded by green meadows and short trees will welcome you. The peaceful environment of the site will amaze you from the very beginning. The museum staff will guide you to the inside of the historic buildings. You will enjoy learning Barbadian history by exploring valuable monuments and manuscripts. Also, you will have a chance to visit a historical syrup factory, bottling plant, and rum distillery factory. Thanks to the daily trip to St. Nicholas Abbey, you will learn a lot about the historical manufacturing industry of colonial times. You will never be bored to capture photos and videos within the historical sites. St. Nicholas Abbey is open to local and foreign tourists for almost the whole week. Tickets for entrance are pretty affordable. A day trip to St. Nicholas Abbey will be the most unforgettable experience of your travel to Barbados.

5. Fine Caribbean beaches

caribbean beach

It is impossible to imagine a Caribbean vacation without relaxing on white-sand tropical beaches. Barbados is home to numerous excellent beaches with pristine sands and crystal clear waters. Thanks to the perfect Barbados location on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados' tropical beaches have been very famous among travelers worldwide. Many beaches are free of charge in Barbados that feature perfectly clean conditions in high standards. You will enjoy walking along the shores and relaxing on the pristine white sands of the Barbadian beaches. Lots of beaches are very close to the hotels where you can arrive in a few minutes. Local vendors walk along the shores and sell cold beverages for affordable prices. You will enjoy tasting local fresh Caribbean juices while relaxing on white sands under tall palm trees. The best time to travel to Barbados is between December and June, when you can have the beach experience at its best, thanks to dry and hot tropical weather.

6. Garrison Savannah Historic Area

historic area

Garrison Savannah Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a treasure for both Barbados people and the global society. The Area is home to various historically valuable buildings such as George Washington House, built in the 18th century. Also, you can see British fort buildings and destroyed barracks belonging to colonial times. In the peaceful and calm surroundings of the Garrison Savannah Area, you can see horses. You can approach and spend some time with the beautiful horses of the site. You will have dozens of chances to take photos of scenic views while wandering around and exploring the Savannah Area.

7. Snorkeling with Caribbean turtles

caribbean turtle

What to do in Barbados? Snorkeling within the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea is an excellent activity to enjoy. You will adore snorkeling alongside the colorful Atlantic turtles. Diving into the crystal-clear Atlantic Ocean waters and exploring the wildlife of the sea will be unforgettable experiences for you. Local hotels and tourism agencies will provide you with high-quality snorkeling clothes and equipment. Also, you can attend short-term training courses that will teach you the basics of snorkeling. You will want to visit Barbados various times in your lifetime for enjoying snorkeling and diving at their best. You can record videos of Caribbean turtles and post them on social media that will amaze your Instagram followers.

8. Surfing at its best!


Barbados is a perfect place for learning and practicing surfing. Many days on the shores of the Caribbean Sea are pretty windy and generate huge waves. Therefore, local tourism agencies and hotels created many surfing spots on the sea. Before going on a surfing trip, you can join surfing courses in order to learn the techniques of the sport. The training courses are for elementary and intermediate level learners. The training courses are pretty affordable and suitable for the pocket of all tourists. It is worth learning and trying surfing, which is the most famous water sport activity in Barbados.

9. Catching Caribbean fish

catching fish

Thanks to the great Barbados location, this Caribbean country is spectacularly great for fishing. There are many fishing spots along the Atlantic coastlines. Fishing will be an unforgettable experience for you because of the colorful myriad of sea species. You will catch great colorful fish that are edible and quite delicious. Many hotels in Barbados serve fish meals cooked with freshly caught fish. Usually, tourists attend fishing trips organized by hotels. You can fish while enjoying a boat trip or relaxing on the shore of the ocean.

10. Standup paddleboarding

stand up paddle boarding

If you travel to Barbados in spring and early summer, you can try paddleboarding. From December to June, the weather is quite calm, and waves are rarely seen. Therefore, the calm Caribbean water is perfect for standup paddleboarding. It is pretty easy to learn and practice paddleboarding as the techniques are quite simple. The videos and photos that you capture during the paddleboarding will be the best memories from your tropical vacation.

A quick recap


In this blog, we have listed the reasons why it is absolutely worth spending your summer vacation in Barbados. We have answered the following questions: Where is Barbados? Is it safe to travel to Barbados? What to do in Barbados? After knowing where is Barbados and how to get there, you can organize the most unforgettable tropical vacation of yours on the shores of the magnificent Caribbean Sea.

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