Best time to travel to Thailand

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Best time to travel to Thailand
most visited countries in Asia and in the world. It receives thousands of tourists all year round, and it is understandable. It is normal for a country with such beauties to get visited so often. The country's capital is the popular city of Bangkok, and it shares borders with 4 countries, namely Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia. What makes the country so special? Why do people want to travel to Thailand? These are some questions you might ask if you do not know much about the country. You can find countless reasons to visit Thailand. Of course, Thailand has special, stunning nature, natural life, landscapes, picturesque villages, buildings, etc. However, I would put people above all these. Thailand earned the nickname "land of smiles" for the positivity population has here. Even during heated debates, it is so rare to see Thais insulting each other. Instead, they show the most gentle, kind attitude and maintain their smile in such situations. Thais have a unique culture, as they have special rituals, festivals, and holidays. Patriotism is a real thing here. They are real protectors of the king of Thailand. Therefore, please think twice before starting any criticism about their king or country.  The population here is mostly fanatic Buddhists. Most of them are religious and bound to Buddhist beliefs. It is the main reason why you will find so many temples in the country. These holly places play an important role in the lives of Thais. People visit these temples to pray most of the time. Some of them, such as Wat Pho, can reach 46 meters in height. Other important, remarkable temples are Sukhothai, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet-Ayutthaya, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Wat Mahathat-Ayutthaya, etc. Such buildings have unique architecture. They are adorned with gold and other valuable gems. Aside from such temples, you will find many little houses attached to main houses. These are spirit houses as Thais believe spirits construct these houses. They believe that spirit houses bring fortune and protection. A common belief in Thailand is "when you take care of spirits, they take care of you in exchange." I can already imagine some intrigued people asking, "can I travel to Thailand now?" and "how to travel to Thailand now?". I will elaborate on these questions later, but we will focus on other important things for today's topic. What is the best time of year to travel to Thailand? To answer this question, we should look at the geography and climate of the country. Let's see how the weather is like in Thailand at different times of the year. 

Climate of Thailand

thailand rainy season The climate of Thailand is the thing that defines Thailand weather by month. Its climate is characterized as a tropical climate. However, the influence of monsoon winds is quite strong here. Rainy season Thailand is formed mainly by these winds. Monsoon has a great impact on the southwest and northeast of the country. In the south tropical monsoon climate is the main climate type. In Thailand, people witness three seasons. The rainy season Thailand starts around May and ends in most cases in September. If we look at Thailand weather by month during the rainy season, we will see lots of precipitation and floods in different parts of the country. The late August and early September are considered to be the wettest period. Tropical cyclones and winds lead to floods around the country this time of the year. You should consider before visiting Thailand is that it is humid here all year round, you should consider before visiting Thailand is that it is humid here all year round, even during the dry season, which occurs around January and May. In January least amount of precipitation pours, but February and March are the sunniest months. This brief information on the country's climate might give you little idea of which season to travel to Thailand. However, do not worry if you can not decide which is the best time to travel to Thailand. Because now, we will consider other factors that can change your thoughts. After that, you will be able to define what is the best month to go to Thailand.

Quietest season to travel to Thailand

khao sok national park As we already mentioned, Thailand is a country that is placed on the bucket lists of many travelers. It draws so much attention that sometimes it gets too crowded. Although some people might like seeing more people around, it can annoy others. They might ask, what is the best time to travel to Thailand without having too much noise around. The answer to this question lies within another question. Do you prefer traveling in hot weather or mild? For people who want to avoid crowds best time of year to travel to Thailand is somewhere between May and September. What is the best month to go to Thailand for people who want to avoid hot weather and tourist crowds? I would say September would be the best option. Yet again, you should bear the heavy rains that Thailand gets around this time. 

Best time to travel to Thailand for festival seekers

little statue Thais are strongly attached to their religious beliefs, holidays, and festivals. One of the most wonderous must-see festivals in Thailand is the Loy Krathong festival. This religious festival takes place every November. During the festival, Thais thank their Gods, namely Goddess Ganga, Phra Mae Khongkha. They celebrate it with floating lanterns. They believe this day marks the beginning of good fortune, yield, health, happiness. All these floating lanterns cover the sky leaving an amazing view for visitors. If you do not know what is the best time to travel to Thailand to participate in this festival, you can arrange your visit for late October.

Best time to travel to Phuket Thailand

phuket Aside from the mainland, Thailand owns an island where Phuket province is located. This island is also another place in Thailand that receives thousands of tourists. Along with the main island, you will find many small islands to visit by boat. If you want to spend your time on the beach, Phuket island is a great option. With its beautiful sandy beaches and pure water, Phuket island proves to be worthy of the attention it gets. Thai food is famous all around the world, but in Phuket, it is extra delicious. One of the things that travelers most enjoy on this island is watching a sunset. Although you might get bored with all the waiting, the view will be worth it. Travelers might think about traveling options. Most people can not decide what is best time to travel to Phuket Thailand. If we look at the island's climate, we will see a hot tropical climate that shows similar patterns all year round. But like other parts of Thailand and most of southeast Asia, it is heavily impacted by the monsoon season. Most of the time, the monsoon season reflects itself during the timeline that starts from May and goes up until October. Therefore, it is advised to visit the island between November and April. During these months, it gets too many tourists, resulting in crowds in tourist places and cities. If you are not getting a bit wet, you can arrange your travel for the rainy season when there are fewer tourists. 

How can I go to Thailand now?

thailand visa We are all aware of the Covid situation now. Due to pandemics, we hear news of countries closing their borders. One might ask, can I travel to Thailand now? The answer is yes, and you can travel to Thailand now. However, you should first meet the requirements for entry to Thailand. Some people will need visas others will not. It depends on your nationality. To learn about your visa status, I will ask you to check out our website. You can get general information on visa requirements, conditions, etc., by checking out the Pickvisa visa policy section. Our services are not limited to that. You can get a visa by using our "Services" section. Remember, our experienced team will ensure that you get your visa with few clicks within a few days. Another question that baffles people who thinking about traveling to Thailand is how to travel to Thailand now? Most travelers use airlines to reach Thailand. Upon arrival, travelers who are not vaccinated will be asked to stay in quarantine for 14 days. However, if you are fully vaccinated, then you will be free to enjoy movement in Thailand.  To wrap up things, there is no best time to travel to Thailand to travel Thailand as such a thing heavily depends on travelers' choices. If you do not want to deal with rain, you can visit the country during the relatively dry season. If you want peace and less crowded travel, the rainy season will do the trick.

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