City hustle or countryside serenity? What makes both choices special?

Punhan Shukurov06 October 20204830 views8 min. read
City hustle or countryside serenity? What makes both choices special?

Some people live in urban areas of dynamic cities, and some live in quiet countryside towns. Many argue that the hustle and bustle of urban sprawl result in a stressful lifestyle. Also, a lot of people say that the simplicity of the movement and the peacefulness of the countryside offers serenity. However, busy city life provides high-quality education, a sustainable career, better access to health facilities, etc. People choose to live in cities to have better standards of living. Therefore, many people ask the following question: In order to make a lot of money, how to hustle in a big city? Those who are tired of living in a noisy urban environment wish to move to the country, though. In-country life, there are not many career options and chances to build businesses with astonishingly huge profits. However, you can still create a company that will generate a satisfactory level of income enough to live everyday life. As you can see, it is challenging to decide which one is better: noisy and dynamic city life or quiet and peaceful country life? In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of living in cities as well as country towns.

Advantages and disadvantages of the city hustle

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Magic city hustle attracts enormous crowds because of several advantages of living in dynamic cities. Many capital cities, huge metropolitans, and educational and financial centres of the countries are well known for their active urban life. The first pro of living in cities is that people can have access to great pre-school, school, and higher education institutions. Parents who live in cities conveniently leave their kids to the pre-school educational facilities. Pre-school education in cities features perfect quality, thanks to the highly skilled and educated teaching staff. Due to the high salaries, pre-school teachers prefer working in cities. Also, city life offers a vast variety of schools, among which the families choose the most affordable one. When the kids enjoy the busy, engaging, and interesting pre-school life, families are busy with hustling and working for long hours. As a result, parents make more money and ensure better financial security for the family.

Moreover, the variety of primary, middle, and high schools is enormous in cities. Urban educational institutions feature excellent infrastructure, highly-educated instructors, and a more active social life. School children have easy access to incredible sports competitions, cultural trips, museums, libraries, etc. Last but not least, huge cities have excellent universities. Students can study whatever they want and specialize in a particular educational field. Great urban educational institutions prepare the students for their future career life in highly dynamic cities. Convenient public transportation, extremely good hospitals, attractive shopping malls, entertainment facilities, etc., of cities, attract millions of people.


Another huge advantage of living in cities is related to career and financial success. It is a worldwide trend that people move from country to urban areas in order to find better jobs. Cities are home to enormous marketplaces, companies, government institutions, banks, etc., that offer a myriad of jobs. Both high-skilled and low-skilled labour forces can find jobs very easily in urban areas. Workplaces continuously need new people to hire because the market forces change at a swift pace. Therefore, people usually move to cities confidently, believing that they will get jobs very conveniently. Usually, people who work in cities send money to their families who live in country areas. As the cost of living is very high for families, oftentimes, workers live in the towns on their own.

Furthermore, we should also consider those who have always lived in huge cities. Young people who have completed their college or university education in cities prefer to stay in urban areas and build their careers. Many young people are quite happy with their magic city hustle lifestyle. Metropolitan areas are especially great for making a financially successful career. Large cities such as New York City are well known for their hustle and bustle. Though the hustle and bustle of metropolitans can be noisy and tiring, people can earn enormous income by working in large cities. Also, metropolitan areas offer excellent conditions for entrepreneurship. How to hustle in a big city? Young entrepreneurs can build wildly successful businesses in cities, as the urban areas are home to huge consumer markets. Overall, cities offer great career opportunities for those who enjoy earning a lot of money.


However, several disadvantages of the city hustle and bustle are worth mentioning. To begin with, the metropolitan areas are too overcrowded. Public places, such as buses, the underground, trains, museums, cinema halls, etc., are usually very crowded. You have to endure long queues while having seats or ordering lunch in cafes and restaurants. The overcrowded shopping malls will be very dull and stressful, as well. Another disadvantage of living in a vast city is that urban areas are usually filthy. You can see garbage in many places in huge cities. The main reason is that people always hustle and rush for work, and they throw away their beverages, foods, and snacks carelessly. Also, you can feel the air pollution in cities due to the vast number of cars and other vehicles. If you love fresh air, the big cities are not the right places to live for you.

Moreover, the cost of living can be very high in cities. As the number of people is growing at a breakneck pace, the demand for accommodation, public transit, taxis, restaurants, and supermarkets also increases. Therefore, metropolitan areas become increasingly expensive. Last but not least, the urban areas are always noisy. The car sirens, voices of huge crowds, and the vehicle engine sound almost never stop in huge cities.

Pros and cons of living in-country

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Many believe that the simplicity of the movement and the peacefulness of the countryside offers serenity. Some people prefer living in the countryside because of several factors. Firstly, people's lifestyle in the country is quiet and peaceful. The government is not crowded, and you can rarely see queues in public places. As the number of workplaces and educational institutions is not huge, people enjoy a quiet social life. Also, there are very few clothing stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets in country areas. You can rarely see cars and other noisy vehicles on the roads and streets of country areas. A peaceful social environment will relieve you from stress and refresh your soul and mind. You will feel perfect in the country, thanks to the quiet life. Another great advantage of living in-country is that life is quite affordable. As the demand for services such as accommodation is deficient, the prices are not high. You can have excellent standards of living with meagre expenses.

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Another huge advantage of living in a country is that you will have access to great local and organic food. Country people are actively involved in small businesses, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat production. The villagers of the country usually preserve their cuisine and prepare only local food with local ingredients. You can find incredibly delicious local meals in the country for very affordable prices. Another great thing about living in the country is that the countryside cinema halls are very audience-friendly. Usually, there are very few people in the countryside cinema centres. You would enjoy watching countryside movies in quiet cinema halls. Countryside cinema halls offer both countryside movies and films describing city life. Another advantage of living in a country is that you will have a lot of time to spend with family members and friends. Working does not take a lot of time there. Country people spend a little portion of their day working, and they rest a lot at home with their beloved ones. They can do a lot of exciting and fun activities such as watching countryside movies together.


However, there are some disadvantages to living in a country area. Firstly, you will not have significant work and career opportunities in the countryside. Usually, a small number of businesses or companies operate in country areas. If you want to build a successful and sustainable career, a country would not be a great place to live. The universities in the countryside offer mainly agricultural studies. Although many young people work as farmers after graduation, there is no massive diversity of working positions and career perspectives in the country.

Last but not least, the country areas do not have a great variety of pre-school and university facilities for children and young people. Potential students can not choose a university among a myriad of choices because the number of educational institutions is minimal. Also, oftentimes, families can not find pre-school institutions to leave their children during work hours. Even if there is a school, it is usually far away from the apartments and houses.

A quick recap of this blog

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In this article, we have compared living in a city with living in a country. Some people are fond of magic city hustle, and they want to know the answer to the following question: How to hustle in a big city? Those who love earning a lot of money and having an active life prefer living in cities. However, some argue that the simplicity of the movement and the peacefulness of the countryside offers serenity. People who love the quiet, peaceful, and simple lifestyle would love to live in country areas.

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