10 cities for urban life lovers to visit

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10 cities for urban life lovers to visit
urban cities? And ask about where to live world quality life cities urban? Or do not know what is urban life and low life urban? Then you should read this writing about urban cities and urban life, and find answers to questions such as what is urban life, what does it mean low life urban, where to live world quality life cities urban, etc. I will cover the topics on the best urban city to live in, urban cities in the US, low life urban, etc. Then I will list ten urban cities in US and other countries to live in.

What is urban life?

burnaby Urban life is a concept that refers to human life in a big city. Cities and urban life include numerous rules, norms, and conduct patterns to be followed by its inhabitants and visitors. Modern towns have the aggregation of millions of people in less extensive spaces than in rural or suburban areas. Transportation, building, circulation, the acquisition of goods and services, access to education, health services, leisure, and recreation are specific to this type of life. The urban city also includes a series of knowledge and skills needed to survive, such as food supply, various services, the fulfilment of civil obligations through a particular organization.

Where to live world quality life cities urban?

los angeles You may find a lot of information about cities and urban life, and there are quite several organizations that publish the list of the best cities to live or to visit for urban life lovers. Among them, most are urban cities in US and Europe. Nevertheless, there are enough metropolises in Asia and America and a few big cities in Africa and Australia. When it comes to the best cities to visit with most urban characteristics, cities like New York, London, Tokyo comes in mind.

1. The most populous city Melbourne, Australia

melbourne city Melbourne, Australia's second urban city with over 4.2 million inhabitants and Australia's second most popular city with almost 11 million international visitors each year, is a very cosmopolitan city with many things to see and do. Melbourne was the most livable city in the world for seven years, and I consider that for this reason alone, it is advisable to visit Melbourne to see the reasons that have led this city to be the best city in the world to visit. The city has a unique culture distinguished from any other city in the world and the "Melburnians." They are very proud of their hometown. Melbourne's neighbourhoods are very diverse, and you will be able to find one to fall in love with and want to return. Considered Australia's "sports and cultural capital", Melbourne is as diverse as its multicultural heritage. The city is home to numerous international festivals and the most prestigious sporting events in the country. And if you like coffee, they say Melbourne baristas make the best cups of coffee anyone has ever tasted.

2. The largest Mexico City, Mexico

mexico city You can discover one of the largest cities in the world, Mexico City, is waiting for you. The urbanism or design of towns in Mexico dates back to pre-Columbian times when Mesoamerican towns were born in the region of the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, cities or settlements arose where guilds and trades were divided, and life was around squares. The Aztecs called these settlements altepetl, a term that encompasses the city and the culture and politics that developed in these settlements. After the changes in the Mexican country and its capital during the colonial era, we come to our days, in which Mexico City has become a symbol of green urbanism and cities with good supplies for the entire population. Despite being one of the most populated cities in the world, all that "chaos" is organizable.

3. Dream City Brno, Czech Republic

brno It is one of the most charming cheap cities in Europe. With an almost unpronounceable name, this Czech city is, in addition to the second largest after Prague, an icon of modernism in the 1920s. The ravages of World War II did not make Brno lose its heart, and today it is an of the most beautiful European cities. Also popular as the "Czech Manchester" due to its industrial influence, its urban restructuring makes it a peculiar city: from the baroque to the modernism of the 1920s. Specifically, a visit to Brno includes the medieval castle of Spilberk in which you can enjoy both the chapels and the Gothic castle. Following the historical trail, the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is the perfect example of ecclesiastical baroque.

4. Heart of the New Midwest, Kansas City, United States

kansas city Kansas, in the state of Missouri in the United States, usually receives visitors who want to try its famous barbecues and enjoy the night in its well-known jazz clubs. But in recent times this city has undergone an urban rebirth that has made it an unmissable destination. The best way to get to know Kansas is to take the public streetcar that runs through the centre of the city and passes through the most important tourist points. The best part is that it is free. Unmissable places are the Hotel 21c Museum in Kansas City, which after an investment of more than 50 million dollars restored the emblematic Savoy Hotel and Grill building from 1888, the National Museum of World War I, and the American Museum de Jazz, in the jazz district. Its nightlife is not far behind either. A must-visit club is "The Ship", a restored speakeasy bar dating from the 1930s.

5. The cosmopolitan city, Dakar, Senegal

dakar On the west coast of Africa, there is Dakar, the capital of Senegal. And although you may not have heard much about this city, it is full of attractions. Some describe it as a place full of style and chaos at the same time, a contrast that can be seen in its streets where luxurious sports cars share space with horse-drawn carts. An unavoidable visit is to visit its waterfront, which on the one hand allows you to appreciate the ocean and its beautiful beaches, and on the other its bustling market. It is impossible not to stop at the Great Mosque in the Medina neighbourhood and at the Theodore Monod museum, which exhibits objects such as clothing, drums, and utensils that allow you to learn about the history and culture of the country. Another must-see is to immerse yourself in its nightlife, marked by Senegalese hip hop and local mbalax music.

6. The pulsating heart of the country, Salvador, Brazil

salvador It is the capital of the state of Bahia on the coast of Brazil. It was the first colonial capital of Brazil, founded by the Portuguese crown in 1549, and declared a "musical city" by UNESCO in 2016. It is a perfect place to "find your groove" because of this city carrie's music in the soul. Genres such as bossa nova, samba, and tropicalia were born in Salvador, a city known for enjoying capoeira in its streets and squares. Do not forget to visit the Casa del Carnaval Museum, which, is full of instruments, costumes, and musical exhibits about the carnival.

7. Ancient city Matera, Italy

matera The Sassi di Matera is the most important attraction in the historic centre of this southern Italian city. Declared in 1993 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is a kind of honeycomb with more than 1,000 natural caves that have been rescued and adapted to coexist sustainably with hotels, restaurants, and clubs. These caves, in addition to being a tourist attraction in themselves, allow you to appreciate the union between the modern and the prehistoric past of this city, which according to historical records was inhabited, at least, since the Paleolithic. Its particular streets and buildings have served as the setting for filming films such as La Pasion de Cristo (2004) and Wonder Woman (2017).

8. A magical city Kyoto, Japan

kyoto Take a bike and discover the highlights of the second most important city in the country of the rising sun at your own pace. Discover beautiful temples, among which Kiyomizudera stands out, one of the most photogenic in Kyoto; the Ginkaku-Ji called the Silver Pavilion, and the Kinkaku-Ji, known as the Golden Pavilion. An essential visit is that of Ryoan-Ji, where you can observe the monks meditating in a Zen garden.

9. Lion City Singapore, Singapore

singapore The city-state has emerged in recent years as a model of sustainability for the cities of the future, and for this reason, it is not surprising that it is one of the best cities in Asia. Here, undoubtedly one of the jewels in the crown is the Gardens by the Bay, gardens with artificial trees that support photovoltaic panels that produce renewable energy.

10. The greatest city Hong Kong, Hong Kong

hong kong Despite being the city of skyscrapers par excellence, the great city of Hong Kong is a futuristic jungle under which you can still visit some traditional monuments. In the Mong Kok neighbourhood you can do your shopping under neon lights, while, going up to Victoria Peak, you will see the city from above.

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