Camping? Luxury bed? Or glamping?

Gular Aghayeva04 February 20202569 views5 min. read
Camping? Luxury bed? Or glamping?

I am not a supporter of dividing the travel into "budget travel" or "luxury travel." All types of travel shall be experienced. I don't even have the exact answer to the constant question, "What kind of travel do you prefer?" There may be occasions when you can swim in the most popular swimming pool of one of the well-known hotels in the world, or spend the night at a motel located in the most dangerous area of the city. You might even remember the pleasure of flying on the world's first airline and get sad while flying by the worst low-cost airline. Aren't these unpredictable feelings that make us love travelling?

You will remember and smile at the thoughts about how you lost your luggage and had to spend your 1-month travel only with 3-4 clothes you had in your hand luggage (because if you buy new ones, you will exceed your travel budget). Or wish that "this experienced girl" would lose that luggage and that you would react differently. You may experience things that you would not even imagine in your 60s. Or you experience the feelings people at the age of 60 have never experienced. You think that you have already experienced everything. What are the new adventures waiting for you?

While searching for a hotel in the Philippines with these thoughts, I found a place that would make me say, "Yes, a new adventure is coming!" They offer you to spend the night in a place which is neither a low-budget, nor luxury. It is neither camping nor a hotel. So what is it? GLAMPING.

What is glamping?


Glamping definition is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping." Glamping meaning is the glamorous version of camping. You are camping, but there are amenities in your tent to make you feel relaxed. You stay in a tent, but at the same time, you sleep in a comfortable bed. Now imagine that these glamps are provided on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Now let's talk about the best glamping experience and hostel experience in my life.

Without a doubt, Mad Monkey is one of the best hostels in the world. The hostel network has branches in many Asian countries: Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It also has a branch in Australia (Sydney). It has been able to create differences with its unique values, activities, parties. Thinking that an experience is worth more than thousands of words, we booked glamp at Mad Monkey Hostel on Nacpan Beach on the island of El Nido (Palawan, Philippines).

The girls at the reception welcome you by singing, "We have new Mad Monkeys at the hostel," as soon as you enter the hostel. After registration, they take you to your glamp. The hostel also has the standard rooms, but we've booked a glamp as we wanted to experience it. The glamp was provided with two beds, a fan, and a power socket. You are looking at a tent at your bed, the beach, and the sea's colour. And again the travel gives you another experience - glamping experience!


Mad Monkey Hostel, right next to Nacpan Beach, the most beautiful beach in Palawan, is the first of the most beautiful hostels you can stay at. What attracted my attention is that the hostel has taken all measures to make the guests talk with each other more and have fun. First of all, there is no Wi-Fi, more precisely, you have to type the password #nowifimakefriends to connect to the Wi-Fi, but it is better if it does not connect. You are obliged to meet people around and have a chat as there is no internet at the hotel's terrace with ocean view. The favorite song of the night on this terrace was, of course, a song that sounded every hour, "Hey Mad Monkeys, we have free shots at the bar!" The party is not only for the hostel guests but for anyone else as well. The next day after the party, you can do something useful and clean up the waste under the command: "Clean the beach and get a free drink at the party!" From my 7-day trip to the Philippines, I can talk about three days I have spent there without the internet (people I met, their life, countries they have travelled, the fun we had), for hours. 

It is recommended to check the hostel website before planning the trip. Each hostel offers different tours and activities. Don't forget to book your tours before travelling, so you can be part of the Mad Parties of Mad Monkeys.


Moreover, if you want to make your friends a part of these Mad Parties, choose one of the hostels of the Mad Monkeys. The hostel has incredible offers for group travel of 10 or more people. They can arrange private parties, tours, or even close the place for you depending on the number of groups. Isn't that wonderful? Your friends, your favourite city, and much madness as you like.

The Mad Monkey hostel also collaborates with backpacker friends in several European countries. You can find the list of MADPARTNER hostels and cities located in the Deals & Offers section of the website and benefit from the 10-20% discount. "Mad Monkeys only travel with Mad People!"

For sure, make your way to one of these "Mad Monkeys" hostels. Be part of Mad Monkeys and let the travel change you with every adventure it brings to you.

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