Bulgaria Short-term Visa

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    Bulgaria Short-term Visa
    Europe". However, today it will be a different case as we are heading to one of the most beautiful European Union countries that are slowly becoming the rising star in the European tourism arena. If you still have not guessed the name of this hidden gem, it is magnificent Bulgaria! The country lies in Southeast Europe, at the Balkan Peninsula's northeast corner. It is bordered on the north by Romania, on the northwest by Serbia, on the southwest by North Macedonia, on the south by Greece, and on the southeast by Turkey. Because of its proximity to the Turkish Straits, Bulgaria has always been a major crossroads for people travelling from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. Bulgaria is one of Europe's few exotic nations, thanks to its magnificent beaches, archaeological and historical sites, and beautiful cathedrals. However, the country is mainly attractive to travellers because of how affordable it is and the comparably easy visa process. However, do you need a visa for Bulgaria? Let us begin by saying that even though Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union, the country is not part of the Schengen zone. The Schengen Area is a collection of 26 European nations that have agreed to remove all passport and other forms of border control at their shared borders. To enter Bulgaria, you will need to get a national visa in Schengen Area countries. It is also worth mentioning that not all nationalities are required to obtain a visa for Bulgaria. Holders with valid multiple Schengen visas are exempt from visa requirements in Bulgaria. They will be able to enter and stay in the Republic of Bulgaria for a maximum of three months in any six months after their initial arrival, without the requirement for a Bulgarian short-stay visa. We can easily divide all the countries into two groups like those required to have a visa for Bulgaria and Bulgaria visa free countries. One of the first things that you should do before starting to plan your trip is to check to which your homeland belongs to and to do that, you can visit the link on our website. In case you not being able to locate your country on the list of Bulgaria visa free countries. That means you will have to go through the Bulgaria visa application procedure. bulgaria flag Before we go any further, let us start by saying that there are 3 types of Bulgarian visas depending on the purpose of your visit. Firstly, visa A for airport transit, visa C, which is meant for a short stay for transit or a planned stay, and visa D for a long stay are the three types of visas available. In general, Bulgarian representative authorities in other countries are the main institutions granting visas to potential visitors of this beautiful country. Only in clearly specified exceptional instances is it permissible for authorities to issue a visa or a genuine visa extension, or for some border inspection checkpoints to provide a visa. Do you need a visa for Bulgaria when using the visit for transit purpose? According to Annex 1 of the Regulation on the Terms and Procedures for Issuing Visas and Determining the Visa Regime, an airport transit visa is provided to a foreign bearer of a normal foreign travel document or an equivalent document issued by a state. The airport transit visa can be single, double, or multiple, with a three-month validity period from the date of issuance. In the case of a transit landing or changing aircraft to continue travel to another state, the airport transit visa allows the foreigner to cross or stay in the international transit zone of the airport. A foreigner staying in a transit room for an international flight is not considered "accepted" to the Republic of Bulgaria's territory and is not permitted to exit the transit room. bulgarian visa Some of the Bulgaria visa requirements for a transit visa are a standard international travel document, a passport. Copies of the foreign travel document pages with personal information and visas put out, and a photocopy of the held permits for a stay in the states along the route and the final destination state, if applicable. And last but not least you are required to show your flight booking and a current colourful image that is in your passport size. Transit Bulgaria visa application form takes from 5 to 20 calendar days to complete on average. However, worth mentioning the fact that it is also dependent on the nation from which you are applying for a visa. You will be required to pay a charge when you submit your application for a Bulgaria Transit Visa. However, how much is Bulgaria visa fee for transit? A fee of 60 EUR is charged for adults, while a Bulgaria visa fee is 35 EUR for children aged 6 to 12. And as it is with the period, the charge may differ based on your nationality or the country where you submit your application. The second and the most popular type of visa is Bulgaria Short term Visa which is also known as C Type. Visitors from other countries may be needed to get a visa in order to enter Bulgaria. All third-country nationals with valid Schengen papers and national visas and residency permits from Croatia, Cyprus, and Romania are exempt from obtaining a separate visa for Bulgaria. If you are a foreigner who wishes to transit through the Republic of Bulgaria on your route to another country for which you have a visa, you may apply for a type C visa for transit reasons. Do not forget that these circumstances must be separated from airport transfers, which need a Type A visa. Bulgaria's short-term visa is provided for a scheduled stay in the following situations: private visits, business visits, sports visits, tourism visits, and so on. However, how much is Bulgaria visa fee? Bulgaria visa fee of 60 EUR is collected when an application for an airport transit visa or a short-stay visa is filed, and a fee of 35 EUR is collected for children aged 6 to 12. money Bulgaria tourist visa is one of the most commonly applied Bulgaria short term visa types. Bulgaria tourist visas allow for visitors restricted tourism inside the nation but not for business purposes. The Bulgaria visa application form must be completed in English and filled out completely. Two passport-size images, one of which should be a recent face shot with a bright backdrop. Also, bear in your mind that your passport must include at least two blank pages, as well as if you have previous visas, you will need a copy of them. Last but not least you will also need medical insurance that is valid for the duration of the trip and covers all costs associated with repatriation as well as urgent medical care and emergency hospital treatment for the duration of the visa. The insurance sum must be at least 30.000 EUR. For the full list of all the Bulgaria visa requirements do not forget to visit our website! Individuals hoping to get a long-term or permanent residence permit in Bulgaria or just want to travel to Bulgaria for a long time are awarded Bulgaria long-stay visas as known as visa D. The visa is valid for six months and permits you to spend up to 180 days in Bulgaria. It is valid for either 6 or 12 months and is a mandatory condition for all qualified candidates to be considered for a Bulgarian residence visa. The Bulgaria long-term visa permits you to visit Bulgaria several times throughout its validity period. This visa is withdrawn whenever the individual enters Bulgaria and receives a residence permit from the foreigners' administrative office. This type of visa can be awarded for a variety of reasons, including education, employment, and family reunification. So how much is Bulgaria visa fee when you apply for a long-term visa? A fee of 100 EUR will be charged when an application for a long-stay visa which is commonly known as visa type D, is being submitted. Bulgaria visa requirements for the long term period might vary depending on your travel purpose. For example, the Admission Letter and the Original of the University Admission Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of Bulgaria is one of the most important documents that you need to submit. Also, worth mentioning the fact that Visas are provided to candidates who are full-time students enrolled in a Bulgarian institution and those who are enrolled in Bulgarian courses does not need a student visa.

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