Top 10 countries offering the best camping experiences

Top 10 countries offering the best camping experiences

Kanan Isazade14 March 20215901 views8 min. read
Top 10 countries offering the best camping experiences

Sometimes we need to stand away from the crowded and noisy city lifestyle to refresh ourselves, and one of the best ways to do it is camping. There are many stunning camping areas worldwide, but today we will mention the top 10 best states for the camping experience. In this blog, you will learn how to improve the camping experience, which countries allow wild camping, where to have the best camping experiences in Georgia, countries where camping is legal everywhere, and more. 

1. New Zealand


The fascinating mountains, breathtaking nature, forests, beaches of New Zealand attract more than 3,8 million travellers per year. New Zealand is one of the best countries for camping in the world. Some places that offer unforgettable camping experience are Makorori Beach, Mount Maunganui, Pouakai Hut, Lake Pukaki Reserve, Mueller Hut, Moke Lake Campground, etc. Which countries allow wild camping? Probably, this is the most frequently asked question about camping. We have great news for you. There are some free campsites in New Zealand. However, keep in mind that those places are free of charge, not free of responsibility. If you have a car, you can camp in Makorori Beach (tents are not allowed), but now everywhere, just in Makorori Carpark. How to improve the camping experience in Makorori Beach? First of all, take a vehicle (caravan) that is fully equipped and some snacks, water, tea, coffee, etc. How to make camping experiences luxurious in New Zealand? If luxury is crucial for you, choose some costly campsites, such as Zen Relax Tent at Paradise Valley, Rivers Edge Glamping, Yurtopia Luxury Glamping, and more.

2. Japan


With nearly 32 million yearly visitors, Japan is one of the most visited countries in Asia and worldwide. Besides the exciting culture, delicious cuisine, Japan is an example of the best countries to go camping. In Japan, you will have the chance to camp in various spots, such as riverside, beaches, parks, and more. If it is not permitted to camp here, you will see the sign. Also, you should follow the general rules, such as protecting nature, not bothering anyone, and so on. Some of the camping areas we offer are Konashidaira Camping Retreat, Shinbashi Sandaru-Koen Campsite, Shiretoko National Camping Ground, Omaki-Yama Campsite, Yagaji Beach Camping Ground, Higashi Onuma Campsite.

3. Chile

camp in chile

Chile has such a rich nature and landscape variety that it offers unique camping experiences. Some of the exciting facts that make Chile one of the best countries that do camping are; one of the world's longest coastlines, many active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and more. Unfortunately, Chile is not one of the countries where camping is legal everywhere, and camping areas are much more expensive than many places. Some of the landscapes with a mesmerizing view for campers are the Pan de Azucar National Park, La Campana National Park. How to make camping experiences luxurious? Undoubtedly, camping in the wild is not attractive to everyone. If you are one of those people, you may prefer to stay in paid campsites, such as the Yellow Plum Tent House, Camping y Hostal Tipanie Moana, Domos by Toore Patagonia, Camping El Huerto. 

4. Finland

camp in finland

Who can say that: I have never dreamed of seeing northern lights? Another example of the best countries to go camping is Finland. Finland offers unique camping experiences for you. Most Finnish camping sites are on the waterside or next to the forest, so be ready for hypnotizing beauty. Which countries allow wild camping? As you know, in most of the states, wild camping is forbidden, but not in Finland. Officially you are free to camp in most areas of Finland. However, keep in mind some rules: 1) Stay in one place for one or a couple of days. 2) Camping on the Russia-Finland border is forbidden. 3) Camping in private gardens, some national reserves, and military areas are not allowed. 4) Campfire is only possible in private lands (if you have landowner permission). How to make camping experiences luxurious? We can offer these areas for a comfortable camping experience: Fisherman's Inn & Hotel – Accommodation at Teno River, Iso-Syote Resort, Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto Imatra, etc. Paid camping sites mostly start from 20 EURO per person.

5. Georgia

lakeside camping

Probably, when you saw the name Georgia, you thought that it is the United States, but we would like to talk about Georgia, which is in the Caucasus. Georgia is a small country, but very suitable for camping. Here you can camp nearly everywhere on the mountain, beach, under the bridge, next to the river, and more. Beautiful nature, unique culture, lots of things to explore are the characteristics that make Georgia one of the best countries for camping. Where can I get the best camping experiences in Georgia? It entirely depends on your expectations and vacation plans. If you want to have self-camping, some of the charming destinations for Georgia's best camping experiences are Stepantsminda, Paravani Lake, Tobavarchkhili Lakes, Tusheti Bochorna, Datvisjvari in Khevsureti, and more. On the other hand, if you look for a paid one, we can recommend Zeta Camp, Dingo Camping Kutaisi, etc.

6. Sweden

camp in sweden

Sweden is one of the rare countries where camping is legal everywhere. Like many people, you may prefer to stay in a hotel or hostel, but if it is possible to accommodate free, why make a payment. One of the main reasons which make Sweden one of the best countries to go camping is a wide range of various camping destinations. You can choose to camp in the forest, riverside, next to the mountain, and more. Although it is free, you must follow some rules. 1) Show respect for wild nature. 2) Don't make any bonfires in the forest. 3) Pay attention to icons, because entering all areas by car is not possible. 4) If you want to camp in one place for a long time, choose the site away from the houses. Can I swim, tour with a boat in the lake? Mostly, yes, but still pay attention to icons on that destination. We consult these sites for unique camping experiences: Skuleskogen National Park, Upplandsleden, Fulufjallet, Gotland, etc.

7. India

camp in india

Do you want to experience camping in the jungle? India is one of the best countries for camping and experience camping in the jungle. Unfortunately, several years ago, the Indian government restricted self-camping areas to protect nature. Most of those areas are forests, beaches, natural reserves. On the other, you can experience camping in the jungle in paid campings sites, such as Eco Camp, Jungle Livinn, Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodge, Camp Potters Hill, Citrus Thekkady Wild Corridor. All of these campsites are inside the forest. Waking up and observing the charming nature sounds great. Most of those camps offer houses, so you don't need to bring a tent. How to improve the camping experience in the jungle? You will go hiking and explore the area a lot, so take a water bottle, some medicines (against mosquitoes, flies), a hat, shirts, and more to feel comfortable.

8. Turkey

remote campsite

One of the countries that camping is possible nearly everywhere is Turkey. Mostly, Turkey is famous for Istanbul, cuisine, Ottoman architecture, and more, but today we will mention Turkey's hidden side. The country offers both free and paid camping. Paid camping is much more affordable here than in many parts of the world because of the dollar (100 USD equals 770 YTL). Some of the paid camps are Oludeniz doga Kamp, Azmakbaşı Camping, Tefenni Villas, Andriake Camping Demre, Dilek Camping. You may stay in a caravan, villa, house, and cottage, depending on the campsite. Also, you can find excellent self-campsites in Mugla. I can recommend Akyaka. Locating one the seaside, Akyaka will give a chance to camp and hike in the forest, rest on the beach, have a boat tour, and more.

9. Australia


Another example of the best camping destinations is in Australia. Australia allows you to start an unforgettable journey. Here you can find both paid and free camping areas. Where do you want to stay? You will have a wide range of selection. If you desire to spend a night at the beachside, we can offer Byron Bay. Although it can be very crowded during summer, Byron Bay is one of the best spots for relaxing, surfing, and camping. On the other hand, if you want to explore ancient buildings, you may prefer Cockatoo Island. Renting a tent is possible in both of the examples. Some other free camping locations are Ellendale Rest Area, Mambi Island Camping Area, Gum Bend Lake, Ten Mile Rocks Rest Area, Scotts Beach Camping Area. 

10. Scotland


Among the countries that do camping, Scotland has a unique place. Scotland is one of the few places that wild camping is reachable nearly everywhere. Such as in other parts of the world, their main concern is about the fire. That is why they recommend you light a small fire and keep it under control. You are free to camp on a mountain, riverside, beachside, next to the forest. Also, you can camp near the houses ask for permission. Furthermore, you should park your car away from the campsite (if it is not a vehicle camp). The most popular camping areas in Scotland are Loch Lomond, Aviemore, Glencoe.

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